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Do Political Candidates advertise like Cans of Soup?
Adam Armbruster -- Television Advertising Expert Adam Armbruster -- Television Advertising Expert
Sarasota, FL
Thursday, April 7, 2016


Do political candidates market themselves just as if they were really common consumer products?


Example, Donald Trump's marketing message is like Campbell's Soup. Appeal to the common man and to the masses, You feel that you will know what your are going to get because of many bold claims of soups' benefits. 


Ted Cruz is like Healthy Choice soup, Wholesome middle American value vegetables, American grown by American farmers, in American soil, for good Americans. 


Hillary Clinton message is like Progresso Soup. Above the common soup. More progressive and better looking ingredients, more natural than Campbell's brand… but a tad more pricey to actually buy.


Bernie Sanders message is like Amy's Kitchen Soup. Bold claims of true health benefits, certified 100% vegan, all natural, non- conformist ingredients, but very, very expensive.


 Imagine a fun segment on current political tv campaigns and the consumer brands they seem to mirror… and why.


I'm in NYC available for on-set (or local station uplink if traveling) on such topics as TV advertising, digital advertising, mobile advertising and also how consumers react to specific messages. I'll deliver for you!


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