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Jim Collison -- Meditation Expert
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About: Imagine what you can learn about thriving in life from Jim Collison, the researcher and author just shy of age 90. He’s been meditating for nearly 80 years! He’s author of “Simply How to Meditate.” Imagine questions you can get answers to when interviewing the reporter who broke the full story of the Buddy Holly fatal plane crash to the world, in 1959. Imagine what you can learn from a researcher and writer whose first journalism job was sports editor…who also wrote the book 'NO-How Coaching: Strategies for Winning in Sports and Business from the Coach Who Says 'NO!' Imagine what the life and experiences of a near-90-year-old mediator can bring to topics of a thriving life through meditation. Imagine what Jim Collison can bring to these topics: Self-improvement meditation. Self-healing meditation. Meditation for sleep. Love meditation. Athletes and meditation. Empowering meditation. Meditating with aphantasia (no mind’s eye).
Jared Knott
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About: The history of world events, and our own lives, run on big events which are often the result of small events, sometimes even Tiny Blunders. Making a right turn instead of a left turn; attending a party or not; getting on a plane or not; making an important decision in anger or from logic? Tiny Blunders, Big Disasters: Thirty-Nine Tiny Mistakes That Changed the World Forever!, by Jared Knott, explores thousands of years of history to showcase, and explain in detail, how our world has often been formed by trivial occurrences which turned out to be watershed moments in history. Now an Amazon Bestselling book in several categories, these Tiny Blunders which caused Big Disasters also revolve around the personality and upbringing of the famous and infamous.
Amber Petty -- Helping Creatives Start Freelance Writing.
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About: Amber Petty is a writing coach/writer who's been seen in the New York Times, Parade, Bustle, Greatist, and Snooki's blog (jealous?). She also teaches Freelance Writing for Creatives, a 10-Week Course to take you from “where do I even start” to “I just got paid to write about podcasts.” Her students have been seen in Huffington Post, McSweeney’s, Vulture, Thrillist, Polygon, Insider, Vox, and a ...

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