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Video Campaign on Book Chapters on Cops, Prisons, Divisions in America from Criminal Justice Expert
Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D., J.D. -- Author of Fifty Books Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D., J.D. -- Author of Fifty Books
Lafayette , CA
Sunday, January 06, 2019

Police Officer Speaking at a Community Meeting


            Given the power of video, criminal justice expert Paul Brakke has used a video campaign based on chapters in his latest book, Crime in America, published by American Leadership BooksThe videos recommend new ways to improve relationships with the police; reduce costs, incarceration rates, and crime with better prison policies and more community treatment programs; and heal the many divisions in American society.  The videos also provide an entry to the more in-depth chapters designed to help citizens better understand what to do, so they can help to influence legislators through local groups and their votes.  

             Brakke has recently combined the insights from these videos into a 6-month social media campaign which is featured in a new book called Crime in America in a Nutshell: Highlights from Crime in America as Seen in the Social MediaCrime in America will soon be an audiobook, too. The video campaign, social media postings, and book are all designed to bring the message of criminal justice reform from a conservative perspective to a broad audience. 

              As part of this campaign, Brakke is reaching out to legislators and governors to consult with them on the best approaches to criminal justice reform in their jurisdiction.  As Brakke emphasizes: "We need to make changes based on current data about what works and doesn't.  We should learn from other countries, too -- especially about the more effective prison policies in countries like Germany, Sweden, and Norway, which emphasize rehabilitation, shorter sentences, and getting ex-cons who have committed less serious crimes back into the community, so they can unite with their families and become more productive citizens."

              Brakke emphasizes the need to more understanding of the difficulties police face, such as in his videos on the effects of protests against the police in black communities, the need to stop the media from sensationalizing stories that are fueling racial anger, and benefits of providing more police training on community awareness.  Other chapters in the book discuss dealing the opioid crisis and illegal immigration, and finding ways to create safer communities with less conflict between different groups in society based on race, ethnicity, income, and other differences.

             As Brakke points out "We have to find ways we can better work together, and this can help in fixing injustices throughout the criminal justice system from the police and courts to the prisons."  That's why Brakke is using his book to reach out to Federal and state government officials, politicians, and the media to join together to make some of his recommended changes. 

              Brakke also brings to the table a unique conservative approach to crime and criminal justice, since usually liberals discuss ways to reform the system through more of a social welfare approach.  But Brakke uses an approach that is more based on an economic business model of doing what works most efficiently to both cut down costs and create more productive citizens.

              To learn more, you can get a copy of Crime in America, which is now available through Amazon, Kindle, and major bookstores.  Also, free copies are available for government officials who are seeking ways to reduce crime and fix the criminal justice system and for members of the media at www.crimeinamericathebook.com.

             Copies of over 30 videos in the series are available on the American Leadership Books YouTube channel at https://studio.youtube.com/channel/UCfHgXXiW3jgODnaypgcYZFw/videos/upload

            For media copies of the book, more information on American Leadership Books and Paul Brakke, and to set up interviews, please contact:

Jana Collins

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(818) 762-8353

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