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Why People Hate Church -- Stealth Wealth -- Passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg
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Washington, DC
Sunday, September 20, 2020


Why People Hate Church

-- Stealth Wealth

-- Passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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Minister of 40-Years Tells Why People Hate Church: Many Are Going Elsewhere to Seek Out God

From: Dr. Marnell Wicks Love

Sardis, MS - Church attendance is declining around the country, and many people are bitter towards Christians. Christians, especially evangelicals, have become fodder for comedians and a target for the media. And it's no wonder, says Minister Marnell Wicks Love, PhD. People have had it.

Combining over 40 years of personal experience with a well-researched doctoral paper, Love's eye-opening and honest new book Why People Love God But Hate Church dives into the truths about why church attendance is declining.

Contact: Scott Lorenz

Plymouth, MI

United States

Contact Phone: 734-667-2098



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Stealth Wealth Hiding in Plain Sight

From: Albert Goldson -- Indo-Brazilian Associates LLC

For security purposes, the Great Recession served as an excellent training course, a primer, for the wealthy and how to seamlessly blend in with the "unwashed" without arousing suspicion from the lower socio-economic, potentially resentful, desperate and possibly dangerous citizens if the proverbial excrement hit the fan such as a global economic meltdown. As the socio-economic inequity widens even further during and after Covid-19, the resentment and blowback against the wealthy will reach epic proportions.

Name: Albert Goldson

Title: Executive Director

Dateline: Brooklyn, NY United States

Direct Phone: 917-710-7209



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Reflections on the Passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

From: Dr. Michael Brown

The news came as a shock in the midst of a year of unrelenting shocks, yet another jolt of massive proportions. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had died at the age of 87. That her death took place as Jews around the world had begun to observe (or were about to observe) Rosh HaShanah, the traditional Jewish New Year, was not lost on many Jewish commentators. (Heightening things even more was the fact that Rosh HaShanah this year began on the Sabbath.)

Upon hearing the news of her passing, I tweeted, "The timing of the passing of Justice Ginsburg (immediately before the beginning of the Jewish New Year, the biblical day of the sounding of the shofar) strikes me as an overwhelmingly sobering, significant event. May God's kingdom be advanced & may He comfort the grieving family."

Name: Jerry McGlothlin

Dateline: Charlotte, NC United States

Direct Phone: 919-437-0001



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SPJ and Trans Journalists Association partner on Race and Gender Hotline

From: Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ)

INDIANAPOLIS – The Society of Professional Journalists and the Trans Journalists Association launched a simple way for editors, reporters, photographers and designers to improve their content and coverage — even on deadline.

The Race & Gender Hotline allows any journalist to instantly consult experts on the best ways to tackle sensitive topics ranging from whitewashing to deadnaming. Following on the longtime success of SPJ's Ethics Hotline, the Race & Gender Hotline is free and confidential.

"This hotline and partnership with the Trans Journalists Association is so important in an industry that isn't as diverse as it should be because it connects anyone with a question to experts from the LGBTQ and Black communities in a way that benefits everyone," said Matthew T. Hall, SPJ national president.


Matthew T. Hall, SPJ National President, 619-987-7786, mhall@spj.org

Zoë Berg, SPJ Communications Coordinator, 317-920-4785, zberg@spj.org


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Michael Terpin - The Godfather of Crypto & Blockchain - Keynote Speaker at IRTA's Virtual Convention on Sept. 23rd, 2020!

From: Ron Whitney -- International Reciprocal Trade Association (Barter)

September 14, 2020, Portsmouth, VA – The International Reciprocal Trade Association, (IRTA), is pleased to announce that Michael Terpin will be the keynote speaker at its virtual convention at 12:00pm EST on September 23rd, 2020. Michael is a top-tier crypto/blockchain influencer and known as the "Godfather of Crypto & Blockchain." Michael will cover the development of crypto & blockchain, its current status, and vision for how alternative payment systems can pivot to maximize their opportunities during the Covid-19 era.

IRTA easy-to-use interactive virtual convention website at: https://irta.pathable.co/

The virtual convention is being three days in a row, September 23rd to 25th, 2020, from noon to 4:00pm EST and includes eleven sessions led by the finest speakers that IRTA has ever assembled in its forty-one-year history.

Name: Ron Whitney

Title: President & CEO

Group: International Reciprocal Trade Association

Dateline: Portsmouth, VA United States

Direct Phone: 757-393-2292



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Why Modifying Your Lawn Care Practices Will Do More to Abate Climate Change than Changing Your Car for a Hybrid

From: Dr. Rob Moir -- Ocean River Institute

First, let me make very clear that to reduce the burning of fossil fuels and reduce your carbon footprint are paramount steps for slowing the rise of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Less greenhouse gasses will lessen the ravages of Climate Change. My point is we should also be greatly concerned with a greater greenhouse gas.

The bad news is that carbon in the atmosphere has risen in hockey-stick fashion. At first it was gradual and then at a relatively recent inflection point climbed rapidly to 400 parts per million carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The incontrovertible truth is that 400 parts per million is 0.04% of greenhouse gasses and 95% of greenhouse gasses is water vapor.

The reasons for all eyes on global carbon dioxide levels when concerned about climate change are that is easily measured, makes a most compelling graph, and has a simple elegance that publishers of scientific journals approve of. It's neat and informative, like using the Dow Jones to follow the stock market.

Name: Rob Moir

Title: Director

Group: Ocean River Institute

Dateline: Cambridge, MA United States

Direct Phone: 617-661-6647

Main Phone: 617 661-6647

Cell Phone: 978 621-6657



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This Week: What's Old is New Again – Toy Restoration

From: Richard Gottlieb -- Toy Industry Expert

Many beloved objects of play languish in basements, closets, barns, and storage units after childhood, deteriorating due to years of neglect. Thanks to social media, a community of toy tinkerers, refurbishers, and collectors are sharing the ins and outs of toy restoration on YouTube.

While the channels vary in the types of toys their makers restore, the videos are typically straight-forward, exceptional in their detail, and showcase the skill and craftsmanship behind each restoration project. A typical toy restoration video documents the step-by-step process of deconstructing and reconstructing an item, with varying camera angles to clearly show the techniques.

High-quality production gives the videos in my favourite toy restoration channels a mesmerizing quality. Maybe it's just me, but I find great satisfaction in watching a beat-up, rusty old toy receive a serious scrub-down and buff-up.

I hope you'll enjoy these three videos, one from each of my favourite channels:


Name: Richard Gottlieb

Title: CEO

Group: Richard Gottlieb and Associates, LLC

Dateline: New York, NY United States

Cell Phone: 646-675-3019


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Pregnancy & Exercise

From: Karina Krepp -- Treal Training

What a wonderful time in your life! You're pregnant! First time pregnancy or third, we can all agree each pregnancy is different. Our external stresses change and our internal anxieties realign depending on a thousand factors. Did we plan this? Can we expect support at work? Are our partners on board? No matter the logistics ahead, the physiological truth remains: there are now two of us (or more!) to keep healthy.

The first lesson in motherhood: it is no longer only about you. Now more than ever: we must keep health our priority. Someone else is counting on us. It is time to surrender our excuses. If not for our offspring, then when? Let's align with our body with the purpose of growing a beautiful baby.

As a wellness instructor, I am often blessed as a first to know. What a joy to hear that truth whispered in my ear. Now everything shifts for the next year. We have two goals: getting you fit to give birth and strong to be a mom.

Name: Karina Krepp

Group: Treal Training

Dateline: New York, NY United States

Direct Phone: 917-445-1378



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Meet Gallery Books Press

From: Sharrye Schlerf --- Gallery Books Press

Introducing Gallery Books Press, brain child of Sharon Schlerf ( pen name Sharrye Schlerf ) author, chaplain and entrepreneur.

Always a writer from collegiate days through business endeavors that led to becoming a chaplain and launch of her "Journeys Beyond the Darkness" book series including the popular Blow the Trumpets, Loudly! in 1995. Published and sold nationwide (now continuing in e-book & print on demand). With substantial radio, television interviews, and commercial promotions, experienced in promotional media, Sharrye Schlerf hosted her own Maryland local radio & television cable broadcasts teaching spiritual principles, based on continuing her studies and achieving a B.A. Biblical Studies & Counseling degree from Trinity Seminary.

The book series, based on true stories, written as spiritual fantasy thrillers, its subject matter & popularity caught national and international recognition, naming the chaplain as an expert in cult topics, adolescent violence, and school violence that included various media appearances on radio and network TV.

Name: Sharrye Schlerf

Title: Publisher

Group: Gallery Books Press

Dateline: Williamsburg, VA United States

Direct Phone: 804-384-9325



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How to Get Booked As A Public Speaker on More VIRTUAL Summits

From: Jackie Lapin -- Conscious Media Relations

Are you tired of seeing everyone else you know get showcased on virtual summits that are driving their client surge? And you keep wondering why you're not getting those same lucrative opportunities.

It's because you've not learned the tricks of getting hosts to seek you out because you're such a hot ticket, they have to have you on their lineup!

Summits are a great way to build your email list, introduce people to you and your body of knowledge, launch a book and engage new potential affiliate partners. Virtual summits are a critical part of a leader's marketing today, especially since so much is now online! But to get invited consistently you need to prove your credentials as a great virtual summit guest presenter.

Name: Jackie Lapin

Title: Founder

Group: Conscious Media Relations & SpeakerTunity.com

Dateline: Westlake Village, CA United States

Direct Phone: 818-707-1473



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Healthcare Issues Discussed by Dr. Alejandro Badia, Author of Healthcare from the Trenches, on WJR-AM Radio, Detroit

From: Dr. Alejandro Badia, Orthopedic Surgeon, Author & Healthcare Reform Advocate

Miami, Florida – Dr. Alejandro Badia, orthopedic surgeon and author of Healthcare from the Trenches, has been on a quest to alert the public, politicians and bureaucrats about the need for serious healthcare reform. His book, which has contributions from 27 healthcare industry participants and experts, cites a number of major problems in the healthcare delivery process. During a recent interview on WJR-AM Radio, Detroit, Dr. Badia explained in detail to host Vanessa Denha the nature of changes required to deliver quality healthcare services in a timely manner.

Denha, a small business owner, was well versed in many of the bureaucratic tangles clogging up the system and how businesses of all sizes are reacting to the changes. Dr. Badia, based in Miami, related that his practice is unique because he has many international clients, from South America and the Caribbean, who fly in and pay cash for surgical procedures. This gives him a buffer as U.S. insurance and government reimbursement rates for highly complex orthopedic procedures, such as

knee or shoulder replacement, have been slashed dramatically. Such developments have forced many fine doctors to retire or stop accepting certain insurance plans.

Name: Scott Lorenz

Group: Westwind Communications

Dateline: Plymouth, MI United States

Direct Phone: 734-667-2098



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