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Trump's Eight Biggest Coronavirus Crisis Failures Companies Should Avoid Repeating
Edward Segal, Crisis Management Expert Edward Segal, Crisis Management Expert
Washington, DC
Sunday, March 15, 2020

The cover of Edward Segal's new book on crisis management.

Crisis management expert and author Edward Segal said today there are eight major mistakes President Trump has made in responding to and managing the coronavirus crisis that businesses and organizations should avoid repeating as they rush to grapple with this or any other crisis.

"It's easier, faster, and more affordable to learn from the mistakes of others than having to learn the hard way what you should have done in a crisis. That's especially true in this rapidly worsening virus crisis, which is creating crisis situations for companies and organizations around the world," Segal said.

"As the country's crisis manager in chief, Trump is conducting a master class in how not to deal with a crisis," he said.  Segal said Trump's eight biggest crisis management failures are:

Failure #1: Being unprepared.for a crisis.

Failure #2: Waiting too long to respond to a crisis.

Failure #3: Not telling the truth about the crisis.

Failure #4: Underestimating the impact of the crisis.

Failure #5: Putting the wrong person in charge to deal with the crisis.

Failure #6: Saying or doing anything not supported by the facts.

Failure #7: Contradicting the experts.

Failure #8: Blaming others.

"Until now, most companies haven't had to deal with a crisis or one of this magnitude. If they didn't have a crisis management plan in place before this crisis, if they didn't test the plan to ensure it would work, and if they don't have the right people managing the situation, then businesses and organizations are flying blind and run the risk of repeating some or all of Trump's mistakes when they respond to this or any other crisis,"  Segal said.

About Edward Segal

Segal managed a variety of crisis situations as the CEO of the Greater Los Angeles REALTORS® Association and the Marin Association of REALTORS® in Northern California, has conducted crisis management training for hundreds of business executives, and has advised companies and on how to respond to and recover from crises.

He is the author of the forthcoming book on crisis management: Crisis Ready — 101 Ways to Prepare for and Bounce Back from Disasters, Scandals, and Other Emergencies (Nicholas Brealey/Hachette Distribution). Crisis Ready is filled with instructive case studies of how companies and public figures — such  as Amazon, Disney, Apple, and entrepreneur Elon Musk — have prepared for and handled crisis situations. The book includes checklists and exercises to help get ready for and react to a crisis, and a customizable crisis management plan. Order a copy at https://amzn.to/2qTbCfi

Contact Segal at getcrisisready@gmail.com or visit GetCrisisReady.com.

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