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What is Racism? Greyhound Shooting – Iran & Human Trafficking?
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Washington, DC
Sunday, July 19, 2020


What is Racism?

Greyhound Shooting

– Iran & Human Trafficking?

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What is Racism?

From: Dr. Maynard Brusman - Emotional Intelligence & Mindful Leadership Dr. Maynard Brusman - Emotional Intelligence & Mindful Leadership

Underlying Beliefs and Myths of Racism

Racism is built on a foundation of underlying beliefs, assumptions, and myths, many of which are unrecognized, let alone understood. (And I don't have to understand it for it to be valid.)

Racism Myths

• Nice people cannot also act in racist ways.

• Racism can only be conscious and intentional; unaware good intentions cancels it out.

White people who experience oppression/have suffered cannot act in racist ways.

• My race has no bearing on my perspective on the matter.

• I have proximity to people of color (POC), therefore I am free of racism.

• I have no proximity to POC, therefore I am racially innocent.

My learning is finished/I know all I need to know.

The Real Truth

• The racial status quo is maintained by white comfort; change will be uncomfortable.

• Comfort is not the same as safety; white people are safe in discussions about racism.

• Feedback on white racism is difficult to give; feedback from POC is a gift and indicates trust.

• Feelings of guilt are normal, and the antidote is action.

• It takes courage to break with white solidarity; support those that do.

• Interrupting racism is more important than a leader's feelings, ego, or self-image. Humility is key. Expect to grapple as you grow.

When a leader is willing to listen, reflect, and learn, change is possible.

Name: Dr. Maynard Brusman

Title: Consulting Psychologist and Executive Coach

Group: Working Resources

Dateline: San Francisco, CA United States

Direct Phone: 415-546-1252



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Baum Hedlund Announces Bus Passengers File Lawsuit Against Greyhound Over Fatal Shooting

From: Baum, Hedlund, Aristei & Goldman, PC Baum, Hedlund, Aristei & Goldman, PC

Plaintiffs Recount Horror of Greyhound Bus Shooting

The events described below are plaintiffs' allegations only; there has been not yet been a determination of liability in this matter:

• Just before midnight on Feb. 2, 2020, 42 passengers boarded a Greyhound bus at Union Station in Los Angeles for a trip with scheduled stops in Avenal and Oakland before reaching the final destination of San Francisco. The only Greyhound official on this trip to detect, prevent, protect, and act upon reasonably foreseeable dangers and threats to the passengers before they boarded and while they were on the bus was the driver.

• Among the passengers to board the bus was the assailant who, according to the plaintiffs, "exhibited behavior indicative that he was either mentally unstable and/or under the influence of intoxicants" Despite the aberrant behavior, the assailant boarded the bus in possession of a loaded firearm. He was not questioned before he boarded the bus or after its departure, he was not assessed for possible intoxication or violent mental illness, and his person or his luggage were not checked for weapons. There was no adequate security check of passengers prior to boarding the bus.

• At around 1:30 a.m. on Feb. 3, while traveling through Kern County, the assailant, whose aggressive behavior had continued to escalate unabated, stood up in a pitch-black bus and shouted a series of expletives before he pulled out a handgun from inside his jacket and began firing wildly. Numerous shots rang out within the bus (perhaps as many as 9 or 10), and yet the bus driver continued to drive.

• Passengers were screaming, fearing for their lives, diving for the floor. The flashes of gunfire could be seen throughout the bus. A woman seated next to Ms. Foy was hit in the chest by one or more of the assailant's bullets. Ms. Foy grabbed the woman close to her in an effort to protect her and render aid.

• Toward the back of the bus where the assailant was shooting, Mr. Grabban and Ms. Crist ducked behind the seat in front of them, holding each other for solace and protection. Both saw that individuals to the right of them and in front of them had been struck by more of the assailant's bullets. They were convinced they were next. Elsewhere on the bus, Mr. Lopez was sitting with his friend and compatriot from Colombia, Lurbis Elena Vence. Both ducked for cover, but not soon enough. Ms. Vence was hit by one or more of the assailant's bullets. Mr. Lopez could only hold his friend in his arms and attempt to comfort her. His friend and traveling companion died in his arms.

• Even after the assailant fired several rounds at passengers, the Greyhound driver appeared to remain totally unaware of, and was certainly unresponsive to, what was occurring. He continued driving the bus as if nothing had happened, eventually pulling over onto the Interstate shoulder because he allegedly believed the gunshot sounds had come from the bus's engine.

• According to the plaintiffs, other passengers managed to disarm and eject the assailant from the bus, and it was only after the traumatized passengers screamed at the driver to drive away that he finally appeared to realize the situation and acted to transport the passengers away from the danger presented by the now-ejected assailant.

Lawsuit Alleges Greyhound Has Failed to Address the Risk of Violent Assaults Despite Decades of Incidents

Assaults on Greyhound buses in transit happen virtually every month on routes across North America, placing Greyhound's passengers, as well as the motorists utilizing the highways of this nation, at substantial risk of serious harm. Over the last two decades, Greyhound has appeared as a defendant and paid millions of dollars in settlements and judgments in numerous lawsuits stemming from criminal violence that has repeatedly occurred on its buses.

According to the complaint, the Greyhound shooting that preceded the lawsuit filed today is another tragic incident that could have been prevented if Greyhound had implemented well-known and accepted methods to provide their passengers with the safety and security from criminal attack to which they are entitled.

Name: Robin McCall

Title: Media Relations Director

Group: Baum, Hedlund, Aristei & Goldman

Dateline: Los Angeles, CA United States

Direct Phone: 310-207-3233



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Think You Know Iran?

Does Shari'a Encourage Human Trafficking?

An Article under Warning…, Warning…the cry of Iranians to the free world says, "… Some unknown people possibly working for the government, cunningly mix in the crowd targeting young teenage girls and under the pretext of First Aids help forcefully inject them with some unmarked drug, and are then taken to an unspecified place and their fate becomes unknown….

Name: George H. Hassanzadeh

818) 321-9100



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Food Choices  --  Living With, Living Without

From: Cindy Klement -- Your Body's Environmental Chemical Burden Cindy Klement -- Your Body's Environmental Chemical Burden

Living Without Meat.

Living Without Cheese and Ice Cream.

Living Without Allergens.

Living Without Food (Fasting).

Living with Plant Milk.

Living with Coffee Beans.

Living with Fermented Grapes.

Name: Scott Lorenz

Title: Book Publicist

Group: Westwind Book Marketing

Dateline: Plymouth, MI United States

Main Phone: 734-667-2090

Cell Phone: 248-705-2214



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2020 Gun Rights Policy Conference Is Online Event Due to Covid-19

Alan Gottlieb -- Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

BELLEVUE, WA – For the first time in its 35-year-history, the annual Gun Rights Policy Conference hosted by the Second Amendment Foundation and Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms will be a virtual online event, due to the current COVID-19 situation.

"We will definitely miss the face-to-face personal contact with so many friends and activists" SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb acknowledged, "By switching to an online virtual event for the 2020 conference, we will reach a far broader audience. Between the actual event, and future visits, we hope to reach at least 300,000 gun owners and rights activists, which will be important in this critical election year.

"Having to go virtual for this year's event may be a blessing in disguise," he stated.

Since the first GRPC was held in Seattle in 1986, the event has evolved from 20 speakers and 70 attendees to more than 90 speakers and 1,100 attendees in 2019. The GRPC has become a "must attend" event for gun rights advocates and grassroots activists across the country. This year we anticipate having nearly 100 gun rights speakers.

"This year's theme remains the same," Gottlieb said. "We're calling this year's event 'Elect Freedom,' and we will provide updates on confirmed speakers and the multi-media platforms where activists can join us Sept. 19 and 20.

Name: Jerry McGlothlin

Group: Special Guests

Dateline: Hickory, NC United States

Direct Phone: 919-437-0001



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How to Recover Your Authentic Nature Even in Chaotic Times

From: Roxanne Howe-Murphy, EdD Roxanne Howe-Murphy, EdD

Living in the midst of a pandemic has seared through our individual, collective and global psyches. Exacerbated by the interruption of routines and expectations, health risks, economic pain, and minimal in-person contact, solid ground seems to disappear. Beneath the face we put forward, the feeling of being unmoored and anxious rattles our inner life when we reach the edge of how we have ordinarily lived. Yet, inner uneasiness precedes COVID-19. The chaos makes it very clear that how life actually works has never been a certainty anywhere but in our concepts.

Providing a unique perspective on the nature of the personality and its relationship to one's true nature, author Roxanne Howe-Murphy, EdD, introduces the "ego code" Core to the human condition, the ego code carries an invisible inner logic around which the personality is organized. Because it is a primary factor in shaping one's life experience, when this hidden logic is left unexamined and uninterrupted, personal struggles mount, and an integrated sense of self is diminished. The challenges that are part of living become even more exaggerated.

Howe-Murphy calls the Enneagram "a map of love," explaining that "It speaks to the shared human experience with truth that is seldom spoken. It lets us know that we are not alone. It illuminates the places where we hurt and the exalted qualities where we shine" The author helps readers cultivate their innate capacities for living deeply as real human beings, enjoying an intimate and transformed relationship with oneself.

Roxanne Howe-Murphy, EdD roxanne@deepcoaching.com



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