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Turnaround Management Strategies Improve Distressed Investing Results
John Collard -- Turnaround Interim Management Expert John Collard -- Turnaround Interim Management Expert
Annapolis , MD
Monday, August 30, 2010

Turnaround and Interim Managers apply different strategies that improve results for distressed investors. There is a different set of skills needed and applied.

Turnaround Management: Strategies That Make Distressed Investing Yield Results, a panel presentation at the DealFlow Media Distressed Debt Conference 2010, September 13, 2010, New York, Moderated by John M. Collard, Chairman, Strategic Management Partners, Inc.


Conference: Distressed Debt Conference 2010.

DealFlow Media, Inc. (516) 876-8006 www.DealFlowMedia.com

Conference Agenda: Agenda and Speakers http://www.dealflowmedia.com/conferences/dd_conference_10_agenda.cfm

Venue: The Hilton New York Hotel [Midtown Manhattan]

1335 Avenue of the Americas, New York 10019 (212) 586-7000


Date: September 13, 2010 at 2: 00 PM to 3:00 PM Panel Discussion

The Distressed Debt Conference 2010 brings the distressed debt private investment market to New York on September 13 and 14. This event offers the most comprehensive forum from the leaders in the distressed investment market. Attendees will learn about the current climate, investment opportunities, and the latest strategies and legal developments.

Hosted by DealFlow Media, publisher of The Distressed Debt Report, this two-day conference is the largest gathering of experts and active participants in the distressed investing market. It gathers an authoritative speaking faculty and a dedicated audience.

Strategies to acquire distressed assets must include locating core value on which to rebuild, fixing the systemic problems, and selling at increased value. This panel discusses key strategies to turn a company around and realize returns on invested capital. Discussion will address the question does existing management stay or go, where to locate financing to support transactions, key issues at portfolio company level, strategies to protect working capital investments to avoid past sins, dealing with legacy costs, and when is it time to exit.


Turnaround Management: Strategies That Make Distressed Investing Yield Results


John M. Collard, Chairman, Strategic Management Partners, Inc.



Holly Felder Etlin, Managing Director, Alix Partners LLP


Randall S. Eisenberg, Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting, Inc.


Lisa Poulin, Managing Partner, CRG Partners, LLC


Our panel is comprized of distinguished leaders in the practice of turnaround management, representing some of the premier firms in the industry. John Collard, Holly Etlin, and Randall Eisenberg are Past Chairs of the Turnaround Management Association, and Inductees into the Turnaround Management, Restructuring, and Distressed Investing Industry Hall of Fame, and Lisa Poulin is the current President of TMA.

Panel Questions:

What is the single most important element of core value that you look for in a distressed company on which to base your turnaround?

What key strategies do you employ after acquisition to turn a company around and realize returns on invested capital?

What key benefits should portfolio managers expect from hiring a turnaround specialist? Interim Manager versus Turnaround Consultant?

How do you deal with existing management in underperformers? Do they stay or go? Why?

What leadership techniques create the most value? How do you manage accountability? What creative incentive structures generate results for you?

What is your strategy to locating financing to support transactions and the turnaround? Do you expect changes in the near future?

What are the key issues at portfolio company level? How do turnaround pros best compliment investors to resolve these issues?

What strategies do you favor to protect working capital investment to avoid past sins? How do you deal with legacy costs? Is §363 Sale the only answer? Alternatives?

When is it time to exit? What goals do you require a turnaround property to achieve to entice future buyers to invest, therefore providing an exit?

Questions from our audience?

Strategic Management Partners, Inc.: turnaround managers ready to run troubled companies, recover assets from investments gone bad, advise boards of directors and investors on company viability in distressed situations.

Mr. Collard said, "These are opportunistic times for troubled business. An unsettled economy, uncertain changes in government policy effecting how companies will do business in the future, a stubborn recovery timetable, and limited availability of capital are pressing business issues that we must all face and overcome. We must focus on building companies in which investors and lenders want to invest their precious capital. This is a time when distressed private equity investors can invest in turnaround properties, rebuild and create value, then recognize large returns on their invested capital. Turnaround management strategies will certainly play a key role in recovery."

The Firm:

Strategic Management Partners, Inc. (www.StrategicMgtPartners.com 410-263-9100) is a turnaround management firm specializing in interim management and executive CEO leadership, asset recovery, corporate renewal governance, private equity advisory, and investing in underperforming distressed troubled companies. SMP helps clients restore value to troubled companies, prepare entities for 'cash out' at maximum value, recover assets for fund investors, support litigation, and invest private equity into distressed opportunities. The firm has been advisor to Presidents Bush (41 & 43), Clinton, and Yeltsin, World Bank, EBRD, Company Boards, and Equity Capital Investors on leadership, governance, turnaround management and equity investing. SMP is celebrating 20 years of service to its clients. SMP was named Maryland's Small Business of the Year, and received the Governor's Citation, Governor Martin J. O'Malley, The State of Maryland as a special tribute to honor work in the areas of turning around troubled companies and saving jobs in Maryland. Turnarounds & Workouts Magazine has twice named SMP among the 'Top Outstanding Turnaround Management Firms'. American Business Journals named SMP among the Most Active Turnaround Management and Consulting Firms in Baltimore, Washington, and the Mid-Atlantic Region. Global M&A Network Turnaround Atlas Awards named SMP as Boutique Turnaround Consulting Firm of the Year .

Our Principal:

John M. Collard is a Certified Turnaround Professional (CTP), who brings 35 years senior operating leadership, $85M asset recovery, 40+ transactions worth $780M+, and $80M fund management expertise to run troubled companies, and advise company boards, litigators, institutional and private equity investors. Mr. Collard has on many occasions parachuted in as the Interim CEO or senior executive to turn around a trouble entity. John is Past Chairman of the Turnaround Management Association (TMA). John was inducted into the Turnaround Management, Restructuring, and Distressed Investing Industry Hall of Fame, honoring those individuals whose outstanding contributions have increased the stature and respect of our industry.




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SMP Celebrates 20 Years in Turnaround Business

SMP Named Among Top Outstanding Turnaround Management Firms by Turnarounds & Workouts Magazine

SMP named Boutique Turnaround Consulting Firm of the Year, by Global M&A Network Turnaround Atlas Awards

SMP Named Maryland's Small Business of the Year and Received the Governor's Citation

Strategic Management Partners, Inc. Named to Most Active Turnaround Management Firms in Mid-Atlantic List by American and Baltimore Business Journals

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Collard Enters Turnaround Management, Restructuring, and Distressed Investing Industry Hall of Fame

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