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Jared Knott
Atlanta, GA United States
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Scott Lorenz
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Jared Knott
Jared Knott

The history of world events, and our own lives, run on big events which are often the result of small events, sometimes even Tiny Blunders. Making a right turn instead of a left turn; attending a party or not; getting on a plane or not; making an important decision in anger or from logic? Tiny Blunders, Big Disasters: Thirty-Nine Tiny Mistakes That Changed the World Forever!, by Jared Knott, explores thousands of years of history to showcase, and explain in detail, how our world has often been formed by trivial occurrences which turned out to be watershed moments in history.

Now an Amazon Bestselling book in several categories, these Tiny Blunders which caused Big Disasters also revolve around the personality and upbringing of the famous and infamous. This allowed Jared Knott to explore various dynamics such as the intense family rivalry in the Kennedy Clan or the circumstances which gave rise to Presidents Lyndon Baines Johnson and Richard M. Nixon. From ancient to modern times, battles, war campaigns, bureaucratic decision making and the psychological makeup of the main players is explored.

Even for those well versed in history, there are surprises and new information hidden in the rich detail of stories about the American Revolution, World War II, the American Civil War. Lost battle plans, poor ship designs, hubris, groupthink, medical mistakes, evil, madness and sacrifice, this book has it all and more.

Jared Knott wants the reader to learn from history, to know that looking after the small details is vital in order to obtain the desired outcome. Carelessness changes and costs lives, many times sparking a tsunami which engulfs individuals, nations and empires. You will never discount the small details again after reading Tiny Blunders, Big Disasters. Of course Tiny Blunders can lead to wonderful discoveries, such as when Alexander Fleming left some bread out and it molded, thus leading to the discovery of penicillin.