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Covid Dating & Covid Hiring – Call For Speakers
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Washington, DC
Sunday, May 23, 2021


Covid Dating & Covid Hiring – Call For Speakers

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Are You Ready To Catch The Covid Vaccine Dating Wave This Summer?

Amy Schoen, MBA, CPCC -- Dating and Relationship Expert

Are you ready to catch the Covid Vaccine Dating Wave this summer?

We are in unprecedented times. We've been socially distancing from most of the world for over a year. We've endured Zoom gathering, wearing masks to most places where we see with people, been ordering our food and supplies online and have been keeping 6 feet away from strangers and those not in our immediate bubble.

Now add being single and not having a companion into the mix and for those who are motivated to marry, these individuals have a great desire to find a life partner to have their dream of becoming part of a coupled life a reality.

And with the vaccine roll out, many people are now vaccinated or will be soon within a month's time. That makes this time open season for dating!

Washington, DC




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Covid Hiring: The Latest Updates About the Hiring Process.

Timothy A. Dimoff -- High Risk Security Expert

Now that the economy is starting to rebound and more employers are looking for help, hiring is on the uptick. However, if you are new to HR, it's best to study the following Federal laws before interviewing and extending an offer to someone:

What about COVID-19?

Regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, it's important NOT to ask if the person has been vaccinated, but rather state your company's mandates and procedures about creating a safe environment to protect all employees.

When can you use a medical exam in the hiring process? The Americans with Disabilities Act, which applies to businesses with 15 or more employees, provides strict rules relating to the use of pre-employment medical exams. In addition, Ohio has its disability discrimination laws that apply to employers of 4 or more employees. Those rules are summarized as follows:

Akron, OH

PR Contact: Carol Saferin, Green Valley, AZ




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The Magic of David Morey

David Morey -- Dedicated to Helping Companies Win

David Morey, whose distinguished ancestor made the Christmas Day crossing of the Delaware River with George Washington, has made a name for himself as a global political advisor, business strategist, and author.

David Morey looms over the railing to admire the Delaware River at his quaint stone home in Solebury, PA. At 6-foot-4, he is an imposing figure as he pauses to take in the view, which is just six miles northeast of his childhood home in Doylestown, PA. It was there, in the mid-1970s, that this gentle giant distinguished himself in athletics at Central Bucks East High School, earning the nickname Big Bird, with his long, golden locks and even longer legs that eventually catapulted him to become a four-time All-American decathlon competitor and a member of a national team that beat the Russians.

"He was probably one of the best high school athletes ever. Anywhere. Not just mine, but everywhere," says Marty Stern, who was later inducted into the Hall of Fame of the US Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association after being head coach at Villanova University. "He was really good," he adds.

Washington, DC




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Call for Speakers --- The 190th International Platform Convention, August 14, 2021.

International Platform Association

About the event:

There will be four Zoom calls on Saturday, August 14th:

Speaker Showcase: 3:00 PM Eastern Time The Future of Money: 5:00 PM

FDR and WWII: 7:00 PM

Historical After Dinner Speakers: 8:30 PM

Clck here to apply to speak:


Washington, DC

Mitchell P. Davis




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Oil Painting Restoration in Salt Lake City – a famous art dealer gives his trusted source

Scott M. Haskins -- Author, Art Conservation-Restoration, Pets and Heirlooms, Art Damage, Expert

Cracked oil paint layers, dull or faded colors, yellowed varnish, tears, scratches, and holes in old oil paintings often make people think that its too old to fix or deal with. Yet, it is exactly those kinds of problems that an art dealer has repaired all the time to restore the decorative appeal of even the finest art pieces on their walls. Even the best art gets dinged, banged up in moving, ripped, scratched by a collision with the house pet. All efforts and processes of PROPERLY restoring oil and acrylic paintings are not equal as veteran art dealer Anthony Christensen, the founder of Anthony's Antiques and Fine Art operating in Salt Lake City, shares… and this is a BIG share! Tony has been in business for many decades and knows all about the good, the bad and the ugly of art restorers.

You shouldn't and can't, successfully, try DIYs at home to restore these delicate masterpieces, if you want to maintain the art's value, historic authenticity and original look. Don't do brain surgery on yourself and don't try and restore valuable or historic art! The most effective idea is to opt for a wonderful professional art conservation business like Fine Art Conservation Laboratories, as Tony relates in this video:

All the people at Anthony's Antiques and Fine Art will relate to you that FACL's skills, business sense and door to door service is all part of their service as the best conservators anywhere in the Western United States and many feel nationwide. Tony's business of art and antiques and has been working with FACL for around 15 to 20 years.

On a visit to the Springville Museum of Art with Dr. Verne Swanson, Anthony glanced at a perfect looking painting that was previously in a terrible condition. He was shocked at the finesse, flawlessness and excellence of the restoration work of removing the cracks and cleaning the painting. He immediately inquired about the art restorer who did the work and the museum director referred him Scott M. Haskins and his team.

Los Angeles, CA

Main Pone: 805-564-3438

Cell/Text: 805 570 4140



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Sales success with cookies – how sweet it is

Jeffrey Gitomer ---- Sales Expert

ING OF SALES, The author of thirteen best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His real-world ideas and content are also available as online courses at www.GitomerLearningAcademy.com.

All her life Debbie Fields wanted to be in the cookie business. She loved to bake 'em, and everyone who tasted one said it was the best they'd ever eaten. But as any entrepreneur knows, wanting to go into business, and going into business, are two different things. Debbie lacked the one ingredient to open her cookie shop: money.

She went around to banks with a business plan and a plate of cookies until she found someone who believed in her product as much as she did.

On grand opening day, her husband bet Debbi that she wouldn't do $50.00 worth of business. Debbi took the bet, certain the first day's dollar take would be in the hundreds. By 3pm she had still not rung the register. Zero bucks. Not daunted, but slightly panicked, Debbi took to the streets and started giving the cookies away as samples. She told the people, "If you like them, go back to my store and buy a few."

She sold $75 dollars worth by the end of the day. She won the bet from her husband and the multi million dollar (idea) lottery that day.

Charlotte. NC




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Before You Start A Business Can Your Personality Handle It?

Elinor Stutz -- Top One Percent Influencer and Sales Performance Guru

Last week's edition focused on family and the essential questions to answer up front. Today we speak to 'Personality' to set the framework for approaching and conducting business and our willingness to revise as necessary.

Personality Questions

Are you prepared to ride a serious emotional roller coaster, especially when things aren't going so well?

We tend to think that gladness and sadness sit on two ends of a see-saw—that the two vary in opposition to each other. But psychologists have found that positive emotions and negative emotions instead fit into two separate buckets, and they can move up and down independently. I have experienced large quantities of pleasure and pain throughout my business career, often simultaneously.

In 2009, for example, we were having our then-most profitable year ever in the middle of the "Great Recession." Opportunities were abundant, especially with used cars, since many dealers were panicking and slashing their inventories even as demand for affordable transportation increased. But Chrysler was in bankruptcy, and we didn't know whether our Chrysler Jeep Dodge dealership that we opened in 2004 would survive the ax of the bankruptcy court. (Ours did; over 700 did not.) We were thriving, but just one overnight letter away from losing that whole business.

Washington, DC




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Chicago Tribune Calls On Astrologer Anne For Astro 'How To'

Anne Nordhaus-Bike -- Astrologer

The Chicago Tribune, one of the top daily newspapers in the country with a history stretching back to 1847, recently called on Chicago astrologer Anne Nordhaus-Bike - "Astrologer Anne" - as its source for the article "Happy horoscope season: A beginner's guide to astrology," by reporter Bianca Sanchez.

"It was such a pleasure speaking with Bianca," Nordhaus-Bike said. "She asked insightful questions that allowed us to cover the gamut of astrological topics."

As Sanchez noted in her article, "At the moment of your birth, the stars, planets, moon, and sun aligned. How those astronomical objects hung in the sky determines everything there is to know about your personal astrology."

The article goes on to explain astronomy, the zodiac's history, and where to start if you want to learn about astrology.

"The best approach is to start with your Sun sign," Nordhaus-Bike advised. "That's the sign the Sun occupied when you were born, the minute you took your first breath."

Chicago, IL

Main phone: 773-229-0024

Cell: (312) 622-6029



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Demand For In-Home Long-Term Care Increasing Costs Nationwide

Matt McCann -- Long Term Care Expert

Demand for long-term health care services continues to increase, and with increased demand, higher costs are being reported nationwide.

Speaking to financial planners on a Zoom meeting, Matt McCann, a leading expert on long-term care planning, said that while most people would rather be in their homes when they need long-term care, the increasing demand for this type of care increases the cost.

"Experts tell us we should continue to see higher costs of all types of long-term health care services in the years ahead. In addition to higher demand, we are seeing higher wages for caregivers. Part of this is increasing minimum wages, but higher demand, lack of caregivers, and an economy producing more jobs will increase wages and thus costs even higher," McCann said.

The LTC NEWS Cost of Care Calculator shows care costs vary depending on location and type of care. The national average for in-home care, based on a 44 hour week, is now $4,451 a month. However, in Massachusetts, the average cost is now $5,167 a month. It is even higher, for example, in Washington State, where the average cost now runs $5,339 a month.

Chicago, IL




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What is 24 7 Care for the Elderly?

Pamela D. Wilson -- Caregiving Expert, Consultant and Speaker

24 7 Care for the Elderly

What is 24 7 care? The term 24 7 care is a recommendation provided by staff employed by in-home care companies, Medicare home health care providers, care communities, nursing homes, and hospitals. When an aging parent or another loved one is said to need 24 7 care, this means that the parent may be at risk of injury or safety concerns if left alone for any time during a 24 hour period. 24 7 care can also apply to the care needed by family members with dementia, Alzheimer's disease, or another cognitive impairment that makes it unsafe for this person to live alone.

On this week's show, Wilson answers questions about the considerations and decisions to be made around 24 7 care for elderly parents who want to live independently at home. Wilson shares information for adult children who ask when is it safe to leave a parent at home alone? Also discussed are daily activities that help all adults remain physically independent to avoid accidents and hospitalizations that may result in 24 7 care.

Golden, CO




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Human Capital Management Meets Wall Street | Geeks Geezers Googlization

Ira S. Wolfe -- Success Performance Solutions

Hiring Top Talent for UX/CX

Interview with Dr. Solange Charas and Debbie Levitt

Companies spend more on people than any other asset. If companies are not measuring the return they are getting on this tremendous expense/asset, they are not doing good business. People should be thought of as an investment, not just an expense. If human capital is not appropriately invested in, then a wave will crash down upon every aspect of the business. Data Analytics should be used to make informed Human Resource decisions. Using Human Capital Analytics helps determine what is best for the company as a whole and what will benefit most people.

Companies must learn how to properly define, hire, and utilize Customer Experience and User Experience employees. While this is to the betterment of the company, very few companies know how to do these things appropriately, nor do they see the need for them at all. It is the goal of Levitt to make sure that every company sees how important these positions are.

Lehigh Valley, PA




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Best Treatment for Vaginal Dryness…And the winner is….

Mache Seibel, MD -- Menopause Expert, Speaker, Editor HotYearsMag.com

Why Don't More Women Get Treated?


It's a communication issue: Women don't tell their doctors and doctors don't ask their patients about it.


Surveys show that women think their doctors will be embarrassed (sometimes, but not usually, they're right), and doctors don't ask – doctors think it will take too long to discuss (sometimes it does, but it doesn't have to if they simply acknowledge the problem and set up a future time for more discussion), or don't have enough training (all too often this is sadly the case, especially if the main topic is problems in the bedroom).

Boston, MA




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Get Booked, Public Speaker! – Tips From A to Z | Tip F

Jackie Lapin -- Conscious Media Relations

Today's Tip is …..

F is for Fashion, Style and Wardrobe. Wearing clothes and colors that are drab or wrong for you, styles that are very dated or just not suited to your appearance can be a subtle factor in preventing you from getting booked. Today, many leaders—women AND men—secure a stylist to help them select a wardrobe that helps paint a portrait as the true, impactful leader they are. Not

only your clothes, but your makeup and hair might need a makeover to maximize your stage appearances. Be open to finding help to ensure you are seen as a go-to-speaker with great stage presence and appearance. There are stylists who specialize in speakers!

So this one in a series of 26, presented by SpeakerTunity Cities Regional Speaker Lead Directories. If you like this tip, please subscribe to the SpeakerTunity You Tube Channel so you can get the other 25, and see all of the more extended segments we've posted to help you get booked locally and across North America.

Westlake Village, CA

818) 707 1473



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Enjoying the Simple Things

Carolyn Strauss -- Virtual Emcee and Sales and Persuasion Expert

One of the bright spots in the past 15 months, is the re-appreciation and attention to the beauty of Nature. I'm inspired by the businesses that took advantage of the settings where they find themselves. I got to experience "beach yoga" yesterday in Santa Barbara, CA. https://santabarbarabeachyoga.com/

Although this concept is not new, it is refreshing to look around your community and find something you may not know is available. For the past 10 years, my New Year's resolution has been to try 1 new workout per month. This was mine this month, and it's amazing how the sand is challenging, yet supportive during different poses.

Bottom line, when we look outside our routine (even the routines we developed during quarantine) possibilites open up. Have fun stepping outside the norm. Namaste.

Denver, CO




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No Masks Needed edition - Dale Irvin's Friday Funnies

Dale Irvin -- Very Funny Speaker

As The Professional Summarizer I add a new dimension to your next meeting - especially the virtual ones we all have now.

I listen to the entire meeting and pay attention to every detail. Then I report back to the audience on what they should have learned in the form of a comedy monologue.

What I did with this week's news I can do for your meeting.

Chicago, IL




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