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Young Adult Novel Offers Awareness/Prevention of Sex Trafficking
Pamela Gossiaux --  Award-winning journalist, bestsellng author, Speaker Pamela Gossiaux -- Award-winning journalist, bestsellng author, Speaker
Ann Arbor , MI
Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Ordinary Girl book cover
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https://www.expertclick.com/25b7482d-997c-4a7a-b634-ce2b9b4db956" style="float:left; height:365px; width:251px" />Young Adult Novel Offers Awareness/Prevention of Sex Trafficking


A fist-person account, based on the stories of survivors, helps teens learn the danger signs.


Ann Arbor, MI-- Every year more than 300,000 children are forced into sex trafficking, right here in the United States. Most are between 11-15 years old, most of them girls. The misconception is that they are snatched off the streets, when in reality the majority of them are systematically lured in, and then sold. 


Award-wining journalist Pamela Gossiaux has written a cautionary novel aimed at young adults, the target for these traffickers. "I want to bring awareness to girls, boys and our transgender kids that there are traffickers out looking for victims," says Gossiaux. These traffickers use the same techniques that cultists and terrorists do to slowly lure their victims in and brainwash them. Once in the system, most kids are afraid to leave.


Ordinary Girlis based on the true stories of survivors and social workers. It's a story that teenagers will gravitate to in today's rising tide of realistic teen fiction alongside writers such as Laurie Halse Anderson, John Greene, and Gayle Foreman.


"This book shines a light into the shadowy corners of the real world of sex trafficking. Meticulously researched and well-written, Pamela Gossiaux has crafted a chilling insight into one of our society's most pernicious problems." 

Mike Ball, Executive Director of Lost Voices


Told in the first-person voice of Heather Thomas, this harrowing account is tempered with sweet flashbacks from Heather's childhood—clues to how she became the 17-year-old she is today. Aiming for Harvard and medical school, Heather's years of hard work and studying are shot down with college rejection letters. Topping it off, her single mother is struggling with depression. When Heather meets Cory, a handsome college sophomore who seems interested in her, she drops her "no dating" rule. She has found the perfect guy — or has she? Thrown off by Cory's sweet personality and apparent connections to the world of medicine, Heather finds herself falling for him. What follows is a gritty account of what happens when sex trafficking is no long something you just see on the news.


"A well-crafted and involving story that places the tragic crime of sexual abuse before the reader in a novel that works on every level. The story is fiction but is based on Pamela's investigation of the reports of true survivors of sexual abuse, making this a novel of tremendous impact."

Dr. Grady Harp, Amazon Top 50 Hall of Fame Reviewer


Ordinary Girlisn't just a novel. There are resources at the beck of the book as well as a toll-free help line. Gossiaux plans to travel to schools and libraries around the country to share Heather's story and teach prevention tips.


The International Labor Organization estimates that human trafficking brings in $150 billion annually world-wide, and the number of cases in the United States is growing each year, making it a very profitable business. It's essential we put an end to this.


Ten percent of book sales will go towards two non-profit organizations that help trafficking survivors: Lost Voices and Sparrow Freedom Project. Grab your copy today and help victims restore their lives and get a second chance at life.








Ahttps://www.expertclick.com/d85c4ede-ae99-4cc6-8f7d-e960cd492929" style="float:left; height:175px; width:140px" />bout Pamela Gossiaux:Pamela Gossiaux is an award-winning journalist, writer and speaker. She has volunteered with many causes for teens and has a passion for human trafficking awareness and prevention. She has a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Michigan, and is the author of the bestselling novel Mrs. Chartwell and the Cat Burglar, the Russo Romantic Mystery Series, and the chick-lit novel Good Enough. Visit her website at PamelaGossiaux.comor follow her on Twitter @PamelaGossiaux.




Ordinary Girl, ISBN 978-0-9987669-7-3, 2019 Tri-Cat Publishing, paperback, $14.95, ebook: $6.99 pages, available on Amazon,Barnes and NobleGoodreads,KoboApple iBooksand Google Play.



Media Contact:For a review copy of Ordinary Girlor to arrange an interview with Pamela Gossiaux, contact Scott Lorenz of Westwind Communications Book Marketing at  scottlorenz@westwindcos.comor by phone at 734-667-2090. Follow Lorenz on twitter @abookpublicist




Media Contact: For a review copy of Ordinary Girl or to arrange an interview with Pamela Gossiaux, contact Scott Lorenz of Westwind Communications Book Marketing at scottlorenz@westwindcos.com or by phone at 734-667-2090. Follow Lorenz on twitter @abookpublicist

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