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Examining the George Floyd Riots -- by Dr. Michael C. Grayson
Dr. Michael Grayson Dr. Michael Grayson
New York, NY
Tuesday, June 2, 2020


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Dr. Michael C. Grayson, in Eastern Time, via phone, Skype or Zoom

Intro: First it was Covid-19 spreading out of control. Now it is riots spreading out of control.

What is behind the riots? Helping us put the riots on the couch, so to speak, is Dr. Michael C. Grayson who in 2014 made the cover of REI Wealth Magazine as their editors voted him as "the world's leading credit expert". 

What does having good credit have to do with people rioting over the dead of George Floyd?

Dr. Grayson explains that it has to do with energy, opportunity and productivity. Dr. Grayson has been credited as the man who has created a myriad of millionaires by repairing individual credit scores including the highest recorded credit score on record, of 990.  He says Black men are far less likely to be rioting if they had great credit and great business opportunities.




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