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What Causes Money Drama?
Vicki Rackner MD ---  Selling to Doctors Vicki Rackner MD --- Selling to Doctors
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Dateline: Minneapolis , MN
Wednesday, January 15, 2020

I’ve listened to the money stories of hundreds of doctors, and some conversations stand out.  
One doctor Beth said, “My relationship with money just isn’t working for me. My money brings me little joy, but lots of conflicts, anguish and uncertainty.  If money were a person, I’d divorce him.  But we’re stuck together. For life.”
Many doctors echo a recurrent theme: money is not working for them. 
You help your clients literally make their money work for them.  You put their hard-earned dollars to work making money. Your results are objectively measured in dollars and cents. You help doctors manage their OUTER WORLDS.
That’s not what doctors mean when they say money is not working for them. Instead, they are referring to the drama surrounding their relationships with money.  It's about what's happening in their INNER WORLDS.
Here are three ways MONEY DRAMA gets played out:
  • Inner Conflicts.  Money is often associated with anxiety, embarrassment, guilt and shame. 
  • Conflicts with Others  Money often becomes the source of conflict within marriages and families. 
  • Mysterious Forces that Drive Unwanted Money-related Behaviors This might include over-spending, jumping into Dumb Doctors Deals (DDD’s)  or never truly enjoying the things their money can buy because it’s so painful to part with money.
Many doctors believe that their money drama would go away if they just had more money. You know how wrong that is!

While it's true that MONEY DRAMA can get in the way of building wealth, more money usually leads to more drama.

Doctors want to end the money drama. 
Here are two questions you can ask prospects and clients to help you take the first step of ending money drama:
What are three ways your money-management style is working for you? You might hear, “I do a good job of saving.” Or, “I’m generous with others.” Or, “I now know my monthly expenses.”  
What are three ways that your money-management style is NOT working for you?  You might hear, “I have ongoing fights about money.” Or, “Money just slips through my fingers.” Or ,“I get so anxious about money that I just ignore it.” 
Up next: I’m excited to reveal the 9 Money Ingredients that contribute to MONEY DRAMA--and how tweaking them can be part of the solution.

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