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Barbara Hemphill - Productivity Consultant, Work Life Balance
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About: Improving the quality of employee’s lives is one of the best things a business can do for their employees and their business. Believe it or not, getting rid of physical and digital clutter is one of the more effective actions a business leader can take to categorically increase profits and improve the quality of the lives of their employees. Unquestionably, clutter is bad for business. It not only slows your employees down, it weighs them down. They are less productive than they would like to be, and as a result, less happy than they would like to be. Over time, this emotional baggage not only costs businesses a lot of money, but hurts employees in just about every way, physically, emotionally, and psychologically. They tend to feel tired, overwhelmed and constantly stressed out.
Krista Sheets -- Paragon Resources -- On-Boarding Experts
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About: As a People Assessment and Team Performance Expert, Krista Sheets has been creating ROP = Return on People for clients since 1997. Her approach equips leaders with a set of powerful, objective tools that yield measurable results. Her companies are trusted by Financial Professionals, Government Agencies, and corporations of all sizes. Together they develop team performance strategies to unlock growth potential and fine-tune the intra-team dynamics needed for success. She is an expert on the DISC and Motivators Models and seeks to use validated, premiere personal and professional development assessments.

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