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Video Campaign on Elderly, Mentally Ill and Addicted Prisoners
Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D., J.D. -- Author of Fifty Books Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D., J.D. -- Author of Fifty Books
Lafayette , CA
Thursday, September 13, 2018

Elderly Woman Prisoner


            One reason that prisons cost so much to run is that they have certain prison populations that would be better served in much less costly and more suitable treatment facilities -- most notably elderly prisoners, and prisoners who have substance abuse problems, learning disabilities, or are mentally ill. 

            This is a topic that author Paul Brakke deals with in a recently released video series and social media campaign based on his book The Costly U.S. Prison System.  As he explains his book and in social media and video post, thousands of prisoners are elderly with costly health problems or are mentally ill. Many thousands more have substance abuse problems or learning disabilities. These prisoners who are over 50 or are mentally ill and addicted drive up healthcare costs. Thus, if these prisoners have committed lesser crimes, they might be given an early parole, especially if they have a family they can stay with, or those who are mentally ill, have learning disabilities or are suffering from drug abuse might be placed in professionally staffed treatment centers.

           These suggestions could be another way to reduce prison costs -- all part of Brakke's campaign to "Cut costs with better policies," a theme in his social media posts and accompanying videos, which are also on YouTube.  His book The Costly U.S. Prison Systems describes the extent of this problem, the costs, and his suggested remedies at great length, based on extensive research, including stats from the Department of Justice.

          The four videos dealing with elderly prisoners, or those with mental illness, addictions, or learning disabilities can be found at these links in American Leadership Book's YouTube Channel:

Dealing with Prisoners Over 50


Elderly Prisoners with Health Problems


Dealing with Mentally Ill and Addicted Prisoners


Prisoners with Addictions or Learning Disabilities


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