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Are You Ready for Collaboration and Community?
Elinor Stutz  --   Top One Percent Influencer and Sales Performance Guru Elinor Stutz -- Top One Percent Influencer and Sales Performance Guru
Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  Are You Ready for Collaboration and Community?

Most traditional companies have their specialty teams separated from one another. This greatly diminishes communication. Newer companies provide an open space work environment that encourages a team effort among the departments.

The open space approach is one that should be seriously considered by all companies. A greater team effort tends to take place providing improved results.   As a job seeker, you may wish to explore the idea of seeking out this type of company.

We are all inter-connected and by striving to teach, learn, and tech, the benefits  become larger than ever perceived possible.

My Story

I was very accustomed to being secretive in the corporate sales environment. When the idea of collaboration was first expressed, I stopped in my tracks. However, a slow but steady change in my thinking marked my turning point.

As a sales professional, I would qualify and match my preferred clientele. The same is done with collaborative partners and associations that I support. Helping several associations is now in the works. The education I will receive by working with each will ultimately benefit the others. Everything is interconnected.

This is a highly rewarding process. Although I volunteer time, the right introductions are made and great opportunities are presented. It becomes the traditional win-win for all those involved.

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Your Story

Take time to consider your core skill set and the work you enjoy doing. Now list the communities that intrigue you. See where you might match your knowledge to their need. Do more research to find complementary others that might ultimately benefit one another.

Consider the Following:

  • How will community service in your business plan benefit you and others?
  • Is there an association that intrigues you where you might offer assistance?
  • Have you declined opportunities that might be reconsidered?

Frequently as you teach, learning is the reward. People will tell you what they appreciate the most and what else they need to learn. This provides excellent direction for your next steps.

Should you already be entrenched with helping a community, consider the lessons you have already learned. Is it time for you to create a workbook, a regular book or create talks centered around your work?

By creating new services on the topics of your experience, you will be able to serve a greater variety of audiences and larger ones, too. The spark of light serves to educate you, too. And accordingly the win is much larger for everyone concerned.

Sales Tips

  1. Highlight your core expertise
  2. Research organizations that may use your help
  3. Create a long list of similar organizations
  4. Research each organization to see where the better fit for your expertise exists.
  5. Call the organizer to ask for an introduction.
  6. Ask for the organization's core purpose and goals.
  7. Listen carefully to the answers provided.
  8. Provide ideas for specialty programs.
  9. Inquire as to interest regarding these programs.
  10. Together create the ideal program for members.

Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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