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702 Experts profiled in the 38th Yearbook of Experts
Mitchell P. Davis -- Editor and Publisher of www.ExpertClick.com Mitchell P. Davis -- Editor and Publisher of www.ExpertClick.com
Washington, DC
Thursday, June 14, 2012

Shown here is the order presented:

Jeff Cobb -- Lifelong Learning http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4096

Kansas State University http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1889

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-935

The Art and Creative Materials Institute, Inc. http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-107

Dr. Henry Borenson -- Algebra Problems Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3620

Global Academy Online, Inc. http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2602

Jerry Mintz -- Alternative Education Resource Organization http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4284

Dr. Joyce Willard Teal http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3913

David Farrow -- Memory Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3301

Landmark Education http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3004

The Council of Independent Colleges http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3559

Ann Dolin -- Educational Consultant http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4010

Marc Garfinkle -- Law School Job and Career Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3886

Steven Roy Goodman, M.S., J.D. -- College Admissions Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-396

National School Choice Week http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4106

National Adoption Center http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-683

We Share the Secret -- Literacy Advocates http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3938

Ateba Crocker -- Shoe Revolt http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3782

Andrew Horn-- Dreams for Kids - Wash DC http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3861

Joan Johnson, B. S., - Domestic Violence Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2354

Jo Ann Lordahl http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4024

National Child Abuse Defense and Resource Center http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-214

Edie Raether Enterprises and Wings for Wishes Institute http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1962

Kathryn Seifert, Ph.D., Trauma and Violence Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2565

WorldPennyJar http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4028

Julie Austin - Creativity -- Innovation -- Entrepreneur -- Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3418

Krista Fabregas -- KidSmartLiving.com http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4059

Barbara J. Feldman -- Surfnetkids.com http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3849

Debra Holtzman. J.D.. M.A. -- Child Safety Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-171

Eitan D. Schwarz MD -- ZillyDilly for iPad http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3781

TeamChildren -Youth Charity http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2036

Congress of Racial Equality -- CORE http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2519

Carolyn A. Cook -- United 4 Equality, LLC http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4155

Omekongo Dibinga -- The UPstander http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3950

Carol M. Swain -- Vanderbilt University Law School http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1664

Goodwill Industries International, Inc. http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-666

Skills USA-VICA http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4033

Be An Elf http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4297

Benjamin Y. Clark, PhD -- Public Budgeting Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4111

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3054

National Taxpayers Union http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-489

Rob O'Dell -- Expert on Government Spending http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3636

Ellie Lucas -- Hunger-Free Minnnesota http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4132

Richard Wagner, Ph.D., ACS http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4011

Nina Amir - Human Potential Speaker http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2868

Rabbi Yitzhak Miller - Spirituality Religion Theology Judaism http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3646

Stan Weisleder -- Tuskegee Airmen Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4015

Jackie Carpenter - Georgia Justice - Bridge to a Miracle http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3881

The Church of the Latter-Day Dude http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3977

Amy Jo Garner Ministries http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3901

Doris Wise Montrose http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4289

Nettie Reynolds http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4168

Trinity Foundation, Inc -- Religion Fraud Detectives http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1674

Jack Marshall -- ProEthics, Ltd. http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-845

Christopher Bauer, Ph.D. -- Business Ethics Training http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2126

Wharton School Club of Washington http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1450

Ralph J. Bloch -- Association Management Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2344

Search for Common Ground http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1113

Foreign-Trade Zone Corporation http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2081

Vernon Jacobs, CPA -- President, Offshore Press, Inc. http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1516

Jim Lynch -- Author 'The 2020 Players' http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4283

Nordlinger Associates, Inc. -- Politics and Public Affairs http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-229

Senator Don Benton -- Political Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2225

William S. Bike -- Political Commentator http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2018

National Association of Government Communicators http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3257

Mark Dankof's America http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2281

Judith Lee Berg -- Human Resource Communication http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-922

Carolyn Long -- Angels Over America http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2765

Joseph and John Trimbach -- American Indian Movement Myth Busters http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3362

Jason R. Hanson -- Concealed Carry Academy http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4094

John M. Snyder -- Gun Law Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2370

Warren D. Woessner -- Schwegman Lundberg and Woessner http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1097

The John Marshall Law School http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-185

Alan Goldberger -- Referee Law Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-560

Judge Monty Ahalt (Ret) VirtualCourthouse Online Mediation Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4105

Edward Poll, J.D., M.B.A., CMC -- Law Firm Management Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2222

Dr. Ira Williams, A Better Health Care Delivery System expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2108

Ian Lyngklip -- Consumer Law Firm http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4079

Mark Accettura --- Inheritance Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4089

Justice On Trial -- Criminal Justice System Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2236

Kevin Klesert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3961

Grant Langdon -- Land Ownership Expert History http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3313

Louisa Moritz -- Actress and Lawyer http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4066

Rufus & Jenny Triplett, Prisonworld, Prison-Prisoner Experts http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3887

Brian H. Davis -- CleanBiz Horizons LLC http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3454

Evan T. Sussman -- Beverly Hills Divorce Lawyer http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3969

Diana P. Zitser --- Divorce Attorney http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4083

Baum, Hedlund, Aristei and Goldman, PC http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-113

California School of Forensic Studies at Alliant http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3524

Cochran, Foley and Associates Personal Injury Lawyers http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3529

Jon Mitchell Jackson- 2009 Trial Lawyer of the Year. http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3804

Susan Filan -- MSNBC Senior Legal Analyst http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3968

William C. Head -- Top-Rated Trial and Litigation Attorney http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-924

Peter J. Killeen -- Police Psychotherapist - Mediator http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-736

Timothy A. Dimoff -- High Risk Security Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2625

Robert A. Gardner, CPP -- Security, Crime Prevention Advisor http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3756

National School Safety and Security Services -- Ken Trump http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-224

Klueger and Stein, LLP --- Asset Protection Experts http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3812

David Nance -- Personal Safety Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3805

Robert Siciliano -- Identity Theft Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-694

Sting Alarm http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4136

John Cruz -- World Banking World Fraud http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4084

Mark S. Gottlieb -- CPA, PC http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4007

Michael G. Kessler, President and CEO of Kessler International http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-735

Fidelifacts -- Background Investigations http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-596

Mike McCarty -- Safe Hiring Solutions http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3976

Michelle Pyan -- Commercial Investigations LLC http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3854

Derek A. White -- The Avoidable Crash http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4091

Rose Colombo http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3898

Audri G. Lanford, Ph.D. -- Going Paperless -- Productivity Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2882

National Association of Military Moms and Spouses http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3980

Maj. Brian Hampton, Publisher, VETERANS VISION http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2088

Young Marines of the Marine Corps League http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2639

American Foreign Service Association http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-816

Circle of Friends for American Veterans http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2969

Fidelis -- Military to Civilian Career Transition. http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4173

U.S. Army War College http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-523

Gina Elise -- Pin-Ups For Vets http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4266

M. Salahuddin Khan--- Afghanistan Expert -- Author SIKANDER http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3951

Chika Onyeani -- Africa Affairs Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3815

Zoe Rastegar -- Talk Show Host http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1679

Gail Winston -- Winston Mid East Analysis and Commentary http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-5

Institute for Gilgit Baltistan Studies http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3990

World Government Of World Citizens --World Citizen Government http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1130

National Immigration Forum http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-803

Americans for Immigration Control, Inc. http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-95

Danny Quintana http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4154

Larry Eidelman - Emergency Management Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4276

Andrew P. Johnson -- Immigration Author -- Expert -- Attorney http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3954

Lifesaving Resources, LLC http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2794

Lois Clark McCoy -- National Institute for Urban Search and Rescue http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3897

Survival Center -- Family Preparedness, Health and Survival Supplies http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2649

Center for Wildlife Information http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-576

The National Anxiety Center http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1118

Crusade Against Fire Deaths -- Richard M Patton http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1289

Phigenics LLC -- Water Management - Efficiency - Safety http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3926

Alliance to Save Energy http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-422

Energy Education Council http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3971

Matthew Freije - Waterborne Pathogens Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3760

Integrity Research Institute -- Researching Scientific Integrity http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1743

Dr. Rob Moir -- Ocean River Institute http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3642

National Rural Electric Cooperative Association http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-324

Michael D. Shaw -- Air Quality Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3210

Linda Jeschofnig - Science Lab Kit - Online Lab Kit- Biology Lab http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3986

International Association of Canine Professionals http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2000

Ami Moore -- Chicago Dog Training Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3472

Tamira Ci Thayne -- Humane Treatment for Dogs http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2987

DEET Education Program http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4260

New Jersey Pest Management Association http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2276

Dan Stockdale -- Adventures in Leadership http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3775

Pet Food Institute http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-855

Buddy Beds -- Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Beds http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2814

COOL PET Holistic Remedies http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3702

Tobi Kosanke -- Crazy K Farm Pet and Poultry Products, LLC http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3952

Andy Lopez - The Invisible Gardener http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2909

Victoria Bowmann http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4022

Patricia Bragg -- Vegatarian Health Recipies http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3892

Food Allergy Initiative http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1352

Scott Anthony - Pizza Marketing Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2983

Culinary Visions Panel http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4077

Olson Communications, Inc. -- Food Industry Communications Strate http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-326

Melissa Murphy -- Spokane Realtor http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4178

Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-117

Brian Folb -- Hollywood Office Buildings http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3927

Gatski Commercial Real Estate Services http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4138

Debra Gould - The Staging Diva http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3236

Charles Harrison -- Industrial Design http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4073

Margaret Innis -- Home Staging & Color Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4188

Mahaffey Fabric Structures http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4027

Mahaffey Tent and Party Rentals http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4026

Capitol Lighting -- 1800lighting.com http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3748

Eugenia Foxworth, CIPS, NYRS, Broker Foxworth Realty http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2405

MobileHomeUniversity.com http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4165

Steve Dexter - Real Estate and Foreclosure Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3743

Glenn Plantone -- Real Estate Investment Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3432

Platinum Properties Investor Network http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3065

Progressive Real Estate Investments, LLC http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3846

Jean Louis Racine - Commercial Lease Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3899

Patrick Skiffington -- Florida Real Estate Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3817

David Stone --- Nevada Association Services, Inc. http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3995

Institute for Business and Home Safety http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3729

The American Waterways Operators http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-555

American Public Transportation Association http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-298

Lauren Fix -- Automotive Expert -- Consultant http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-159

Shelby Fix -- Teen Car Coach http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3672

National Automobile Dealers Association http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-210

In-motion Courier Service http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3918

DriveLab http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2188

Giant Motorcycle Swap Meet http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3909

Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-153

Mark N. Lewellen -- Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Instructor http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4020

121five.com -- Aviation Industry News, Tim Kern http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2031

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association -- AOPA http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-79

Chuck Gumbert -- Aerospace and Aviation Consultant http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4092

Jim Jenkins - Applied Technology Institute http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3594

Costa Rica Luxury Rentals and Tours http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3633

Scott Lorenz - Balloonist - Hot Air Balloon Ride Michigan http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3533

Jimmy Murphy -- River Cruising - Travel Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3654

Carol Margolis -- Smart Women Travelers Inc. http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3787

Bill Hinchberger - Brazil Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2079

AroundTheRings.com -- Olympic Games Experts http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1245

Brad Butler -- Travel Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4174

Fort Lauderdale Yacht Charter, Intercoastal Yacht Tour, Pompano http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3907

Jeanne Hess - Author of Sportuality -- Finding Joy in the Games http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4143

PRIDE Travel - Gay Travel, Cruise and Vacation Ownership Experts http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3675

Mike Thiel -- Hideaways International, Inc. http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-364

Travel Goods Association http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4303

Stevanne Auerbach -- Dr Toy's Guide http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-541

EllynAnne Geisel -- Apron Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2332

Richard Gottlieb -- Toy Industry Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2674

Corinne Innis -- Artist http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3997

Arnie Wexler -- Arnie and Sheila Wexler Associates http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-278

Gail Howard -- Lottery Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-311

Sandy Malone -- Owner of Weddings in Vieques - Culebra http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4129

Dave Klivans -- FirePit Ceramics http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4117

Antoinette Matlins -- Professional Gemologist http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-196

ReStockIt.com -- Office Supplies and Cleaning Supplies http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3681

Shoplet.com -- Discount Office Supplies http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3813

Swim Kitten http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3963

Discount Watch Store http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3777

The Watch Co http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3806

Robert Fripp - Speaking Engagements http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3291

MENC -- The National Association for Music Education http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-474

NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2197

James Taylor -- Online Music Education http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4195

Marcus Tilgmann -- The Changing Music Industry Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3945

American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA) http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1513

Valerie Geller -- Talk Radio Consultant http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3074

Chris Murch -- World Syndicated Radio http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4060

Chaplain Dr. Keith Robinson -- PTSD Media Consultants, LLC http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4130

San Francisco Writers Conference http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3368

Society of Professional Journalists http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-533

TALKERS Magazine --- Talk Radio Magazine http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3299

Holland Cooke http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4310

InfoCommerce Group -- Specialized Business Information Publishing Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1752

David King -- Wikipedia Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4150

Specialized Information Publishers Association, formerly NEPA http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2660

Subscription Site Insider -- How to Create Membership Sites http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4153

tw telecom inc. http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2171

Ad Council http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3844

Linda Hunt -- Media Critic http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-799

Eli Just -- Supernatural Writer http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3924

The Newseum http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2438

Ziggy Chau -- Next Media Animation LLC http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4068

Sources -- Canadian Experts for Interview http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-700

National Cartoonists Society http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1353

Nina Amir -- Nonfiction Writing - Publishing Consultant http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3955

Lorraine Kleinwaks -- Book Wish Foundation http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4000

Rick Frishman -- Morgan James Publishing http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2518

Ruth Furman -- Image Words Publicity and Writing Services http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3311

Claudia Gere -- Publishing Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4189

Kent Gustavson, PhD Blooming Twig Books. http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3840

Paige Stover Hague -- Content Development Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2184

Shelley Hitz -- Self Publishing Coach http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4080

Brian Jud -- Book Marketing Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3661

Scott Lorenz - Book Marketing Expert - Book Publicity - Publicist http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3895

Laura B. Poindexter http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3965

Lee Pound -- Writing and Publishing Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2929

Dan Poynter -- Book Publishing Industry Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2064

Jake Farrow -- Horror Novelist http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4294

D.E. Lamont - Fiction and Health & Self Improvement Author-Writer http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4253

Mary Terzian, Author, Global E-book Nominee http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4265

Lisa K. Winkler -- A Black Cowboy's Ride Across America http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4219

Alan Caruba -- Public Relations Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-651

Adam Karwoski -- Taking the Mystery Out of Social Media http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3996

Michael Levine -- Hollywood Public Relations Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1554

Jill Lublin -- Networking and Publicity Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2348

Larry Mandelberg -- Growth by Design http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3498

PartyLine - Public Relations Media Newsletter http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-536

Joan Stewart -- Publicity Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2429

Irwin Zucker -- Promotion In Motion Public Relations http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2305

David Adler -- BizBash.com -- Party Planning Experts http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3526

The Celebrity Source -- Access To Thousands Of Celebrities http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1184

Room 214 - Social Media Agency http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2759

Craig Conroy, Conroy Research Group http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1149

John Fischer - StickerGiant.com - Sticker Sociologist http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3248

Corinne Innis -- Penn Fleming Public Relations http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3205

Sheryl Woodhouse-Keese -- Eco-friendly Invitations & Celebrations http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3843

L. Aviva Diamond -- Blue Streak - A Communications Company http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1115

Maggie Holben -- Public Relations Expert Resource http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2956

Gayl Murphy -- Interview Tactics http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4201

Julie Salisbury - Influence Publishing http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4149

Katie Schwartz -- Business Speech Improvement http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4158

Westwind Communications Public Relations http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2286

Debra Holtzman, J.D., M.A. -- Corporate Consultant and Spokesperson http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2716

Dr. Rick Kirschner -- Communication Skills Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3169

Sam Waltz http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1111

Paul Kyriazi -- James Bond Lifestyle http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1582

D. Levi Harrison, M.D., The Art of Fitness http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4076

Daniel Burrus -- Professional Speaker - Bestselling Author http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3759

Harry J. Bury -- An Emerging Worldview to the Third Millennium. http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4169

FUTUREtakes.Org International Futurist Magazine http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3100

The Herman Group -- Strategic Business Futurists http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-415

John Renesch -- The Sustainability Futurist http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4051

World Future Society http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3797

Michael G. Zey, Ph.D. -- Future Trends and Longevity Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-308

Mike Cermak -- Tech Support Guy http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3507

Cerulean Associates LLC -- FDA Compliance Experts http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2763

Roxanne Emmerich, CPAE, CMC - The Emmerich Group, Inc. http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3670

Corbin Ball -- Convention Technology Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4108

Gail Kingsbury -- Speaker Resource Connection http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4118

Gold Stars Speakers Bureau http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3645

Noel Jameson -- Famous Quotes http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3848

Robin Jay -- Las Vegas Keynote Speaker http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2840

Jeff Hurt -- Velvet Chainsaw -- Midcourse Corrections http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4286

Mark Mikelat - Speaker Leads -- Building Aspirations http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4124

Nanci McGraw, Founder-Int-l DO-ers Organization http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-678

National Speakers Association http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-325

Stefan Swanepoel -- Surviving Your Serengeti http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4034

Toastmasters International http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4302

Dave VanHose -- 7 Figure Speaking Empire http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4043

Dottie Walters -- Share and Grow Rich Biography -Michael MacFarlane http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4112

Brendon Burchard http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4167

Craig Duswalt -- RockStar System for Success http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4135

Chris Howard -- Academy of Wealth and Achievement http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4134

CSP Sheryl Nicholson http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4075

Carol Ann Small -- Laughter With A Lesson.com http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4181

MIkki Williams http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4044

Gayle Lantz - Leadership Development Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2739

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Institute for Social Internet Public Policy http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3856

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Ford Saeks - Business Growth - Internet Marketing - Marketing http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3296

Kevin Savetz -- Free Printables http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2653

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Irv Schwary -- ZENTIREMENT http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1479

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Marvin H. Doniger -- Financial Security Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3578

William E. Donoghue -- The Father of Safe Money Investing http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2003

Matt Harrison -- The Prometheus Institute -- A Public Policy Organization http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3531

Institute of Consumer Financial Education http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4298

Sharon B. Jones -- Personal Finance Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3795

Belinda Rosenblum -- Own Your Money LLC http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3460

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Overcoming Job Burnout http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-621

Personal Best Consulting -- Dr. Leif H. Smith http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1825

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Mompreneurs http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-743

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National Border Patrol Council http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1039

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National Association of Letter Carriers, AFL-CIO http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1334

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Successful Transition Planning Institute http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4295

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Rebecca Ryan --- Career Management for the Enterprising Woman http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4093

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Thought Leading Women http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3421

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Judi Moreo -- A Speaker with Substance and Style http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3086

Association for Strategic Planning http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3791

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Employee Involvement Association http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3109

EPM Communications -- Research On Consumer Behavior & Licensing http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-389

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The Research Department -- Focus Groups and Qualitative Market Research http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-248

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Marie Dubuque --Social Media Etiquette Expert and Life Coach http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4052

Bob Elster -- Speaker -- Business and Life Coach http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4180

International Society of Protocol and Etiquette Professionals http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1677

The Lett Group -- Business Etiquette http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-739

Shannon Smith -- Manners and Etiquette Consultant http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4309

Gloria Starr -- Image Etiquette -- Communication and Leadership http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1613

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Jeffrey Hansler, CSP -- Sales Presentation Training http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2096

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Mitchell P. Davis -- Editor and Publisher of www.ExpertClick.com http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1238

Daniel J. Knight http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3857

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Harmony Tenney -- Sales Performance Consultant http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2306

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Arnold Sanow -- The Business Source http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1342

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Patricia Fripp -- Business Presentation Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1822

Renee Grant-Williams -- Communication Skill Training Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1833

Cheryl Stephens -- Plain Language Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3252

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Joel Russell -- A Combat Marine's Life Story http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4002

Larry Tracy -- Expert Presentation Coach http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1288

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Everything in its Place -- Productivity Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-595

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Advocates for World Health http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4116

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Dr. Marc Halpern -- Ayurveda Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4288

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Renee Paser-Paull -- Rape and Sexual Assault Recovery Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4090

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Eric R. Braverman, M.D. -- Anti-aging Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2930

Silver Planet -- Trusted Senior Resource http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3616

Mark Singer -- Retirement Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4186

The Couple's Retirement Puzzle -- Dorian Mintzer & Roberta Taylor http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4193

Dr. David J. Demko - Gerontologist Creator of Zoomer -1998- http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1791

Louis Levy -- Success in Retirement http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-189

Barbara Morris - Pharmacist - Aging Management Coach for Boomers http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2138

Cynthia Shelby-Lane, M.D. -- Laughter is Good Medicine http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2220

Total MRO Protection http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3798

DeLores Pressley -- The Born Successful Institute http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-982

Dianne M. Daniels, AICI http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2622

Yasmin Anderson-Smith, AICI CIP, CPBS -- Image consultant http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3921

Deborah Boland -- Image -- Etiquette -- Communications http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3640

Sandy Dumont -- The Image Architect http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2437

Heba Al Fazari -- Executive Image - Etiquette and Communication Coach http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3889

Carol Kinsey Goman, Ph.D. -- Body Language in the Workplace http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3543

Janice Hurley-Trailor -- The Image Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3738

Jen Mueller - Inspiring Conversation - Confidence Through Sports http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4082

Jennifer Maxwell Parkinson -- Look Consulting International http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1145

Carolyn Finch -- Body Language Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2393

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Bridges to Cross http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3832

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American Society of Bariatric Physicians http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-102

Dr. Dave E. David - Boston Vaser Lipo Doctor http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3773

Suzanne Armbruster -- Female Fine Hair Replacement http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4056

Billy Lowe -- Celebrity Stylist and Beauty Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3425

Dave E. David, M.D. -- Botox Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3725

American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-96

Christine Anderson - a Doctor of Chiropractic http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3847

Howard Birnberg http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3944

Dr. Michael F. Carroll -- Shoulder Pain Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3880

Martine Ehrenclou, MA -- Patient Advocate http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4307

Beatrice C. Engstrand, M.D., F.A.A.N. -- New York City Neurologist http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2692

Dr. Edward Lamadrid -- Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Massage Therapist http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3585

Dr. Burton S. Schuler, Foot Doctor Podiatrist, Mortons Toe Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3477

Dr. Douglas Sea -- DC Mentors -- Chiropractic http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4287

L. Erik Westerlund, M.D., FACS http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3903

Dr. Aihan Kuhn -- Chinese Medicine for Health http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4190

Dennis Mahoney -- Healthcare Consultant http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4179

Jake Poore -- Integrated Loyalty Systems http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3896

Dr. Gaby Cora -- Leadership & Well-Being Consultant & Speaker http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3151

American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4123

American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-295

Louis B. Cady, M.D. Neuropsychiatrist and Wellness Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3584

Stephen D. Forman, LTCI Specialist http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4273

Dan Friesland -- Doctors With Dings(tm) Inc http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4198

Carol A. Harnett -- Health and Disability Expert http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3801

Cathie Lippman, MD -- Environmental and Preventive Medicine http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3761

Long Term Care Learning Institute -- Marilee Driscoll http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1614

LTC Tree -- Long Term Care Insurance http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4172

National LTC Network -- Long Term Care Insurance http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3753

National Toxic Encephalopathy Foundation http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4292

Vicki Rackner MD FACS -- Doctor Caregiver http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-2253

Advanced Biomedical Consulting, ABC, LLC http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3703

UT Southwestern Medical Center http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-863

Seymour M. Weaver, III, M.D., Board Certified Dermatologist http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4081

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3923

American Association of Orthodontists http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-552

Gentle Dental http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4148

Timothy Kosinski DDS -- Esthetic Dentistry http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3912

S Kent Lauson, DDS, MS http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4269

JoAn Majors - Dentistry By Choice http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3933

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Dave E. David, M.D. --- Doctor Spokesperson http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-141

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American Society for Radiation Oncology http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1945

CureSearch for Children's Cancer http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-481

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StopAfib.org American Foundation for Women's Health http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-4032

Mayer Eisenstein, M.D., J.D., M.P.H. -- Homefirst Health Services http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-3428

Meg Jordan, PhD., RN, CWP -- Global Medicine Hunter(R) http://www.ExpertClick.com/19-1923

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