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Character Reference Letter Templates
Kevin Savetz -- Free Printables Kevin Savetz -- Free Printables
Portland, OR
Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Sample Character References

Employers, instructors, friends and anyone else vouching for something in business or personal matters can make use of the new character reference letters at CharacterReferenceLetters.com.

"CharacterReferenceLetters.com has more than 300 sample recommendations," said Kevin Savetz, the site's creator. "There's everything from service testimonials to job recommendations to personal character references for legal matters."

Each letter downloads instantly. Users customize by replacing placeholder text to suit their situation. The templates serve as prompts or jump starters to help find the right words.

The site also has several articles about how to ask for or write a reference letter.

The new letters intended for those recommending people for a job cover: nurses, remote employees and traveling workers. There are also new letters speaking directly to personal qualities such as: honesty and integrity, weaknesses, the ability to work under stressful conditions, reliability and being "easy to work with."

CharacterReferenceLetters.com also has just-added reference letter templates from a college counselor, plus language for financial aid appeals and reporting volunteer hours.

There are also new testimonials for a college consultant, plus vacation rental reviews from the perspective of the property owner and the guest.

Rounding out the new additions is a recommendation for a church or its leader, a letter for a loan and a background check reference.

CharacterReferenceLetters.com also has letters for court cases, immigration and adoption, but site users are advised to consult an attorney when needed.

Each letter downloads instantly in DOC format to edit in Microsoft Word or another compatible program. Or, users can simply cut and paste text directly from the site.

"The letters are free for personal use," Savetz said. "CharacterReferenceLetters.com makes it easy to vouch for a person or service, and the articles at the site offer further tips."

Job hunters can also use the free resume templates and cover letters at InstantResumeTemplates.com and CoverLetterExamples.net. There are even more recommendation letters at LettersOfRecommendation.net.

There are more than 100 sites in the FreePrintable.net family of free printables sites created by Savetz Publishing, Inc., a company devoted to creating useful and informative web sites of interest to consumers and small businesses.

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