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1000 computers to change the educational futures of children in Bucks County
Robert Toporek --  TeamChildren -Youth Charity Robert Toporek -- TeamChildren -Youth Charity
Audubon, PA
Monday, June 24, 2013

Executive director and founder Robert Toporek in TeamChildren's technology center moving a pallet of refurbished computers ready
 AUDUBON, PA — June 24, 2013 — TeamChildren, a nonprofit based in Audubon, PA, now has another 1,000 high quality, low cost refurbished computers to distribute to economically challenged families, schools and organizations throughout Bucks County due to recent donations of computer equipment from regional businesses, schools and individuals. Anne Johnson, a rising sophomore at Archbishop Wood High School and resident of Warminster, PA, is just one of many Bucks County computer recipients whose educational future has been changed by TeamChildren.

Growing up in Generation Y, Johnson found herself not just wanting, but needing a functioning computer in her home to fulfill her educational duties.

"My science teacher wants all of our homework sent to her electronically by nine o'clock every night," Johnson said. "My teacher also said that she would not take any excuses for late or incomplete homework."

Unable to afford to fix the computer her family had or purchase a new one, Johnson turned to TeamChildren for help.

Requesting a computer from TeamChildren is simple and open to individuals, schools and other nonprofit or faith based organizations. The recipient writes a letter explaining why they need a computer or laptop, includes a $50 deposit and pays the balance the day of pickup. The recipient goes home with a computer pre-loaded with over $500 worth of extraordinary educational programs, ready to be plugged in. The administrative fee for a computer range from $75 to $175 and computer recipients are encouraged to volunteer for an hour or so to learn more about their computer. To receive an application, anyone can call TeamChildren's office at 610-666-1795 or download one online at http://www.teamchildren.com

In a fast-paced society of ever-changing technology, TeamChildren offers a cost effective alternative for those needing to meet the 21st century standards but unable to afford the most modern technologies.

"By distributing over 11,000 computers reaching over 50,000 children throughout our region," says executive director and founder Robert Toporek, "we have demonstrated that just computer may not have the latest bells and whistles to keep up with the needs of the corporate community, but these computers' life span can be greatly extended by refurbishing and redistributing them to families, organizations and schools that cannot afford new technology."

By increasing the memory, installing Windows 7, loading learning software and getting these machines humming again TeamChildren upcycles and provides economically challenged families throughout the Delaware Valley and beyond with the tools and opportunities they need to be successful in school and at work.

TeamChildren advocates early childhood education, especially for children living in poverty. According to the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, Birth Cohort, the differences in proficiency levels of those living in poverty will start developing as soon as a child is born. Babies only nine months old in poverty had lower proficiency levels in 3 of 5 cognitive skills. TeamChildren combats these deficiencies with educational software Little Reader, Little Math, and child safe web browser Elf.

"These computers," says Toporek, "come loaded with extremely effective learning software that will help each recipient expand their knowledge."

AWE Learning in Chester, PA and Brillkids, a Hong Kong based software developer, donated more than $500,000 worth of learning software that is loaded onto each computer it distributes. Both companies have partnered with TeamChildren because of its demonstrated success having distributed more than 11,000 refurbished computers reaching more than 50,000 children.

Picture Caption: Executive director and founder Robert Toporek in TeamChildren's technology center moving a pallet of refurbished computers ready to be sold and plugged in.
About TeamChildren
TeamChildren, an Audubon based nonprofit, is making a huge difference in the educational future of children. Its mission is to ensure every child has the tools and opportunities they need to contribute and compete effectively in today’s rapidly changing digital global environment. It aims to demonstrate the importance and effectiveness of its efforts and expand them throughout the region, the state and the nation.

This summer, Team/children is raising $75,000 to launch a groundbreaking early childhood development program and expand its teen program where teenaged volunteers will learn how to refurbish computers and run a nonprofit organization.

For more information, contact Samantha Schwartz by email (sschwartz@teamchildren.com) or phone (484-459-3154).
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Name: Robert Toporek
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Direct Phone: 610-666-1795
Cell Phone: 484-744-1868
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