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Trump Older Than Biden
Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Empire and Climate Expert Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Empire and Climate Expert
Madison, WI
Friday, September 22, 2023


Trump's Physiology 6 Years Worse Than Biden's

            Trump obesity reduces his life expectancy three years from the age only estimate of age of death to 84.  Biden regular exercise extends his age only life expectancy by about three years to an estimated date of death of age 90.   Assuming a fifty/fifty chance of dying either before or after life expectancy, that gives Trump an estimated 5/7 of 50% is a 36% chance of dying a natural death by the time of election of his successor in November 2028.  Biden, on the other hand, has a 5/10 of 50% or 25% chance of dying a natural death by the time of election of his successor in November 2028.  If you look at only the second term (four years), it is Trump 29% to Biden 20%.  Overall 17% of presidents have died in office.

            Trump's obesity turns his chronological age of 77 into a physiological age of 80. 

Biden's regular exercise turns his chronological age of 80 into a physiological age of 77.


            Trump looks like a football lineman while Biden looks like a tennis player.   Life expectancy for football players is 55 to 59, while life expectancy for tennis players is 80.  Trump is loud and outspoken while Biden is soft spoken and professorial.  Trump is performance art with little to show for results, Biden is clearly showing the great results of his fifty years of government experience.  But thanks to endless repetition of the word "senile" with little or no evidence, FOX news and talk radio have used coordinated daily talking points to fool the less educated voter about Biden.  When White House staffer Amarosa compared TV show Trump 2003 to presidential Trump 2017, she saw noticeable mental decline.  Trump exudes energy while Biden looks thin and frail.  Each has some stumbles and word slurs.  Trump is hot while Biden is cool.  Trump is one-sided while Biden has achieved several bipartisan deals on infrastructure, gun control, chip manufacture, and other   matters in summer 2022.  Trump never works with Democrats the way Reagan or Bush did.  What do you want, retribution or results?  Bombastic "perfection" or quiet determination?


            Trump claims the best economics ever, yet if you compare pre-pandemic results, the last three years of Obama had 25% more annual job growth than the first three years of Trump.  The Dow rose about 11,000 under Trump with a trillion-dollar tax cut 85% for the rich.   Biden's 4,000 Dow increase comes with a more middle-class approach.  The National debt went up 8 trillion under Trump and 3 trillion under Biden, roughly proportional to the respective Dow increases.     


            Reagan's 60% cut of the top tax rate in 1981-1983 propelled the top 1% into quadrupling their income by 2007, and even higher since then.  Thanks to similar anti-union Reagan policies, the bottom 99% have been frozen in place in real terms ever since, creating a lord and serf economy like that of the stagnant Middle Ages.  The oligarchs and their Republican allies have used a divide and conquer strategy to focus middle class frustration on immigrants, blacks, and affirmative action, pretending that spending on the middle class must be cut to balance things, ignoring the absence of taxation of most top 50 corporations before the Biden 15% minimum tax.  Rebalancing the tax structure to a high tax rate on the rich is the only way to pay off the national debt without depriving the middle class the way Republicans want to do. 

Ukraine War

            If you want Ukraine to survive the Russian onslaught, Biden must be allowed to finish his masterful foreign policy effort.  If you want to help Putin complete his genocide of Ukraine, just put Putin's best friend Trump back in the presidency.  Trump destroyed Afghanistan by excluding from the table the Afghan government when he negotiated turning over the country to the Taliban.  The same Kurds that helped destroy ISIS were turned over to Turkey by Trump's trip wire troop withdrawal.  10,000 Kurds were slaughtered.  Trump would pull out of NATO and let Ukraine die.  Trump believes in loyalty and is eternally grateful that the illegal Russian aid put him over the top against Hillary.  Biden's age also means extraordinary foreign policy knowledge and skill.

Ukraine War Map and Game:


If you do not give a hoot about this game, download the Ukraine map-board for help following the news.

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