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Alternatives to Long Term Care Insurance Detailed in New Guide
The Alliance - Long Term Care Funding Solutions for All The Alliance - Long Term Care Funding Solutions for All
Canandaigua , NY
Monday, March 14, 2016

Optimal Long Term Care Choices

Baby boomers and seniors looking for how to best plan or pay for extended care costs can benefit from a new, comprehensive guide to the variety of available solutions.  "Optimal Long Term Care Choices ," subtitled 'A Guide to Private Long Term Care Funding Options,' covers 10 ways to pay for care. In addition to traditional long term care insurance (LTCI), the guide covers 6 other insurance solutions and 3 non-insurance solutions

Until recently, similar to the color choices when purchasing Henry Ford's first auto, people planning for how to pay for care costs had little choice.  Historically, the choices were understood to be either 1) purchase long term care insurance, or 2) do Medicaid planning. 

"There have been significant developments in long term care funding options in recent years.  Today, there are new, creative programs and tools people can use to help pay for current or eventual long term care needs," states Bill Jones, a thought leader on private long term care funding and president of National Association of Insurance Agencies, Inc., the nation's first comprehensive distributor of alternatives to LTCI. 

Continues Jones, "The limited funding choices (long term care insurance or Medicaid planning) have not been implemented by a majority of Americans.  Most want the benefits of private pay funding (i.e. quality care choices) as opposed to relying on government funding.  Unfortunately, changes in the private long term care insurance (LTCI) market have made obtaining this insurance challenging for many.  People are searching for affordable, available plans that are optimal for their own situation.  This new guide clearly explains the myriad of choices now available, helping consumers get a clearer picture of what's available today for them and their family." 

The Guide is available free of charge at www.myLTCchoices.com

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Alliance has amassed a thoughtful portfolio of private long term care funding solutions that complement traditional LTC insurance.  The Alliance suite of solutions provide options for funding long term care expenses to virtually everyone, regardless of age, health and wealth.
The Alliance works with agencies and distributors who want to offer clients the full range of today's long-term care planning solutions.  Its revolutionary business model allows - and encourages - distributors, agents and advisors to maintain their existing traditional product relationships, while completing their portfolio through working with The Alliance.  
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Bill Jones
National Alliance of Insurance Agencies, Inc.
Canandaigua, NY
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