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[Weekend Reading]  Introducing Milana, Wilfred, and Anumani
Christine Kloser - The Transformational Author Coach Christine Kloser - The Transformational Author Coach
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Dateline: York , PA
Wednesday, June 26, 2019


I’m so excited to bring you this June edition of my “Weekend Reading” series.

These authors – Milana, Wilfred, and Anumani – are amazing people I’ve coached and mentored… or have published through my publishing company, Capucia LLC.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover inside their books…

  • Escape Burnout, Find Flow, and Discover the Shortest Path to Profit
  • What’s It Like to Find Your True Calling… Only to Face Many Trials and Tribulations Before It Is Realized?
  • A guide to connect with the vastness of consciousness beyond the human mind, your natural gifts, and your deepest passions.

Learn more about these great books below and be sure to order a copy of the books that spark your interest!

Happy reading…

Simplicity Entrepreneurship
By Milana Leshinsky

If growing your business leaves you feeling overwhelmed or frustrated, or if you feel like you’re working too hard and not getting the results you want, this book is for you.

Grab your copy here.

One Man’s Journey
By Wilfred Holder

In this engaging and heartfelt autobiography, Wilfred Holder carries readers on an insightful journey detailing key moments of a truly fulfilled life. Though Wilfred hails from the small village of Bartica, Guyana, the land of gold, he was not fortunate enough to be born with a golden spoon in his mouth. 

Grab your copy here.

Unmasking Your Soul
By Eileen “Anumani” Santos

In 2003 Eileen Anümani Santos had a powerful and mystical dream in which God told her “I have a mission for you. One that you won’t understand right now, but be patient, for in time all will be revealed to you.” Now she in turn is revealing to you her process for embracing your divine purpose. Through poetry, art, divine teachings, guided meditations, journaling, and rituals, with Anümani’s guidance your soul will speak to you on this transformational journey of truth, light, healing, and spirituality.  

Grab your copy here.


At one point these authors’ books were only a dream.  A distant yearning that someday they would become a published author.   And they did it!!   I’m so proud of them…

I’m sure they’d appreciate reading your “props and kudos” so give them a shout out in the comments!

I’d love to hear your thoughts too… do you have a book inside you?

And of course, if you need help writing and publishing your transformational book, here are a few ways I can help…

Get my FREE Book “The Transformation Quadrant”
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Okay… comment below and show Milana, Wilfred, and Anumani some love!

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