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VirtualCourthouse releases Version 3.0
Judge Monty Ahalt (Ret) VirtualCourthouse Online Mediation Expert Judge Monty Ahalt (Ret) VirtualCourthouse Online Mediation Expert
Annapolis, MD
Thursday, June 14, 2012

VirtualCourthouse releases Version 3.0

Building on 10 years of experience in resolving over 1000 cases, VirtualCourthouse is pleased to announce the release of Version 3.0.

Introducing the culture of continuous improvement, Version, 3.0 goes beyond online dispute resolution by providing the dispute resolution community with a strategy to transition from the paper face-to-face world to the Internet-Cloud world.

Four critical territories are covered:

1. Mediator/Arbitrator marketing

2. Mediator/Arbitrator case management

3. Electronic case filing

4. Video conferencing and secure messaging

For the first time mediators and arbitrators are empowered to market their services, manage cases and conduct conferences entirely online.

Most mediators and arbitrators understand the importance of adopting Internet Technologies, but until Version 3.0 there has been little support to help with the transition from the paper to the digital world. A neutral who uses Version 3.0 will be able to continue most activities in the paper world until this transition is complete. This way, neutrals can immediately capitalize on the Internet's time and cost cutting advantages.

Founded in 2001 by Retired Judge Monty Ahalt, VirtualCourthouse is designed and built on both 21st Century technology and the traditional concepts of justice and fairness. This combination has been recognized by the American Bar Association's Louis Brown Award (2009) as well as by Fox and ABC News.

A. Neutrals are empowered to market their services through three packages:

1. Standard - This level enables neutrals to take the first marketing step by uploading an image and expanded resume

          a. Image

          b. Expanded Resume

     Price - $10/year

2. Premium - This level enables a neutral to integrate fully with powerful Internet search dynamics including the neutral's website, Facebook page, LinkedIn Page and Blog. In addition neutrals can access IOCOM's video mediation technology as well as tools that ensure confidential and secure asynchronous messaging.

          a. Standard Level Features

          b. Social Media Links

          c. Blog Link

          d. Website Link

          e. Professional Association Link

          f. Videoconferencing Tools

          g. Confidential and Secure Messaging

          h. Asynchronous Messaging

     Price - $5/month or $60/year

3. Ultimate - This level allows the neutral to establish multiple counties, cities, states and ZIP codes in the VirtualCourthouse Search Database. The neutral's name is shown at the top of search results. Additionally, the neutral can access case management tools, electronic case filing tools and billing templates. The neutral is also able to convert offline cases to online cases by enabling parties to electronically file their own submissions and supporting documents.

          a. Premium Level Features

          b. Top Search Placement

          c. Register Several Addresses

          d. Case Management Tools

          e. Electronic Case Filing Tools

          f. Offline Case Conversion Tools

          g. Billing Templates

     Price - $25/month or $300/year

B. Neutrals are empowered to file cases and use video conferencing as well as secure messaging functions:

New Case Filing Features include:

1. Offline case management

2. Online case management conversion

3. Opportunity to add multiple parties and representatives

4. +3 Mediator/Arbitrator panels

5. Mediator billing integration

New Video Conferencing & Secure Messaging features include:

1. Conduct private and secure messaging with the parties and representatives

2. Schedule premeditation conferencing

3. Conduct multi-party video conferences

4. Conduct private party caucuses

A picture is worth a thousand words:

Personal Injury Mock Mediation

Auburn Complex Mock Mediation

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Dateline: Annapolis, MD United States
Direct Phone: 410-881-0137
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