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BRANDom answers to a pocketful of questions
EYMER BRAND Laboratories & Think Tank EYMER BRAND Laboratories & Think Tank
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Scituate, MA
Friday, October 21, 2022


As I prepared for a radio interview with Ms. Frankie Boyer, these were some answers to questions that I was initially given.

So you are a design and branding expert -- how do those two concepts play against each other?

In my mind, a brand is a personality trait a company transmits to your brain. When I hear someone mention Coca-Cola, I picture the color red. Design plays into creating a brand's visual presence. At some point, a designer selected Coca-Cola Red to represent their company and product line.

Before designing a visual brand, it is essential to determine the desired voice, whether aggressive, soft, gritty, funky, etc. It is also imperative to research competitors and those organizations that may be in a similar space.

What is working for them, and what is not? What can I learn from them, and how can my client's brand fit into the mix and rise to the top.

Where does the idea come from?

Ideas are generated by research and detective work, past experiences, and gut instincts. The most rewarding piece of a creative project is the eureka moment when the big idea strikes. This event can happen while driving, mowing the lawn, or grinding away on the treadmill. This dopamine-firing moment is what keeps me doing what I do.

Do you often have to send a great number of ideas to a client to get them to buy into it, and how can you best help them decide?

I only send my clients my best ideas. During collaborative conversations with both parties, speaking, listening, and thinking, what I thought was a great concept can either be supercharged or cast aside in favor of a better one.

As a business person, what are you doing to find new clients that works?

I post to my social media accounts, which include LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. I also irregularly post to my blog and send emails to my subscribers.

The best source of clients has consistently come from word-of-mouth.

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