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Frank King -- The Mental Health Comedian
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Frank King -- The Mental Health Comedian
Eugene, OR United States
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Frank King
Springfield, OR
United States
Main Phone: 8584055653
Contact Phone: 858.405.5653
Cell Phone: 8584055653
Frank King -- The Mental Health Comedian

Nationally known Suicide Prevention Speaker Frank King was a writer for The Tonight Show for 20 years, a Corporate Comedian, former talk radio talk show host, and was featured on CNN's Business Unusual. Depression and suicide run his family.

He's thought about killing himself more times than he can count, fighting a lifetime battle with depression and chronic suicidality.

He's turned his long dark journey of the soul into 3 TEDx Talks, and shares his lifesaving insights with corporation, association and college audiences.

A comedian talking about mental illness and suicide?

He believes that it's a comedian's job to speak painful truth to power, on behalf of the powerless. He speaks truth to the power of mental illness, on behalf of those often powerless in it's grip.

He speaks to end the stigma, save lives.

Where there is humor there is hope, and where there is laughter there is life.