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VirtualCourthouse.com partners with IOCOM
Judge Monty Ahalt (Ret) VirtualCourthouse Online Mediation Expert Judge Monty Ahalt (Ret) VirtualCourthouse Online Mediation Expert
Annapolis, MD
Thursday, June 7, 2012

VirtualCourthouse.com partners with IOCOM

Annapolis, MD, June -- 2012: VirtualCourthouse.com has partnered with IOCOM, a leading provider of video conferencing and collaboration software.

VirtualCourthouse will use Visimeet, IOCOM's video conferencing solution, to assist in its delivery of online dispute resolution services. The disputing parties, their counsel, as well as the presiding neutral(s) (often a retired judge) will be able to conduct mediations and share documents online, without having to spend resources on travel time and travel costs.

"VirtualCourthouse has been helping parties resolve disputes online since 2001", claimed retired Judge Monty Ahalt, founder of VirtualCourthouse. "With the addition of Visimeet more people will be able to participate in mediations, resulting in quicker and less costly resolutions."

By using VirtualCourthouse with Visimeet, all parties to the mediation will be able to conduct pre-mediation learning sessions, video mediation and confidential break-out sessions, and conduct video follow-up sessions. Parties who do not have access to the Internet or video technology can participate in the meetings using telephone conference call connections.

"Whether a defendant is attending an arrangement remotely or mediations are being help via video conference, more and more legal institutions are using Visimeet to streamline processes and speed up court business," said Tim Hackett, CEO of IOCOM. "We're excited to provide VCH with the tools to continue to be an innovator in the space."

Users can create their own VirtualCourthouse-Visimeet account by signing up at http://try.iocom.com/vch


Founded in 1998, IOCOM develops, markets, and supports enterprise video conferencing and collaboration software and solutions that enable multi-point communication for business processes. IOCOM delivers innovative solutions that enable multiple groups or individuals to instantly collaborate anytime and anywhere over their chosen medium. IOCOM is the first collaboration software company to integrate high performance multiple data and video windows with high performance audio.

About VirtualCourthouse.com

VirtualCourthouse.com is an Internet-based service that enables parties to submit disputed claims, responses and supporting material in digital form for resolution by a neutral provider of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services. These ADR services can include arbitration, mediation, neutral case evaluation or a settlement conference by members of a growing panel of over 300 mediators and arbitrators.

Contact Judge Monty Ahalt (Ret.) under 301-458-047 or amahalt@virtualcourthouse.com
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