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Top Ten Releases – Two on Netflix Cuties – plus Political Gaslighting.
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Sunday, October 18, 2020


Top Ten Releases – Two on Netflix Cuties – plus Political Gaslighting.

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Gaslighting as a Political Tactic Supporting Biden

Brian Davis -- Concerned and Patriotic American

False allegations that President Trump colluded with Russians in 2016 had repeatedly guaranteed that "proof of Trump's guilt would be produced." Failing to ever produce any evidence of impropriety with Russians, the Democrats and mainstream media switched to baseless allegations of Ukrainian collusion, which were disproved by official telephone transcripts.

Meanwhile, convincing evidence of Hillary Clinton's email-based crimes and of the Obama Administration's illegal spying on the Trump candidacy and Presidency were documented by DOJ Inspector General Reports, but ignored by most media as being "already debunked." They were never debunked!

Perhaps those false claims against Trump were diversions to deflect away from REAL collusion and worse by Democrats.

Name: Brian Davis

Title: Concerned American Citizen

Dateline: Lino Lakes, MN United States

Cell Phone/ TEXT : 651-308-7141



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Netflix's 'Cuties' the Latest Instance of Sacrificing Our Children

Carol M. Swain -- Political Scientist and Commentator

Netflix is exploiting for profit a situation that will undoubtedly result in increased abuse and sexual exploitation of children. Aiding and abetting this deplorable situation is Maïmouna Doucouré, the Senegalese woman who directed and produced the French film "Mignonnes" that Netflix renamed as "Cuties."

In a shameless display of misrepresentation, Doucouré describes the film as her effort to bring awareness to the hypersexualization of children. Well, it sure succeeds in doing that, but not for noble purposes.

Carol M. Swain




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Sorry Netflix, But You Don't Get to Lecture Americans on Moral Understanding

Dr. Michael Brown

Rather than apologize for the scandal caused by the Netflix movie "Cuties," the company's CEO, Ted Sarandos has dug in his heels, blaming American viewers rather than taking responsibility for the content.

As reported by Deadline, Sarandos said, "It's a little surprising in 2020 America that we're having a discussion about censoring storytelling. It's a film that is very misunderstood with some audiences, uniquely within the United States."

He continued, "The film speaks for itself. It's a very personal coming-of-age film. It's the director's story, and the film has obviously played very well at Sundance without any of this controversy and played in theaters throughout Europe without any of this controversy."

What a telling statement.

Name: Jerry McGlothlin

Dateline: Charlotte, NC United States

Direct Phone: 919-437-0001



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Survey Reveals Couples Talking, Playing More to Get in the Mood for Sex

PAIRS Foundation

A survey of 3,335 adults reveals how couples are getting in the mood for sex.

Kissing is still most people's favorite way to get in the mood for sex.

When it comes to making love, old fashioned kissing is still how most people prefer to get in the mood, according to a recent survey of more than 3,000 adults.

Purpose Built Families Foundation, a nationally accredited nonprofit in Pembroke Pines, Florida, invited people to anonymously share their perfect love-making scenarios. CEO Seth Eisenberg said there were some surprises in the 3,335 responses.

Couples are talking more to get in the mood for sex

While kissing topped the list, talking before becoming physically intimate was a close second overall, and most important for many, Eisenberg said. "Various ways of touching, cuddling and hugging, playing together, and showering were also among the most common activities adults said they valued before going further," he reported.

A Dance of Two Dimensions

"Given that bonding – that unique blend of emotional and physical intimacy – is a basic need for humans, it makes sense that aspects of both are part of the act of making love," said Marriage and Family Therapist Marisol Wetzstein. "It's the dance of the two dimensions – imagination and physical, mind and flesh."

The survey began prior to COVID-19. Eisenberg said talking and playing together became increasingly frequent top mentions in the months after lockdowns starting impacting couples worldwide.

"COVID has forced couples across the globe to get to know each other in new ways," Eisenberg said. "Working at home, living at work, increased isolation and for many, increased anxiety — that's all forced couples to either learn to embrace each other in deeper ways or quickly find their homes separated into demilitarized zones full of pain, sadness and despair."

Therapist Marisol Wetzstein teaches couples to find their own answers.

Couples Find New Ways to Get Close

Wetzstein said the survey shows couples are finding ways to meet their needs for closeness. This month, she led an online PAIRS training for singles and couples seeking to improve communication, conflict resolution, and emotional closeness.

Name: Seth Eisenberg

Title: CEO

Group: PAIRS Foundation

Dateline: Hollywood, FL United States

Direct Phone: 888-724-7748

TEXT/ Cell Phone: 954-554-3306


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Disney Disrupts the Movie Theater Industry

Richard Gottlieb -- Toy Industry Expert

isruptive innovation Independent leadership concept and individuality as a group of acrobatic jets with one individual jet going in the opposite direction as a business symbol for new thinking and attitude as a different nonconformist maverick.

The movie theater industry has been rocked this year by closed theaters and a lack of movies to show even if they were open for business, all thanks to COVID. Now it has something else to worry about; The Walt Disney Company is betting big on streaming video.

According to a Wall Street Journal article by Joe Flint, "Disney Elevates Streaming Business in Major Reorganization," The Walt Disney company will "give priority to its streaming-video services and ensure they get a steady flow of the company's best content" What struck me, however, was this statement: "It is also forming a distribution arm to determine the best platform for any given content, whether that is a streaming service, a TV network or movie theaters."

In the past, movies defaulted to theater distribution, a pattern dating back to the industry's beginnings. Now, Disney will determine which vertical best fits for a particular piece of entertainment at a specific moment in time.

Theater owners this week received a very real sense of what that means when Disney decided to release a movie originally destined for theater release, "Soul", to streaming video. "Soul" is an animated movie about a singer who has lost, well, his Soul. Instead of theaters, it will now debut on Disney+.

Richard Gottlieb

Global Toy Experts / Global Toy News

646 675 3019



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Steven Myers -, Author of 'Cross Winds, Adventure & Entrepreneurship in the Russian Far East'

Orange County, CA – When Steven Myers became the first American since Charles Lindbergh to fly into the remote Russian Kamchatka peninsula, he had no idea how it would change his life. What he found there in 1992, right after the fall of the USSR, was a people who were starving, defeated, and trying desperately to make a life in a new world with very little resources. What he didn't count on was that helping them would put his life in danger—and that of his team—in a remote region where a clash of cultures combined with a fear of authority made business anything but easy. His empowering new book, Cross Winds: Adventure and Entrepreneurship in the Russian Far East, tells the story of one man's decision to chase an extraordinary dream.

The book opens with a visit from the two secret agents dressed in black, who entered the offices of his California-based company, SM&A, on a sunny late spring morning, shortly before he was to leave for a board meeting in Russia. "A high-risk situation will likely develop while you are in Moscow in August. If we are correct, it will become a tragedy for you and an international incident for us. We have hard intelligence that you are going to be kidnapped."

What Myers chose to do next reads like a John Grisham novel.

Name: Scott Lorenz

Group: Westwind Communications

Dateline: Plymouth, MI United States

Direct Phone: 734-667-2098



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COVID-19's unseen casualties

Michael D. Shaw -- Expert in Health Care and Environmental Affairs

Months ago, our nation's initial response to COVID-19, whereby we would work to protect the vulnerable and then quickly pivot back to near normal, completely changed. Right before our eyes, it morphed into a highly politicized election year fear-mongering shutdown of our country, with disastrous results that are now eclipsing the harm caused by SARS-CoV-2 itself.

The reality is painfully obvious: While COVID-19 is a serious illness, our politicized response to it is making things much worse for families, and from my perspective as a pediatrician, unquestionably worse for children around the country.

In May, the American Academy of Pediatrics, a group of more than 67,000 pediatricians, made the statement that children were at risk of significant morbidity, and in some cases mortality, if they stay home from school. How refreshingly honest! Perhaps, authorities would finally understand how much harm we are doing to children by keeping them from attending in-person school.

Every day in my office, my nurses and I hear of younger children responding very poorly to distance learning. While some older children seem to perform satisfactorily under this format, they are still missing out on major childhood and adolescent developmental points that are supposed to be part of their lives in school, such as interaction with friends, participation in sports, music, the arts, and so much more. Any pediatrician can see the harm we are doing to children when we halt activities that contribute to growth, learning, and development.

Name: Michael D. Shaw

Title: Executive VP/Director of Marketing

Group: Interscan Corporation

Dateline: Reston, VA United States

Direct Phone: 703-796-6063

Main Phone: 1 800 458-6153



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The Great Retention Tsunami Is Coming: Reboot Your Strategy Before It's Too Late

Steven Gaffney -- Honesty Expert

We're about to get pummeled by a giant wave of retention problems—a great retention tsunami with the power to destroy your bottom line. In the face of this inevitable tsunami, retention is no longer an HR issue. It's now an executive issue.

Leaders must tackle retention head-on—or pay the price.

If you don't think retention is a problem at your organization right now, remember: Retention is a lagging indicator. So even if it's not currently an issue at your company, it will be soon. Here's why.

Roots of the retention tsunami

The tsunami headed your way is the result of a confluence of economic factors that are making it tougher than ever before to attract and keep talented workers. In particular, this swell of retention problems is being driven by two key factors: a near-full employment rate and today's thriving job market.

First, consider that the U.S. unemployment rate is currently 4.7 percent—in effect, zero, since most experts agree that number represents the chronically unemployed. What's more, the number of people filing for unemployment benefits fell to a 44-year low in 2017. This near-full employment rate has created a veritable job-feeding frenzy for well-qualified, talented employees.

Second, due to past complacency around retention, today's thriving job market has left many companies reeling. In the past, businesses could afford to be complacent—even lazy—about developing and executing a sustainable strategy to attract and retain top talent. The economy was so poor for so long, the need simply wasn't there: Without many options for other employment, workers were unlikely to leave their jobs. This was true across industries, which all faced a dearth of job opportunities due to poor economy, sequestration, politics, and other factors.

But now, as the economy continues on its upswing, bringing with it a glut of employment opportunities, many organizations are woefully unprepared for the coming retention tsunami.

And today's thriving job market will only continue to boom. Experts predict continued economic growth in the U.S. in 2017 and beyond, with the GDP growth rate expected to remain between 2% and 3%—contributing to ideal conditions that some economists call a Goldilocks economy. With all this predictable growth, and unemployment at zero, something has got to give.

An all-out talent war is coming. Without a strong retention strategy, companies will lose top performers faster and in greater quantities than they can handle, both operationally and financially.

Name: Steven Gaffney

Title: President

Group: Steven Gaffney Company

Dateline: Fairfax, VA United States

Direct Phone: 703-241-7796



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Alzheimer's Begins in Infancy? The Culprit Is Air Pollution

Dr. Patricia A. Farrell -- Psychologist

The research is in and now we know that Alzheimer's disease may not be one that begins in later life, in old age. It may have its roots in the brains of infants.

Medical science has always pointed toward what we call plaques and tangles in the older brain as being the hallmark of the dreaded, personality-robbing disease we fear. But new research is pointing to a new culprit and it's something all of us contribute to, pollution.

The science surrounding Alzheimer's is intensifying as we near what we perceive as a silver tsunami where millions affected with the disorder will need years of advanced care. As the disease progresses, it destroys our ability to engage in word-find ability. That is, we can't remember simple words or tasks we did so easily every day. We find it difficult to concentrate and gradually, toward the end, we forget how to feed ourselves. There is no cure, and it is a death spiral that, seemingly, begins in infancy.

I have worked in a major Alzheimer's clinical trial. During one session where I was observing a woman being tested for her memory, I saw something remarkable. The woman took off her eyeglasses and couldn't remember how to put them back on. Her family said that at dinnertime, she didn't know how to use utensils and tried to eat a fork. It was truly disturbing.

Name: Dr. Patricia A. Farrell, Ph.D.

Title: Licensed Psychologist

Group: Dr. Patricia A. Farrell, Ph.D., LLC

Dateline: Tenafly, NJ United States

Cell Phone: 201-417-1827



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New Expert -- Fred Litwin - Author of 'On the Trail of Delusion - Jim Garrison--The Great Accuser

Fred Litwin , author of On the Trail of Delusion-Jim Garrison: The Great Accuser, is also the author of several other books and has written articles for the National Post, the Ottawa Citizen, and the Toronto, among others. His 2015 book, Conservative Confidential: Inside the Fabulous Blue Tent, details his journey from left-wing, anti-nuclear activist to becoming a gadly on the right.

Litwin has been interested in the JFK assassination since he was young, and his latest book is teh result of his incessant research into the topic, which debunks conspiracy theorists and proves there was only one gunman: Lee Harvey Oswald. Litwin is a marketing professional, who worked for Intel Corporation, and organized the launch of the Pentium II in Asia. In 2000, he founded NorthernBlues Music, a cutting edge blues label. The company has released over 70 CDs, and has garnered 12 Juno Awards and over 40 Blues Music Award nominations. In 2007, Litwin started the Free Thinking Society to showcase films on liberty, freedom and democracy. The society has now shown over 100 films and also organizes book launches and panel discussions.

An avid volunteer, Litwin is on the programming committee of Kehillat Beth Israel synagogue in Ottawa, the Chairman of the Board of POGG (Peace, Order and Good Government), a small think tank in Ottawa, and sat on the Board of Directors of the Blues Foundation in Memphis from 2003-2009. He has also done a lot of work with the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs in Ottawa.

Fred lives in Ottawa with his partner, and is currently working at work on his next book. For more info go to https://www.OntheTrailofDelusion.com

Scott Lorenz

Plymouth, MI

United States

Contact Phone: 734-667-2098



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