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We Need Change Leadership Now
David Morey -- Dedicated to Helping Companies Win David Morey -- Dedicated to Helping Companies Win
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Dateline: Washington , DC
Saturday, February 15, 2020


15 Feb We Need Change Leadership Now

A recent article in the February 8, 2020 Economist tells the story:

What it takes to be a CEO in the 2020s
The rules of management are being ripped up. Bosses need to adapt

To be sure, the rules for leadership have changed:

  • 80% of CEOs now come from within a company and over half are engineers or MBAs. But, from this “inside” or traditional perspective, the challenge is to learn Change Leadership to get ahead of today’s very new challenges facing these very new bosses.
  • Today, according to the article, 32% of firms in the S&P 500 invest more in intangible assets than physical ones, and 61% of market value rests in things like R&D, customers linked by network effects, brands and data.
  • Some companies and leaders are ahead of this game. Amazon, for example, monitors 500 measurable goals—but most CEOs are still stuck clearing their email inboxes at midnight.

We believe the only way to lead on these issues is to lead change. For more information, go to www.playoffense.com.

And keep playing offense!

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