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Designing Humorous Online Holiday Advertisements for Local Sporting Goods Retailer
EYMER BRAND Laboratories & Think Tank EYMER BRAND Laboratories & Think Tank
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Scituate, MA
Wednesday, December 13, 2023


In the competitive retail landscape, catching potential customers' attention is crucial. One effective way to stand out is through offbeat social media advertisements. Injecting humor into your marketing strategy will entertain your audience while bolstering a memorable and positive brand image. 

Please allow me to demonstrate my point with recent online holiday advertisements that we created for The Good Sport (Cohasset, MA).

Knowing The Audience

Understanding the target demographic is the first step in creating effective advertisements. For The Good Sport, we considered the interests and preferences of our surrounding communities. Through their half-century of getting to know their customers, primary talking points include lacrosse equipment, racquet sports gear (tennis, platform tennis, and pickleball), OOFOS footwear, and town-specific apparel. 

Leverage Local Events and Trends

Stay current with local events, popular trends, and, in this case, the winter holiday season. For this series, we incorporated holiday figures within each ad, including Santa and Mrs. Claus, Blitzen the reindeer, a Yeti, and others. Each character was partnered with a quote that clearly expressed the benefits of shopping locally with a critical focus on The Good Sport.

Rolling Out a Series of Humorous Ads:

We developed this series of advertisements to keep our audience engaged for the two weeks before December 25. The storyline and visual theme evolve with each new ad. This creates anticipation for the following ad in the series and helps establish a consistent brand voice. 

Designing humorous online advertisements for your local retailer is a creative and effective way to connect with their audience. By understanding customers, highlighting product benefits with wit, and leveraging the local climate, you can craft memorable campaigns that entertain and drive engagement and sales.

So, lace up your creative kicks, grab your sense of humor, and get ready to score big with your online advertising strategy!

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