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Free Printable Storyboard Templates
Kevin Savetz -- Free Printables Kevin Savetz -- Free Printables
Blue Lake , CA
Friday, May 08, 2009

Storyboard template
The popular Web site PrintablePaper.net has just added 63 storyboard templates, with sizes, grids and orientations ideal for filmmakers, animators, interactive Web site developers and those in related creative fields.

The storyboard templates are available in letter, legal and A4 sizes. Variations accommodate widescreen, full screen and 35mm frames and the templates are set up in a range of grids, from one frame per page to 3x3.

Storyboards are commonly used in the planning process in a variety of fields, especially live action and animated films, either to help in mentally organizing a message or as a more formal method of visually interpreting a script and communicating how scenes should be shot. These storyboard templates save students, professional and hobbyist filmmakers and others from having to create their own templates or purchase templates.

All of the storyboard templates at PrintablePaper.net are free to download and print. They are in PDF form, easily viewed with Adobe's free Reader program.

"These templates are suitable for any type of visual storytelling, in classroom settings all the way up to professional film studios," said Kevin Savetz, the site's creator. "Whether you're building a portfolio or just sketching out your latest hobby film, I'm sure you'll find the template you need."

Before any story or script can be shot and produced, it must be planned out, from scene cuts to camera positioning (wide shot, close-up, etc.) and other elements critical to successful filmmaking or performances.

The storyboard templates at PrintablePaper.net include panels for drawings and separate spaces for labeling with action notes and dialogue as well as basics such as shot and scene numbers. Storyboard artists rely on templates like these for films, 2D or 3D animated productions, television, plays and other projects where sequence and layout need to be communicated. Many comic book artists also find storyboards useful.

"Communication is key on any set, and storyboard templates are a great time- and sanity-saver as well as a communication tool," Savetz said. "PrintablePaper.net features several types of graphic organizers, and storyboard templates were a natural addition."

PrintablePaper.net offers thousands of papers, from lined and graph paper to score sheets, budgets and teacher resources. All are free to download and print.

There are nearly 40 sites in the FreePrintable.net family of free printables sites created by Savetz Publishing, Inc., a company devoted to creating useful and informative web sites of interest to consumers and small businesses.

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