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Empire Climate 32 Chapters
Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Empire and Climate Expert Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Empire and Climate Expert
Madison , WI
Wednesday, May 29, 2019



Here is the first draft of my 32 Chapter book table of contents with brief descriptions for each chapter followed by brief titles of the 216 press releases with their dates of release relevant to each chapter, listing in reverse chronological order. 

The working book title is "Weather Wealth and Wars," subtitled "Empire and Climate Economics."

1. Introduction to Empire Theory

Why Is USA an Empire? 11/5/2017

12 Stages of Empire 9/29/2014

Military Terror Policing 8/17/2014

Peace Economics Matters 7/4/2014

Empire Concept 2/18/2014

2. Social Decay of Empire.  Empire societies are stagnant.  As the frustration increases, win/lose "sideways" behaviors are rewarded.  Crime increases, with drugs and gambling sought out to paper over the pain.  Feudalism is the result, with the rise of militarism, the church, lords and serfs, at the expense of science and achievement.

Misogyny and Empire 9/10/2018

Militarism Distorts USA 8/14/2018

Income Inequality 4/29/2018

Military Economic Corollary 3/11/2017

Modern Empire 8/6/2016

Violent Society 7/23/2016

Football Baseball War 5/28/2016

Peace Culture Economics 3/27/2015

Control Freak Society 3/14/2015

12 Days of Empire 11/29/2014

10 Empire Warps 10/12/2014

10 Football Warlike 10/5/2014

Work and Empire 7/26/2014

Football and Empire 12/15/2013

Health and Crime 12/13/2013

Crime and Empire 12/5/2013

3. Empire Trap.  Empires go through several stages, rising due to natural defenses like oceans and a citizen military.  Challenging the old empire in an epic battle gives one a taste of militarism.  Power and control prove seductive enough to develop a permanent military that drags the whole system down over time.

Need to Know About Empire 1/8/2019

Born in The USA 12/14/2018

Demagoguery US 11/2/2018

Pride Comes Before Empire Fall 3/11/2018

CNN Top 5 All Empire 1/2/2016

Solstice Shopping 12/27/2014

4. Historical Cases.  American myths about World War II and the Great Depression allowed the myth of military Keynesianism to grow despite many examples of disastrous war spending in other nations.

How Empire Emerged 1/28/2018

Empire Explains 9/17/2016

War Decisions 9/9/2016

Deep Politics Iraq 6/4/2016

History 100 Years US 4/9/2016

CIA Presidents 1/23/2016

Modern Feudalism 2/21/2015

Religion Empire 1/3/2015

Hoover Great Depression 6/14/2014

Roosevelt 5/16/2014

Truman War 4/20/2014

Ukraine Crimea 3/4/2014

5. International Military Economy.   The resources used in the military budget are just like those of good producing industries like manufacturing.  But there is no useful consumer product coming from the military.  So military spending depletes key capital and scientific talent normally devoted to growth industries.

Technology Loser 12/21/2018

Military Economy Direct 3/6/2017

Nature of Military Spending 7/2/2016

Key Public Peace Economics 3/5/2016

War Occupy Economics 5/8/2015

Trade and the Military  1/17/2014

6. Regional Impact of Military Spending.  All regions pay the military taxes, but only certain regions benefit from the spending, while other regions suffer recession from the tax drain.  When the military is cut, the winners and losers switch places.  The low military regions boom and the high military regions suffer.

Military in Society 12/28/2018

Military Geography 8/7/2017

Senate Power Republicans 7/31/2017

Rigged Electoral College 11/26/2016

Regional Military Economy 2/1/2015

Elections Plus 11/13/2014

MilitaryStates 4/26/2014

Key Midwest 1/21/2014

7. Military Spending Politics.  Study of military buildups and builddowns shows that the power positions in congress share the military budget with the president's home state.  All presidents elected during the Cold War came from high military spending states, thanks to fundraising and foreign focus advantages in those states.

Dictatorship Playbook 5/9/2019

You Think Its Okay 3/30/2019

Milwaukee Socials 3/26/2019

Power Corrupts 8/26/2018

Trump Russia Fire Fury 1/14/2018

Russia Hack Election 12/12/2016

Total War Politics 12/8/2016

Hillary Critics 2/27/2016

Walker Work Dignity 2/28/2015

Military Money Power 8/10/2014

8. Military Kondratiev Model.  The model is based on military spending driving the economy down and deficits lifting the economy up.  With those adjustments, the US, German, and world economy all follow a Kondratiev sine wave of 54 years, perfecting the fit every Juglar investment cycle of about nine years.

Process Peace Economics 3/26/2016

Technical Peace Economics 3/12/2016

Create Economic Model 2/14/2015

9. Defense Strategy.  Timing is everything.  With major wars coming every fifty years or so, eroding the economy with too high military spending too soon and for too long will leave the nation weak for the next major war.

Reduce War System 4/2/2018

Peace Security Economy 1/1/2018

Military Defense 12/5/2015

Peace Hard Sell 11/7/2015

Leadership Ethics 9/18/2015

Fear of the Unknown 4/12/2015

Worthless War 1/23/2015

Paris Terror 1/8/2015

Wargames 4/5/2014

10. Power Elite. Many corporate directors sit on both a major bank board and a major military contractor board.  This helps explain the unholy alliance between business and the military.  The press has similar overlap with the intelligence agencies.

Idle Money Devil's Workshop 1/29/2019

How Right Wing Controls USA 7/8/2018

Plot to Destroy America 7/3/2018

Conspiracy Theory 6/14/2018

Media Influence CIA 5/28/2018

CIA Live History 4/16/2016

National Security State 11/22/2015

11. Stock Market.  Almost two months after the Republicans took over congress in 1994 you could have bought a cross section of major military stocks and still received an average gain of 70% eighteen months later.

Disruption of 8 Industries 5/22/2019

High Interest 11/11/2016

Class Warfare 10/18/2016

Trade Wars 6/18/2016

Banking and the Military 1/2/2014

12. Future.  The future is fairly predictable.  High military nations will lose share of the world economy and low military nations will gain share of the world economy.  The major nations experiences both during and after the Cold War are readily explained by their military spending levels.

Future President 4/23/2016

Useful Peace Economics 1/16/2016

Animal Peace Economics 12/28/2015

Economic Conversion 7/3/2015

Turkeys of the Arboretum 5/31/2015

Education Peace Economics 4/19/2015

World Governance 2/7/2015

13. Summary Broad.  The expertise used and paradigm shifts required to understand this interdisciplinary approach to understanding America in the world today.  A brief review of the major understandings employed in this approach.

Architecture Peace Economics 4/30/2019

Valuable Peace Economics 10/1/2018

Good Concepts Update 5/13/2018

Middle Year Empire Update 7/16/2017

Reuschlein World 6/13/2015

Capitalism or Empire 11/23/2014

Real Peace Economics or Not 6/7/2014

14. Summary Possibilities.  This section reviews how different interest groups ought to view and use this research with their constituencies.  Also takes a look at how warming cooling and cycle theory affect the climate issues of today.

Spectrum Peace Economy 9/21/2018

Great Reads Make 5/6/2018

Constitutional Military Cost 3/4/2018

Terror Cost to Society 2/25/2018

Changing World Views 10/8/2017

Hottest Downloads 4/14/2017

Communicate Peace Economics 2/20/2016

Invade Next 2/13/2016

Empire Research Lost 1/25/2015

Record Month Peace Economics 1/14/2014

New Class Curriculum 1/7/2014

Misguided Liberals and Conservatives 1/5/2014

15. Military Economics Summary

Findings Claims 11/16/2017

Wargamer to Peace 7/2/2017

Wargaming Gygax 3/31/2017

Peace Politics 1/9/2016

Peace Economics the Only Way 10/10/2015

Military Dis-Economics 11/3/2014

10 Military Domestic Effects 9/15/2014

Proof of Peace Economics 7/12/2014

Next Generation Economics 12/30/2013

16. Introduction to Climate Theory

Cycle Matters 8/3/2014

Cycle Crucial 2/24/2014

17. Civilization and Climate History.  The last three thousand years have shown a pattern of civilizations rising and falling with temperature changes in the Mediterranean Sea area.  As temperatures rose more Northerly civilizations thrived and as temperatures fell more Southerly civilizations thrived.

Great Pivot Climate 2/19/2019

Egypt to Britain Climate Change 1/24/2014

18. Evaporation and Water.  Worldwide, 85% of solar radiation is used to evaporate water, higher over ocean and lower over land.  This causes many complex land ocean interactions and makes the water cycle dominant over the temperature cycle.

10 Evaporation Impacts 9/22/2014

Evaporation 7/19/2014

19. World Weather.  The largest land mass on the planet dominates the worlds weather in many ways, with half the world's land in the Eurasia North Africa part of the Northern hemisphere.  North America acts as a backwater to that Sahara Siberia dominated system.

Land Ocean Cycle 7/30/2016

20. Weather Cycle.  With land three times as sensitive to temperature changes as the ocean, long cycles of major droughts, floods, volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes and blizzards can be documented in US weather.  The Earth cycle pattern and causes are discussed.

Hurricane Planet Dynamics 9/10/2017

Texas Harvey 8/27/2017

Prediction 8/26/2014

Hurricane Climate Cycle 2/7/2014

Phillipines Typhoon 11/12/2013

Typhoon Haiyan 11/11/2013

21. World Correlations.  Various regions of the globe respond to other regions as the world goes through the long cycle.  We look in greater detail into the oddities of world weather systems under changing circumstances.

Earth Cycle 3/21/2014

Cold Winter 2/14/2014

22. Volcanoes.  Major volcanoes cool the earth for two or three years after eruption.  Warming spurts can set the stage for major eruptions and carbon dioxide releases by major volcanoes can be very significant.

Nepal Chile 4/28/2015

Chile Volcano 4/24/2015

23. Climate and the Economy.  Various research and observations about the relationship between warming and poor economies and cooling and strong economies.  Looking at personal, worldwide, and United States models of this phenomena.

10 Ways Heat Hurts 9/8/2014

Climate and Economics 12/3/2013

24. Kondratiev Cycle.  Looking at the climate, generational theory, and innovation models of explanation for the long cycle.  Also looking at population, life cycle, and skepticism about these models.

Kondratiev Cycle 2/9/2014

25. Economic Cycle.  Looking at the various markers of economic extremes that support the theory of a long cycle in economics.  Including growth rates, inflation, interest rates, stock market crashes, and unemployment.

History Repeats 3/20/2014

26. War Cycle.  Examines the record, especially for American wars, and reasons to explain the regularity of the war cycle.  Even the irregularities and lesser wars tend to support certain common-sense notions.

Rights Climate Cycle 10/30/2018

Demonization Fuels Military 4/8/2018

Gun Control March 3/26/2018

Violence Cycle 11/29/2015

Baltimore Riot 5/2/2015

Gestalt 1961-2015 1/17/2015

10 Ferguson Jury Mistakes 12/6/2014

War Cycle 11/16/2014

Democracy Ukraine US 9/1/2014

Civil Rights 3/29/2014

Cold Year Wars 12/19/2013

27. Greenhouse Effect.  Examines the global warming and US warming records and various theories of manmade impacts, including the emerging consensus of the IPCC report in February 2007.

Climate Theory Clarified 7/27/2018

28. Green Economy.  How are the Kyoto Treaties and business reactions leading the world into the necessary changes.  What are the trends in these changes?

29. Warming Summary

Three Cycles Or One 9/17/2017

Weather Wealth Wars 1/11/2017

15 Year Pause 4/12/2014

30. Scientific Revolution

Foreign Domestic Difference 4/23/2019

Interdisciplinary Insights 1/21/2018

Scientific Methods Vary 12/10/2017

Teaching Peace Econ  9/4/2017

Math Reductio Ad Absurdum 7/9/2017

Peace Science 1/21/2017

Many Go Wrong 9/24/2016

Paradigm Shifts Peace Economics 4/30/2016

Scientific Revolutions 4/2/2016

Shoulders of Giants 10/31/2015

First Gandhi 10/17/2015

Difficulty Along Way 6/20/2015

Economic Engineering 6/5/2015

Macro Micro 4/4/2015

10 Scientific Revolution Facts 12/21/2014

10 How Research Works 10/19/2014

Reputation 8/24/2014

Peace Economics: How I Did It 6/21/2014

Numbers Words 1/30/2014

Peace Economics Peace Studies 1/9/2014   

31. Nobel Peace Prize

Systemic Review 2/26/2019

Follow Norwegians 10/8/2018

Nobel Peace Year 10/1/2017

Odds on Nobel Prize 6/12/2017

Biography Peace 1/28/2017

Econ Perversion 12/29/2016

Nobel Prize Path 12/16/2016

Nobel Prize Letter 10/5/2016

Nobel Prize Watch 3/19/2016

Response Norway 2/6/2016

Nobel Peace Nominee 1/27/2016

10 Nobel Pathways 10/25/2014

32. Biography

Great Gygax, Maybe Britain 6/18/2017

Congratulations 5/22/2017

Game Master Gygax 5/14/2017

Telos Institute 5/5/2017

Creative Life 4/22/2017

Nerd Number One 3/18/2017

Special Award   9/2/2016

Denmark Hamlet 8/20/2016

Peace Respect 1/31/2016

Learn in Japan 9/5/2015

Hiroshima Feature 7/18/2015

Film Made Peace Economics 6/27/2015

Nader Yale Data 5/24/2015

Top 10 Reasons for Radio Host 11/5/2014

Global Citizen Nomination 6/28/2014

Wargamer to Doctor Peace 5/30/2014

Nashville 5/25/2014

Eugene Politician 5/14/2014

Doctorate 5/9/2014

No Ethanol 5/2/2014

Peace Economics 1st Course 3/18/2014

Peace Economics First Book 3/14/2014

How Peace Economics Starts 3/8/2014

Grandpa Markham Horicon Marsh 3/1/2014

Peace Songs 1/12/2014

Dr. Robert Reuschlein 10/10/2013

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