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Two Police Releases – 1) Remove from Schools & 2) Law Enforcement Stress -- & 8 more.
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Sunday, June 28, 2020


Two Police Releases – 1) Remove from Schools & 2) Law Enforcement Stress -- & 8 more.

1) Removing Police from Schools

In the wake of the killing of George Floyd by police officers in Minneapolis, there have been calls to defund law enforcement agencies across the United States. As a result, some voices are calling for the removal of School Resource Officers (SROs) and other law enforcement officers from schools across the country. Proponents of the change argue police officers in school increase fear and anxiety among students of color. They further claim these officers pose a greater risk to the safety of students, specifically students of color, than the risk of a school shooting.

Is there data that supports these claims? One study being touted as evidence of the impact police presence has on the attitudes of black students examined the effects of Operation Impact in New York. Oddly enough, the researchers found, "The findings for school-related attitudes show no evidence that Operation Impact influenced school-related attitudes". Another study explored the disciplinary actions and attendance in schools that received grant funding to hire SROs. The study found an increase in suspension rates and a decrease in student attendance rates at these sites, however, the research suggests the possibility of a correlation between these variables, not causation.

Morgan Ballis, M.S. EM

Director of Strategic Planning & Training

Campus Safety Alliance





2) Police Psychotherapist Peter J. Killeen Recently Authored Four Books for Law Enforcement Professionals

He was involved extensively with the rescue and recovery efforts following the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center followed by years of trauma counseling provided to the First Responders.

He recently authored four books for the law enforcement professional on ways to personally integrate mindfulness, resilience, and meditation into daily life in order to live a more sustainable healthy lifestyle. The Operation Longevity textbook works in tandem with the Operation Longevity Personal Journal. Recently, the Operation Longevity Personal Stories and Meditations book was released.

Dr. Killeen has presented extensively throughout the country to law enforcement agencies and academies on topics dealing with the impact of law enforcement stress, the physiology of stress on the body, the integration and importance of the recognition of the mind-body connection and recognizing the benefits of living a more balanced life through wellness and resilience.

Name: Peter Killeen, Ed.D.

Title: Director

Group: Operation Longevity

Dateline: Manahawkin, NJ United States

Direct Phone: 973-819-8537

Cell Phone: 973-819-8537




3) How Small Business Owners Can Successfully Navigating The Covid-19 Crisis –

At a recent Covid-19 town hall meeting in which I participated, the moderator, Dr. Gerald A. Turner, outlined five steps for successfully navigating the Covid-19 crisis. His five steps include: (i) understanding the turbulence & disruptive forces at play, (ii) evaluating the health & wellbeing of your business, (iii) developing a recovery plan to best leverage your resources (iv) reviewing & reinventing your business model for the long haul, and (v) executing your plan for the journey ahead.

In Dr. Turner's first step, understanding the forces at play, he outlined three different factors: economic factors, pandemic or people factors, and business factors.

With respect to the economic factors, we recently learned that in the first quarter of 2020, GDP in the US shrunk by 4.8%. Given the inevitable continuation of this trend in Q2 2020, in two weeks, we will officially be in a recession. At minimum, recessions lasts six months, and businesses are already bracing for this economic downturn.

Name: James J Talerico Jr, CMC (c)

Title: Founder & CEO

Group: Greater Prairie Business Consulting, Inc.

Dateline: Irving, TX United States

Direct Phone: 800-828-7585

Cell Phone: 972-816-1666




4) The World's Best-Known Product

Do you know?

Coca-Cola once sold the exclusive rights to bottle Coca-Cola throughout the United States for $1.00, and the owner of Coca-Cola thought bottling was a "dumb idea".

Coca-Cola was first bottled in Vicksburg, MS not Atlanta.

These are just two of the interesting stories revealed in a newly published book "The Coca-Cola Trail", People and Places in the History of Coca-Cola. Thirty chapters and over 200 pages tell the true stories of those pioneer bottlers; the challenges they faced and how they were instrumental in creating the world's best-known product.

The author, Larry Jorgensen spent over two years interviewing Coca-Cola families and conducting extensive research in current and former Coca-Cola locations. Historic photos highlight each chapter.

Name: Larry Jorgensen

Dateline: Mansura, LA United States

Direct Phone: 337-591-1937




5) What Is the True Second Wave of The Coronavirus? A Destroyed Credit Rating, leading to Financial Ruin

Dr. Michael C. Grayson, in Eastern Time, via phone, Skype or Zoom

Intro: We're hearing a lot of talk about a second wave of the Coronavirus. But this expert says it's not going to be one of thousands more people dying of COVID-19. Rather, it's a wave of millions of people poised to see their credit ratings plummet, and their financial health destroyed.

Name: Jerry McGlothlin

Group: Special Guests

Dateline: Hickory, NC United States

Direct Phone: 919-437-0001




6) Growing interest in rescuing and adopting dogs during pandemic featured in new film about rescue dog organizations: Rescue Me!

In the last few months, there has been a growing interest in rescuing and adopting dogs and cats, due to the pandemic. More and more individuals want the companionship of a pet, and they are more open to adopting a rescue animal. As described in a June 7 San Francisco Chronicle article "Rescues Boom in the Pandemic," Mandy Behbehani reports that in the "upside-down inside-out world of the novel coronavirus, people are clamoring to adopt -- even aged, infirm creatures." Yet many fewer animals are available, since the pandemic and the response to it have disrupted the established processes for rescuing animals. One reason is that people sheltering in place are less likely to spot animals on the streets. At the same time, government restrictions have made it more difficult for shelters to receive rescues. The result is the fewer animals are now getting more humans who want to care for and rescue them.

Now Rescue Mel, just released for distribution by Random Media, describes how these organizations care for dogs, cats, and sometimes birds, and find loving owners for them. To explain what these organizations do, the film features interviews with rescue organization owners and the owners of dogs, cats, and a few birds. The film was originally filmed in September 2019 in Contra Costa County, Oakland, and Berkeley, and it highlights the eight rescue and care organizations and shows how they obtain rescue dogs, take care of them, provide medical treatment, train them, and find them foster and forever homes. It also includes interviews with a dozen owners of rescue dogs, cats and birds.

Karen Andrews,Dxecutive Assistant

Changemakers Publishing and Writing


Lafayette, California


925) 385-0608



7) International Media Call: Must-See Film Now Available "At the Heart of Gold: Inside the USA Gymnastics Scandal"

Atlanta) – Around the Rings is joining forces with the producers of a ground-breaking film about sexual abuse in sport to encourage international media to screen the documentary.

"While 'At the Heart of Gold' has been viewed by many U.S. journalists, about four million North American TV viewers, and nearly two million worldwide, we believe it is important to let our international colleagues know it is available to them as well," said Publisher Sheila S. Hula.

"Unfortunately, the battle against the scourge of athlete abuse is far from over, and we think watching this film could help journalists everywhere cover this critical issue with a more informed viewpoint."

According to author and psychologist Dr. Steven Ungerleider; "The film "Heart of Gold" not only exposes the dysfunction in our criminal justice system, but allows the survivor sisters to bear witness and have their voices heard, a major first step in the healing process."

Name: Sheila S. Hula

Title: Publisher

Group: Around the Rings.com

Dateline: Atlanta, GA United States

Direct Phone: 404-874-1603




8) Don't Interrupt When Your Opponent Self-Destructs

It has been a bad couple of weeks for President Donald Trump: the handling of the coronavirus, the economic downturn, the racial unrest and protests, the John Bolton book and Supreme Court defeats.

A massive rally in Oklahoma – a state that Trump had carried by 36% in 2016 – should have been the turning point, but turned into a disaster and embarrassment. Apparently, a bunch of teenagers organized over TikTok to reserve all the tickets and as a result, Trump faced a stadium that was half empty.

Without doing much, the presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden is now enjoying a historic lead in the surveys. No presidential candidate in recent times had such a big lead at this point in time of the race. This of course doesn't mean that the lead will hold in a world where public opinion is getting ever more volatile. But it confirms the old rule: Don't interrupt when your opponent self-destructs.

What's the best thing Joe Biden can do right now? Stay in the basement of his Delaware home as long as possible. Meanwhile, a group of anti-Trump Republicans is now running tv ads actively asking to vote for Biden. The group is called The Lincoln Project and I must say: These guys are ruthless.

Perron Campaigns

Dr. Louis Perron

Seefeldstr. 69

8008 Zürich



Twitter: @dr_perron




9) How To Make The Best Of This Unusual Summer

We have seven summers left together as a family.

Seven summers before our eldest will be off to college.

Seven summers until summer jobs, holidays with friends, and other commitments will take over. Of course, we will see each other!

I realized this last year and since then our girls have been meticulously researching and suggesting places, experiences, and ideas for how we will spend each of our next seven summers.

As research proves, surprises are overrated and the excitement of looking forward to something gives you just as much joy as the event itself. We have found that in our house planning our future summers together.

Then COVID-19 hit. We had to adjust. Our 2020 summer might consist of our backyard, or remote experiences just with our family. My mum and dad were meant to be here from England for three weeks right now.

So instead we are teaching our three girls (and reminding ourselves) resilience, adaptability, being grateful for what we do have, and helping those who are less fortunate.

We bought a fire pit for our back garden, created an outdoor gymnastics area, and turned a kids' playhouse into an arts and crafts corner. We are learning the art of collaboration (ok, arguing!) with a family island on Nintendo's Animal Crossing, my eldest daughter has set up a dog treat business thanks to the kid's marketplace on bizzygirls.com, our girls are taking it in turns to be Chef for the night and making dinner and dessert, and we are exploring more of our local history in Southern California.

What will this summer bring?

Perhaps we will rent an RV.

Perhaps we will escape to the mountains.

Perhaps we will adjust and adapt for 2020 and keep planning the next six summers in faraway places.

Enjoy the joy of the unknown.

Dedicated to growing your business,


Name: Val Wright Consulting LLC

Group: Val Wright Consulting

Dateline: South Pasadena, CA United States

Direct Phone: 626 387 7600

Main Phone: 1800 455 0910




10) SpongeBob SquarePants and the Future of Movie Toy Tie-Ins

The future of movie theaters and their impact on toy sales continues to roil. Another studio has chosen to premier a film through streaming rather than through theaters. That movie, "Sponge On The Run," is the third animated feature over the last few months to choose the small screen route rather than wait for theaters to reopen.

"Trolls World Tour" had a record-breaking streaming launch on April 10, followed by "Scoob!" which premiered on May 15. The Walt Disney Company got into the streaming action with the launch of its "Artemis Fowl" movie via its Disney+ service.

The jury is very much still out about the effectiveness of streaming launches and their impact on toy tie-in sales. Movies still set to open in theaters include Mulan (July 24), The New Mutants, Tenet (July 31), Bill and Ted Face the Music (August 21), The New Mutants (August 28), and Wonder Woman 1984 (October 2).

With Coronavirus flaring up in states like Florida, Texas, and California, some of these dates look questionable. How long will the major studios be willing to wait? Streaming premiers may start to look better if Coronavirus continues to stay with us.

The toy industry will continue to watch closely how the major studios make their decisions around movie launches. The future of movie theaters and their close relationship with the toy industry may well depend upon what happens over the next few months.

Richard Gottlieb

Global Toy Experts / Global Toy News

646 675 3019




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