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LindedIn and AI Strategies with Debra Jason
Author U -- Judith Briles Author U -- Judith Briles
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Denver, CO
Friday, May 17, 2024


Using AI with Your LinkedIn Platform

Marketing and writing with heart, not hype, Debra Jason is the author of the award-winning book, Millionaire Marketing on a Shoestring Budget™. She is back for the AuthorU—Your Guide to Book Publishing  and joins host Dr. Judith Briles for a deep dive into using AI for social media and the LinkedIn platform.

Your take aways include:

  • 4 Ways to leverage artificial intelligence on LinkedIn.
  • 2 mistakes you don’t want to make when using AI for content creation.
  • Tips on how to use LinkedIn’s Collaborative Articles feature.
  • Why and How to convert third-degree connections into first-degree relationships within LinkedIn.

And, of course, much more.

Tune in for lots of ideas and how-to tips to enhance your influence and marketing via the AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing podcast which is ranked in the Top 10 podcasts for authors and book marketing. Since its inception, over 16,000,000 listeners have downloaded various shows for practical publishing and book marketing guidance. Join me and become a regular subscriber.

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Louis Sauvain
Website: https://www.LouisSauvain.com/

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"Thaddeus of Beewicke," the first book in a nine-book epic fantasy series by Louis Sauvain, has been released, setting the stage for a captivating coming-of-age sword and sorcery saga. The novel has garnered acclaim, winning the Best Fantasy 2023 PenCraft Book Awards and receiving the Literary Titan Silver Book Award.

Milwaukee, WI May 14, 2024, Emerging from the brilliant mind of former psychiatrist and International Amazon Best Seller Louis Sauvain comes the first installment of an enthralling nine-book epic fantasy series, “Thaddeus of Beewicke”. Crowned as the Winner of the Best Fantasy 2023 PenCraft Book Awards and recipient of the Literary Titan Silver Book Award, this novel sets the stage for a riveting sword and sorcery saga that is captivating readers worldwide.

Set in an alternate universe during the Dark Ages, “Thaddeus of Beewicke” traces the journey of a young man named Thaddeus, originally destined to be a beekeeper, whose life takes an unexpected turn when he is chosen by the Master Sorcerer to attend his prestigious School of Sorcery. Guided by a sentient, talking mule and accompanied by two other adolescents—a scholar and a street thief—Thaddeus faces myriad dangers, including highway brigands, a sultry courtesan, a cursed witch, a mad tree demon, an Imperial assassin, and the mystical Greensward Aelvae.

Literary Titan praises the novel, stating, "Louis Sauvain’s storytelling skills are exceptional. The novel’s pacing is smooth and well-orchestrated, providing a deep dive into a richly constructed world. “Thaddeus of Beewicke” is a spellbinding journey that keeps readers on the edge of their seats from beginning to end."

This coming-of-age tale not only weaves a compelling narrative but also explores the intricacies of friendship, destiny, and the arduous path to becoming a sorcerer. “Thaddeus of Beewicke” is perfect for young adults and all who relish sword and sorcery fantasies filled with dynamic characters and an immersive plot. As the first book in The College of Sorcerers Trilogy, it sets a high bar for the subsequent volumes and leaves readers eagerly anticipating the next adventure.

“Thaddeus of Beewicke” is available now on Kindle, as an audiobook, and in paperback on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Join the adventure and discover why this novel is winning hearts and awards in the fantasy literature community. 

About the Book

When a Master Sorcerer offers an ordinary boy a chance to trade bees for magic, his life spirals into an adventure of epic proportions. Guided by a talking mule and joined by a quick-witted scholar and a cunning street thief, he must navigate a world filled with dark magic, ancient curses, and lurking dangers. As he journeys to a mystical school of sorcery, he discovers that his path may be entwined with ancient prophecies and dark destinies. Will he master the magical arts in time to survive the perilous trials ahead? Join the adventure where magic is real, friendships are tested, and the journey is just beginning.


About the Author

Louis Sauvain, a former healthcare professional turned full-time writer, harnesses his deep understanding of human psychology to craft epic fantasy narratives that offer an escape from the mundane and the painful. Before his retirement, Louis recognized the power of fantasy as a distraction and a coping mechanism, something that helped his patients and himself endure life's more challenging moments. As he transitioned into writing, he tapped into a well of creativity that had been waiting to be released, guided by the voices of his characters and the muse of his high school English teacher, who had nurtured his love for storytelling and the written word.

Now a dedicated author of epic fantasy, Sauvain's novels serve as a balm for the soul, providing himself and his readers a temporary refuge in worlds of his own creation. Born and raised in Wisconsin, where he still resides, he finds inspiration every day, often brainstorming his best ideas amidst the solitude of the shower, asking his characters to lead the way. His ultimate goal as a writer is to bring readers along on these imaginative journeys, crafting stories that resonate deeply and linger long after the last page is turned. With each book, he strives to transform ordinary paper trails into paths of adventure and emotional fulfillment, aiming to strike gold with every story he tells.

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