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Hands on Parenting a natural guide for happier, healthier, kids and parents
Robert Toporek --  TeamChildren - Youth Charity Robert Toporek -- TeamChildren -Youth Charity
Audubon, PA
Friday, January 31, 2020

Hands on Parenting a natural guide for happier, healthier, kids and parents

This book is easy to read and follow

and will guide parents to create a lasting bond with their babies and children.


Touch is by far the most interesting and necessary of the "five senses". Any movement requires an acute awareness of one's own body which is gained through proprioception, an internal form of tactile sense. The sense of touch develops before all other senses in embryos and is the main way in which infants learn about their environment and bond with other people. This sense never turns off or takes a break, and it continues to work long after the other senses fail in old age. Throughout life, people use their sense of touch to learn, protect themselves from harm, relate to others, and experience pleasure. Interestingly, positive touch from others is necessary for an individual's healthy development. Despite the presence of all other life requirements, without this positive touch infants will fail to thrive. Compared to the other senses, touch is very hard to isolate because tactile sensory information enters the nervous system from every single part of the body. As a result, very little research has been done on touch. However, recent studies have attempted to map how the sense of touch works and how a simple stroke of the skin can alter an individual's health and behavior.

About TeamChildren
TeamChildren, an Audubon based nonprofit, is making a huge difference in the educational future of children. Its mission is to ensure every child has the tools and opportunities they need to contribute and compete effectively in today’s rapidly changing digital global environment. It aims to demonstrate the importance and effectiveness of its efforts and expand them throughout the region, the state and the nation.

This summer, Team/children is raising $75,000 to launch a groundbreaking early childhood development program and expand its teen program where teenaged volunteers will learn how to refurbish computers and run a nonprofit organization.

For more information, contact Samantha Schwartz by email (sschwartz@teamchildren.com) or phone (484-459-3154).

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Name: Robert Toporek
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Dateline: Audobon, PA United States
Direct Phone: 610-666-1795
Cell Phone: 484-744-1868
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