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Free Printable Recommendation Letter Samples
Kevin Savetz -- Free Printables Kevin Savetz -- Free Printables
Portland , OR
Friday, August 20, 2010

New Free Printable Recommendation LettersResignation Letters
 Anyone seeking to help out an employee, friend or student with a letter of recommendation can turn to the website LettersOfRecommendation.net, which just added 10 new letters and now offers more than 110 example letters to download and print for free.

The sample letters at LettersOfRecommendation.net are professionally written and ready to download in .DOC form (or cut and paste from the site) and alter for specific situations. There are job-related recommendation letters as well as letters for people hoping to earn a scholarship or get into a specific college, graduate program, or medical, law or business school.

There are also sample reference letters for more personal situations, such as people hoping to adopt a child. There are also letters encouraging that someone be appointed to a board position or elected role. Several letters are intended to vouch for someone in court or before a parole board.

"When people get asked to write a letter of recommendation, it's an honor, but it's admittedly a bit of an annoyance, too," said Kevin Savetz, the site's creator. "You know it's going to take some time and thought. Often, it's just hard to find the inspiration to get started."

"These example letters are a great jumping-off point. Just choose a letter that's close to your situation and customize it," Savetz said.

The newest letters include a letter affirming that a child is ready for kindergarten, character reference letters, a co-worker reference and graduate school recommendation letters.

The site also features several articles on how to write a good letter of recommendation as well as what to include and letter "don'ts."

All of the letters are free and can be opened using Microsoft Word, Google Docs or most other .DOC-compatible word processing programs. Users just type over the existing text with their own relevant thoughts and perspective.

There are nearly 60 sites in the FreePrintable.net family of free printables sites created by Savetz Publishing, Inc., a company devoted to creating useful and informative web sites of interest to consumers and small businesses.

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