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Travel Tips You Need to Know NOW
Jan McInnis - Humor in Business Expert Jan McInnis - Humor in Business Expert
Los Angeles, CA
Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Are you looking forward to hitting the road soon?
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Has your travel started back? Well Jan McInnis, Keynote Speaker, Comedian, and Master of Ceremonies, has a few quick tips for travel that you should really pay attention to. Here they are:

If you're booking airline tickets CHECK YOUR EMAIL FREQUENTLY! I've had a bunch of flights re-schedule, and not only that, but the one last night FORGOT to re-schedule the originating city. It had me starting my trip in Denver, not LAX. A few other items I've learned. . .

--Southwest airlines added like 11 or so cities, so they may be doing a ton of reschedules for flights through July 15

--It doesn't matter what fare you bought your ticket at, they will work with you to get you on the flight of your choice IF they make you re-schedule. The representative last night tried to tell me otherwise, and that I was only able re-book on a flight with my fare. But I knew better, and finally got her to book me on one earlier.

--Don't just rely on the representative to tell you the flights - check the schedule yourself. The woman last night got her "dig" at me by finally putting me on an early flight as I asked BUT she didn't mention that it was TWO stops. I saw it this morning, and a wonderful representative reversed that and fixed everything. She was GREAT, so all is well.

--There's a rental car shortage! I read that rental companies sold off their fleet to cut expenses in 2020, so now they're a little short of supply. Book early!!!

--If you're traveling this summer, book your hotel early!! EVERYONE is going to be out in full-force, so you don't want to end up sleeping the rental car that you weren't able to book because you didn't pay attention to the tip above.

Have fun and enjoy traveling and being back on the road!

Jan McInnis is a keynote speaker, comedian, comedy writer and master of ceremonies. She's written for the 'Jay Leno's Tonight show' monologue, syndicated cartoon strips, TV, radio, and the guests on the 'Jerry Springer show.' With over 25 years in front of audiences from health care to education, women's groups, technology, financial, and beyond she shares her humor along with practical tips on using humor in business. McInnis was featured in the Wall Street Journal, the Huffington Post, and The Washington Post, and she's the author of two books, namely "Convention Comedian- Stories and Wisdom from Two Decades of Chicken Dinners and Comedy Clubs" and "Finding the Funny Fast- How to Create Quick Humor to Connect with Clients, Coworkers, and Crowds". Her podcast is titled "Comedian Stories: Tales From the Road in Under 5 Minutes."


Jan McInnis

Keynote Speaker, Comedian, and Master of Ceremonies


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