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letter to Muriel Bowser, Mayor
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Georgetown, DC
Thursday, August 25, 2022

letter to Muriel Bowser, Mayor

August 25, 2022

Muriel Bowser, Mayor

District of Columbia

1350 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,

Washington, D.C., DC 20004


Dear Mayor Bowser:

Here's an idea on how to proactively take action to reduce the number of refuges reach Washington, and better empower those who to continue their travels elsewhere.

The idea is based on my personal testing giving resources, not charity, to the homeless during early Covid-19.  Eric was homeless camped in a park near where I live.  On my winter morning walks he and I often spoke.  He needed encouragement to preserve.  I gave him a cell phone and crank battery charger.  He was then able to reach out to his family and was able to end his homelessness.

In reading the news stories about the refuge surge, I find in interesting that many leave the busses before they get here to DC.  …and I've heard the reluctance here in DC of encouraging refugees to descend on DC;

So., I suggest pro-act8ve action to distribute transit kits to the refugees when they board their busses in Texas or Arizona, attached is photo of a simple transit kit that includes three key items.  1)  A hand-crank radio/phone charger so they can charge their phones in transit.  2) A Rand-McNally map of the Eastern US & compas,  3) An Uber gift card; These three empowering tools if given refugees when boarding the busses may have the effect of fewer refugees arriving in DC as they will have more options to get off the bus, before they arrive here in DC.

Although our resources are limited, we plan to directly donate to a charity who cab provide this Transit Kit in Texas. My dentist also donated a backpack of tooth brushes and tooth paste.

While we don't seek permission or to involve your office, but though It best to inform you.  If you would like to reach out us in an informal off-the-record fashion my call or text ,my cell phone is 202-864-9420.




Mitchell P, Davis, CEO,



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