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The Podium Pro -- Matthew Cossolotto The Podium Pro -- Matthew Cossolotto
orktown Heights, NY
Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Matthew Cossolotto, The Empowerment Pro
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Matthew Cossolotto

Ovations International, Inc.



Matthew Cossolotto Releases 'The Six Axioms of Personal Empowerment' Video on YouTube

Author and Guest Speaker Also Launches 'PEPTalks USA' Series of Keynotes and Workshops

YORKTOWN HEIGHTS, N.Y – January 19, 2010 -- Matthew Cossolotto (aka The Empowerment Pro) released a video on YouTube featuring his discussion of "The Six Axioms of Personal Empowerment." This video segment was taped as part of a "Harness Your HabitForce!" workshop that Cossolotto conducted recently for a corporate audience.

To watch this and other personal empowerment videos by Matthew Cossolotto, visit Cossolotto's channel on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheEmpowermentProTV.

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Cossolotto also announced that he will soon be launching a new website focused on his HabitForce! and Podium Power! speaking programs. The website is: www.PEPTalksUSA.com. The P.E. P. acronym stands for "Personal Empowerment to the People!"

One of Cossolotto's PEPTalks is titled "Harness Your HabitForce! How to Master the Habits of SUCCESS and Reach your Peak Personal Potential." The second workshop is called "Pump Up Your Podium Power! How to Unleash Your Authentic Podium Power and Speak Your Way To The Peak."

Both programs are built on the same underlying personal empowerment concept: Success is an inside job! In the coming year, Cossolotto plans to put a major emphasis on marketing his PEPTalks programs to two main groups: PEPTalks for Students and PEPTalks for Organizations.

Harness Your HabitForce!

These HabitForce!-based keynotes and workshops are specifically designed for people who want to avoid or banish self-defeating FAILURE Traps and get on the SUCCESS Track. Built around two seven-letter acronyms – FAILURE and SUCCESS – Cossolotto's presentations and related books provide an easily remembered structure that magnifies their lasting power to transform behavior and produce positive results. Participants learn how to follow a three-step process – Recognize, Reject and Replace – to reprogram their HabitForce so it works for you, not against you. This enables participants to overcome self-defeating habits and mindsets that hold people back from achieving their full potential.

In his inspirational and transformational HabitForce-related PEPTalks, Matthew reveals how you can:

· Employ the Six Axioms of Personal Empowerment to achieve your goals and reach your potential

· Replace disempowering FAILURE habits with their SUCCESS counterparts

· Reject finger-pointing and take responsibility for your life

· Stop undermining yourself with negative self-talk

· Use positive affirmations to reinforce SUCCESS habits

Pump Up Your Podium Power!

Speaking effectively to audiences is a widely recognized leadership and success skill. And yet many people — even those in leadership positions — often feel uncomfortable on the podium, hampered by some degree of anxiety, trepidation, or outright fear. Matthew is on a one-man mission to banish the fear of speaking to audiences and help others experience the "Joy of Speaking."

If you want to make the shift "from stage fright to stage delight" … or if you simply want to become much more comfortable, confident and effective speaker, Matthew's Podium Power! PEPTalks were designed with your needs in mind.

Among other things, workshop participants learn about:

· An Audience of One and Matthew's Top-Two List

· The Five Mindset Shifts for Authentic Speaking

· The Power of S.P.E.E.C.H.: The Six-Point Checklist for Powerful Presentations

· The Secrets of Whole-Brain Speaking

· The Wizard of Oz Formula

· Twenty Terrific Tips for Top-Notch Talks

For more information about Cossolotto's PEPTalks, visit www.PEPTalksUSA.com. Also visit "The Empowerment Pro TV" https://www.youtube.com/TheEmpowermentProTV) and The Podium Pro TV" https://www.youtube.com/ThePodiumProTV).

About Matthew Cossolotto

Author of All The World's A Podium, HabitForce!, and The Real F Word, Matthew is a former aide to Congressman Leon Panetta and US House Speaker Jim Wright. He is a guest speaker, executive speechwriter and speech coach. His private-sector career includes stints as a CEO-level speechwriter and communications executive at MCI, Pepsi-Cola International, and GTE. In 1996, Matthew launched Ovations International – "Home of the Standing O®." For more information about Matthew Cossolotto's executive communications services and his PEPTalks programs, visit www.ovations.com or www.PEPTalksUSA.com.  

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Group: The Podium Pro
Dateline: Oberlin/Brussels (Belgium), OH United States
Direct Phone: 440-597-9018
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