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Masked Patrons – Robbers? -- Cancelled Sports Costs – See List of Billions Cost
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Thursday, March 19, 2020

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Masked Patrons – Robbers? -- Cancelled Sports Costs – See List of Billions Cost Retailers Beware: Medical Masked Patrons May Be Looking to Rob You



With more and more closings and more and more coronavirus outbreaks, some individuals are taking extra precautions to wear masks and/or gloves everywhere they go. Even though the CDC and WHO have stated several times that only those who are sick should wear masks, a subset of the everyday public isn't listening. As the number of infections continues to rise, you will encounter more masked individuals, especially in retail establishments. However, there are a few who will take this opportunity to steal from store owners because these masks provide the perfect opportunity to do so.

Here are the Dos and Don'ts you should follow if you own, manage or work at a retail store.

DON'T ask people to take off their masks. First, they won't do it. Second, they have every right to wear one.

DO post a sign that no hoodies, sunglasses, or hats are allowed inside the premises. It's within your rights. With this provision, the entire face won't be covered, and if you have to identify the person, you'll have somewhat of a chance to be accurate. Be sure to enforce this policy with store employees or hire a security detail to do so.

DON'T follow them around the store. Again, this masked person has every right to be at your establishment. Treat them in a way you would any guest.

DO be on the lookout for details of the medical masked patrons. Right now, you may have one to three masked individuals in your store at a given time. Be on the lookout for details, such as the color of their hair, tattoos, height, weight, jewelry, color and type of face mask or unusual clothing.

DON'T limit it to masks – people might use scarves or handkerchiefs. Since the supplies of medical masks are scare, individuals are using everyday accessories to cover their mouth and nose. Again, just take note, especially if they wear these items throughout their entire time in your store.

SACS Consulting & Investigative Services, Inc. is Here for You If you are a retailer and concerned about the safety of your employees and store patrons, please give our President, Tim Dimoff, a call at 330.255.1101 x303 or send him an email at [email protected] for additional tips and ways his organization can help yours! About Timothy Dimoff, CPP Timothy Dimoff is founder and president of SACS Consulting Inc. a security and consulting firm that specializes in workplace security, HR, vulnerability assessments, violence prevention and other workplace related issues. Corporate headquarters is located at Canal Place, Suite 2516, 520 S. Main St., Akron, OH 44311. Telephone: 330-255-1101. Website: www.sacsconsulting.com. or www.timothydimoff.com. http://www.newsreleasewire.com/229243

Contact: Carol Saferin carol@martsaferin.com 440-669-6325


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Hope and Opportunity in the Scary New World of COVID-19


COVID-19 has disrupted our lives in countless ways. Each day brings more concerning news, new prohibitions and restrictions. By applying one of the seven principles of the Balanced Paradigm, Dynamic Reversal, you can effectively deal with the uncertainty and anxiety of the "new normal," and use this as an opportunity for your personal growth. Years ago when my wife died, I needed to step away from my role as CEO of the medical device company I had founded to care for our two year old son. This eight-year experience taught me what it's like to have your world completely turned upside down, with the loss of a spouse, a business, a regular income, and most social connections. I used the Principle of Dynamic Reversal to transform my radically changed world into an opportunity for personal growth, and want to share what I learned with you. Rather than viewing your current situation negatively, it would be far more productive to use the unexpected changes as lessons for growth. In fact, some of the greatest lessons you can learn often evolve from "bad" experiences. It is important to learn how to stay calm and positive in the flow of life, and develop a balanced mental attitude which helps turn challenges into positive experiences. Each of us has within us a core of wisdom and universal connectedness which can help you stay centered through the uncertainty and turmoil that seem to be unfolding more and more each day. Change is a constant—in life and in our personal experience. But change of any kind is stressful, whether that change is negative or positive. And not only is change stressful; scientific research shows that being under stress literally changes us—physically, mentally, and emotionally, by activating our fight-or-flight response—which shifts us back into more limited thinking styles, limited perceptions, and limited behaviors which further increases our stress and makes it more difficult for us to cope. COVID-19 can cause you to feel stuck or trapped in a negative situation and unable to see a way out. This is where the Principle of Dynamic Reversal comes in. Dynamic Reversal does not deny the existence of negative situations. Dynamic Reversal acknowledges when there is a problem—and says that you can use new abilities, such as balanced thinking and a Both-And perspective to find new, better alternatives to the current situation

Contact Jack Beauregard at Jack@wisdomcompany.org if you would like more information about how the Principle of Dynamic Reversal in the post-pandemic model of the Balanced Paradigm. Cell Phone: 617.267.9727 http://www.newsreleasewire.com/229240

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Maintaining Your Mojo in Crisis Times ---- Alan Weiss

In these times we have to rely on ourselves to create high energy and momentum so that we can help others do the same—family, friends, community, clients. Working as a solo consultant for as long as I have, here are the techniques that not only work for me but that I've seen others use successfully. Surely some will work for you.

• Take stock of your finances, current business, and future business and determine exactly what you're facing. Deal with the current reality and not "what if?"

• Utilize a support system. Talk candidly with your spouse or partner about your personal and business situation. If you don't have family—or your family members aren't supportive, which can happen—find like-minded colleagues and friends. I have an online Forum where people who share my values are chatting 24/7 and exchange best practices, failures, and victories. You can find like groups online.

• Don't work eight hours a day (or worse). Four hours of quality output beats eight hours of procrastination any day. Don't beat yourself up by looking at the clock. Focus on achieving a few top priority results daily. Hard work doesn't solve problems, smart work does.

• Engage in your hobbies. Don't feel guilty. Arrange your work so that you also have legitimate "down time" If you don't have engaging hobbies, develop some. Haven't you wanted to learn about music, or play chess, or paint, or take photographs? (Or haven't you always wanted to reorganize your photos or clean out the garage?)

• If you must, listen to the news in the morning (what happened overnight) and in the evening (what happened during the day) but not continually or even sporadically. The media just keeps reporting the same dismal news and you don't want to inundate yourself with negativism.

• If you have kids, spend creative time with them. If you have pets, spend some time with them (which is why I've always favored dogs over goldfish, but that's me). Over the years I was virtually unbeaten in monopoly and hearts.

• Count your blessings. I know that can sound trite, but if you and your loved ones are not sick (and that applies to the overwhelming part of the population), and you have a business that has been successful, and you have talents that you can apply, and you have family, friends, business colleagues you can rely on—then you have a good life. You're alive and you have options.

• Listen to humor. Watch a movie, listen to a recording, play a comedy special on cable. We need perspective. We need to laugh. Laughing mitigates stress and creates a better mood for your next call, project, or effort of any kind.

• We're talking probably months here, and then who knows how long in recovery, but the quickest recovery will be among those who have the most energy and resilience.

• Keep perspective: The Viet Nam war lasted for 20 years with about 58,000 US military deaths, 250,000 South Vietnamese military deaths, and over a million deaths in North Viet Nam. The American Civil War killed about 800,000 people in about four years. The Spanish Flu infected about 500 million people and probably killed about 50 million globally in a world of about 1.5 billion or so. About 38 million people globally are now living with AIDS or HIV.

• Consider who you can safely help. You can support and coach others by phone, Zoom, Skype, etc. You can support your local restaurants if they're closed by ordering take-out or delivery. You can contribute to charities which had to cancel fund raisers and arts groups that had to cancel performances. When you help others you feel even better than helping yourself (which you are concurrently doing).

• Most of all, stop being afraid and stop feeling guilty. This, too, shall pass. We will resume our lives and businesses, hopefully somewhat wiser and kinder. The question is never about what's happened to us. The question is always about what we're going to do about it. © Alan Weiss 2020 NOTE and REMINDER: On March 26 at 11 am US Eastern time I'm offering a free livestream event to anyone interested on how to Sustain and Build Business During Crisis Times. Simply go to this address to be there "live" and ask questions, or to access a 401-884-2778 alan@summitconsulting.com http://www.newsreleasewire.com/229237 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What Atrial Fibrillation Patients Need to Know About the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

What Do Afib Patients Need to Know About the Coronavirus (COVID-19)? We are very concerned about you and your family during these challenging times and know that you need answers about how the coronavirus may affect you. It is our mission to provide you with trustworthy and credible information. If you are seeking answers, go to our new resource page, here: Coronavirus Resources for Those with Afib What Does the Coronavirus Mean for the Afib Patient Conference? As we continue to plan for the annual Get In Rhythm. Stay In Rhythm.® Atrial Fibrillation Patient Conference in July, we will continue to closely monitor what is happening as we would never put you at risk. We will track the situation closely and continue to evaluate it as the conference gets nearer. Warmest regards, Mellanie True Hills and the StopAfib.org Team For patients by patients P.S. Are you bored staying at home in self-isolation? Are you worried about how to keep yourself out of the emergency room, especially now? Now is the perfect time to sit down and watch the 3-day Get In Rhythm. Stay In Rhythm. Atrial Fibrillation Patient Conference livestream replays from 2018. They are all free. All you have to do is register for your signon and in minutes, you can be learning from the world's leading afib expert doctors. Go to https://getinrhythm.com/2018-livestream-registration/ CEO

StopAfib.org, American Foundation for Women's Health Greenwood, TX

940-466-9898 or 940-399-3010 mhills@stopafib.org



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COVID-19 Triggered Sports and Festival Cancellations Will Have Staggering Economic Impact Across the Country


For Immediate Release: Dateline: Newport , RI Wednesday, March 18, 2020 The global economic effectsof COVID-19 are taking shape: markets are plummeting, consumer spending isfalling, and countries are taking emergency measures in response to the pandemic. While several industries arebracing for (or have already taken) a hit in the wake of the virus' spread, theimpact on the sports and events world has been swift and particularly public. Performance Research, theworld's leading event and sports research agency with a specialization ineconomic impact analysis, has estimated, just from those announced in the pastweek, $6 billion in economic losses and climbing due to COVID-19 relatedmajor event cancellations and postponements in the U.S. The agency confined theiranalysis to major, nationally recognized U.S. events including the NBA seasonsuspension, the NCAA Final Four, NCAA College WorldSeries, SXSW Conference and Festivals, the Miami Open (tennis), NFL Draft, NASCARand IndyCar races, The Kentucky Derby, and NYC's famed Broadway Theaters, whichare just a portion of affected events. (see table below for full list of eventsincluded in this analysis). "The economic impact ofthis pandemic within the festival, conference and sports industry – and thelocal economies that host these events – is staggering," says Bill Doyle, Vice President of PerformanceResearch. "In addition to ticket sales and sponsorship investments, theseevents support jobs and generate revenue for local businesses by bringing inthousands – sometimes hundreds of thousands – of attendees to the host cities" "Yes, fans are understandablydisappointed about their favorite sports events or festivals being canceled," says Doyle, "but the economic story here is bigger:fewer drinks are being poured at bars, hotels will have massive roomcancelations, and local businesses will suffer. This will create a rippleeffect in community economies for a long time to come" While Performance Research's analysisfocused on major, nationally recognized events canceled through April, the scopeof the impact related to the events industry is of course going to be muchwider when smaller-scale festivals, as well as local professional sports and collegeconferences are considered. And the impact will bemultiplied significantly if events are canceled further into spring and summermonths (most notably, the Summer Olympics, which is currently hanging in thebalance). Ultimately, safety is paramount,and closing events to help slow the spread of the virus is the right thing todo. The industry, though, is in uncharted waters and should bolster itself withthe information, data and research it needs to revive itself in the coming months. According to Jed Pearsall,president of Performance Research, "When the pandemic is over, it will not necessarilybe business as usual in the sports and festival world. Fans may have adifferent hierarchy of values, and both event organizers and sponsors will needto assess if they are reaching fans in a genuine and authentic way. Events, leagues, and corporate partners that providemeaning and value to fans' lives will be the first to climb out of the lossesthat COVID-19 has created"

SIGNIFICANT US EVENTSCANCELLED OR POSTPONED AS OF 3/17 Event Postponed vs. Canceled Estimated/Historic Economic Impact

NBA – Regular Season Canceled $1,000,000,000

NASCAR – Atlanta,Miami, Texas, Bristol, Richmond Postponed $680,000,000

BNP Paribas OpenIndian Wells Tennis) Canceled $406,000,000

Coachella MusicFestival Postponed $400,000,000

Kentucky Derby Postponed $400,000,000

Miami Open (Tennis) Canceled $390,000,000

SXSW Conference andFestivals Canceled $356,000,000

New York Auto Show Canceled $330,000,000

Houston Livestock Show Canceled $227,000,000

NFL Draft Canceled $224,000,000

Boston Marathon Postponed $211,000,000 MLB – Spring Training Canceled $200,000,000

NTT Indycar Series – 4races Postponed $180,000,000

Ultra Music Fest Canceled $168,000,000

Indycar – 4 races Cancelled $160,000,000

PGA Player'sChampionship Canceled $151,000,000

PGA Valspar, WGC MatchPlay, Valero Open Canceled $150,000,000

NCAA – Final Four Canceled $143,000,000

Broadway Canceled $100,000,000 E3 2020

(e-Sports) Canceled $75,000,000

NCAA Men's &Women's College World Series Canceled $70,000,000

IRL Firestone GrandPrix Canceled $48,000,000

Volvo Car OpenTennis) Canceled $30,000,000

Seattle Comic Con Canceled $22,000,000

NCAA WrestlingChampionship Canceled $15,000,000

Big 10 – Men's Tourney Canceled $10,000,000

About Performance Research: With more than 30 years of focus and experience,Performance Research is the industry leader for worldwide consumer research andevaluation in the event, sponsorship and experiential marketing industry. Performance Research'sexperience covers an array of quantitative, qualitative and economic impact studiesfocused on sports events and fan festivals, as well as in-depth experience withactivation testing at music and cultural festivals and pop-up brand experiences.

Jed Pearsall, Ed.D.

Newport, RI

United States

Contact Phone: 401-848-0111


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