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Classification #1: Creator Member

  • Are you making money on TikTok or YouTube? Provide proof with a screenshot.
  • If you have a website, ensure your email matches your website address.
  • Have a LinkedIn account with at least 500 connections.

Classification #2: Spokesperson Account

  • Are you a spokesperson for a public company or a registered 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(6) association?
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  • Have at least 100 connections on LinkedIn.

Classification #3: Faculty Member Account

  • Are you a faculty member at a college or university? Use your .Edu email and link it to your official profile on the school's website.
  • Get at least 100 connections on LinkedIn.

Classification #4: Credentialed Professional

  • If you're a speaker or management consultant with NSA CSP or IMC CMC credentials, you qualify. Make sure your LinkedIn profile has at least 100 connections.

Classification #5: Newsmaker

  • Provide three links to news stories written by professional journalists.
  • Have at least 100 connections on LinkedIn.

Classification #6: Professional Journalist

  • You must be a member of a journalist credential association. Check the NewsCouncil roster here.
  • Maintain at least 100 connections on LinkedIn.

See if you meet the criteria and join others who share your interests and skills!

As an ExpertClick.com member, you'll be in good company. We carefully screen profiles before acceptance in the system, review all content provided, and maintain a friendly atmosphere by discouraging aggressive, negative, or abusive content.

Three primary member benefits:

  • News Media Interviews: Experts have been interviewed by top publications from CNN to ABCNews Nightline and secured print coverage from Barron's to the International Herald Tribune.
  • Great SEO: We give you control and help you choose the best phrasing strategy and implement it with our tools. Our question system is a game changer as much search is question-based.
  • Attracting journalists, new customers, and visitors: From news media interviews to SEO, the system ensures you get action. People will know your expertise! They will know where to find you and, most importantly, know you welcome contact and have a direct way to reach you!

There are four levels of membership, each with differing abilities and benefits.

Journalists may join and ask questions:

See the News Council guidelines for who qualifies as a journalist here. Journalists should jump to this page to join: Join as a Journalist.

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Quotes from Experts with great results:

'The Wall Street Journal called me from the Yearbook: their story about my marketing boot camp resulted in speaking offers.' - Arnold Sanow, MBA, CSP

The Today Show, Inside Edition, ESPN, MSNBC & CNN' - Lauren J. Fix, Automotive Consultant/Expert

'I got an email from a New York Times writer assigned to check out Munchausen's Syndrome, who said every time he did a search on Lexis, my news releases were the first seen.' - Barbara Bryan, National Child Abuse and Resource Center.

I use it to send out my email newsletter - Alan Weiss.

'Business Week, AP, Fox News, Bloomberg Radio from one news release.' - Paul Dickson, Author

'Inside Edition, MSNBC, Parenting Magazine, Child Magazine, The Boston Globe & Oprah' - Debra Holtzman, Child Safety Expert

'World News Tonight, NPR, CBS Radio & CNN.' - Professor Doug McCabe, Labor Expert, Georgetown University.

'Significantly increased our media call, national networks, outstanding results.' - Mark Rosenker, Electronic Industries Association.

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