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Do You Use A Simple Business Strategy?
Elinor Stutz  --   Top Sales Performance Guru Elinor Stutz -- Top Sales Performance Guru
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Tuesday, October 6, 2020


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Attract The Right Job Or Clientele:

There are two similar sales quotes among sales trainers that dictate using a simple business strategy.  The first slogan applies to all types of business development,

“Make it easy to do business.”

Unfortunately, the second mantra for salespeople is, 

“Keep it simple stupid.”

You can believe that shivers went up my spine the first time I heard the second slogan while attending a sales training class.  I was curious if the trainer was implying that all people associated with the profession are stupid?  I still wonder about the statement. 

With a similar philosophy of using a simple business strategy, I would simplify the quote to say,

“Keep it simple!” 

It doesn’t get easier than that!

My Story

As a child in an entrepreneurial household, the frequent sentiment expressed was, ‘the customer comes first.’ The philosophy behind it is the best business strategy and lends itself to keeping the process simple.  However, as a teen, and one who frequently challenged statements, I inquired about unethical clients.  Do we put them first, too?

Thankfully, the advice was,
“Walk away from anyone who does not speak the truth or does not do what is right. 

Lessons from Corporate Sales

Only after a meaningful conversation(s) take place will future business become a possibility.  The larger the sale, the greater the number of people who will participate.  Multiple conversations follow.  The task is to connect all the dots plus verify the facts.

Some may wonder how it’s possible to keep a conversation and process simple while working within the giant corporate framework.  The requirements of corporations alone can be seemingly monumental. And the politics within the company we represent can add to the complexity.  In this sense, putting the customer first is sage advice.  By focusing on prospects first and hearing out their perspective, we gain valuable insight into how to proceed. 

The same is true whether we work in retail or with entrepreneurs.  Upon walking into a store, we frequently hear, ‘How may I help you?’ And when meeting for the first time with an entrepreneur, I ask this question: ‘What caught your attention for you to take the time to speak with me?’ By gaining insight into the other party’s interest, we know how to advance the conversation.

Branding, Marketing, and Being Social

While most of us dread gossip, word of mouth in business is essential. Social media takes the experience to an entirely different level.  The movie title ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ comes to mind.  Six degrees of separation is the theory that we are all connected. The phenomenon occurs through a chain of acquaintances with no more than five intermediaries.

The usage of social media emphasizes the point that we are all connected. Those with sizable networks can develop an unusually large reach for branding and marketing purposes.  Being social and using excellent communication skills are significant differentiators for those who do well. 

The underlying communication online is to demonstrate we are here to serve. By sharing the best of what we know, our followings grow.  Introductions, testimonials, and collaborative efforts expand in numbers. Over time, recognition and influence will also expand.

When we realize that we are all connected somehow, it is in our best interest to use a simple business strategy: put the customer first.

Retail:  Outstanding Customer Care

I dragged my heels until I upgraded to a modern vacuum cleaner two years ago. The technology and ease of use are unparalleled, and servicing came with the product.  But the Covid19 virus changed our environment.

Servicing the vacuum is now only a memory as the company no longer exists.  What to do?  I called the business where I made the original purchase two years ago for suggestions.  The conversation utilized a simple business strategy; the representative put me first!

Using a quiet voice to learn the best course to repair the vacuum, I was stunned by the customer care response. 

Our Conversation:

Admin: “Bring the vacuum in, and we will refund your money.”
Me: Astonished; “But it’s two years old, do you honestly want me to do that?!”
Admin: “Yes!  Tell the representative at the return desk that we told you to return it.”
Me: “Unbelievable and exceptional customer service.  Thank you Very Much!”

I only expected a recommendation of where to take the vacuum for servicing. Not all businesses can afford to accept returns two years down the road.  After recent previous experiences of business owners not caring about the products or services they sold, I was almost in disbelief.  More importantly, the company always has and always will have my loyalty. 

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Your Story: Do You Use A Simple Business Strategy?

Regardless of the complexity of what you sell, the process has to be straight-forward and easy for others to understand.  Otherwise, people will conclude that your offerings are not for them. It’s easy for everyone to say, ‘next.’  Notice that the word, ‘easy,’ comes into play again.

The daily routine is to analyze what is going well and which strategy and habit need improvement.  Entrepreneur or salesperson, seriously consider the following questions:

  1. As an entrepreneur, are you making it simple for prospective clients to initially conduct business with you? 
  2. Being a salesperson, do your prospects and clients welcome having a conversation with you?

Although you know what will occur in your office, the better approach is to behave as a partner with prospects and clients.  To move the process forward, do the following:

  • Take notes as the conversation develops.
  • Near the end of the meeting, verify the verbiage you believe you heard is accurate or if the notes require change. 
  • Question what you do not understand so that your actions remain on track.
  • Be honest about the steps you now have to take.
  • Ask if your prospect has any hesitation; if so, inquire how you may help.
  • Always provide updates for everyone in the loop without being annoying.
  • Share the requirements of your prospective client with those in the office assisting you.
  • Reconvene to discuss possible tweaks or verify everything is moving forward
  • Confirm that the sale is on track.

It’s the tiny baby steps that include congeniality, integrity, and the signal you are there to help resolve a problem that will encourage the first sale. Continuing with the same will serve to develop client loyalty.

Sales Tips:  Use A Simple Business Strategy
  1. Be friendly with everyone and smile
  2. Strive to build relationships with those you meet
  3. Put serving others as your top priority
  4. Work as a partner with clientele
  5. Inquire about past experiences that influence today’s status
  6. Ask prospects how they view improvement
  7. Offer ‘what if’ ideas to measure the level of interest
  8. Work together to draw up an initial plan
  9. Flexibility is a simple business strategy that moves the project forward
  10. Celebrate Success!
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