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Top 5 Exercise motivation tips to achieve your Fitness Goals
Kathy Gruver, Speaker, Author, Coach Kathy Gruver, Speaker, Author, Coach
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Santa Barbara, CA
Monday, January 16, 2017

This post was by Cathy of Garagegymplanner.com.

Sometimes you don’t just feel like getting out of the bed and going to the gym. Here are five motivation tips to help you put that lazy butt to work.

There’s nothing bad about feeling lazy and not showing up for anything in the world. It happens to the best of us whether due to a bad mood, relationship problems, the overdose of liquor over the weekend or even a bad weather outside. As humans, it’s natural for us to have mood swings and pattern changes in routine. Experts recommend having a routine for everything that you do, but sometimes finding motivation to workout can be difficult.

Below are the 5 unconventional ways to get you all excited and pumped up for your workout.

P.s these may not be the usual crap that you end up reading when searching for motivation tips for exercise. The ways mentioned below are real and if you feel put off by them you go back to “take a coffee, write your goals approach”

1. Scare the hell out of yourself

Sounds crazy?

Well, it is scientifically proven that the fear response mechanism in the human body can produce a primitive, superhuman power that we cannot otherwise achieve under normal circumstances.

For instance, you never thought how fast you could run unless you had to run saving your life from a stray dog or a crazy fire. There have been countless such examples in the human history where people depict extraordinary power in life-threatening situations such as fighting a bear or lifting a car etc.

Studies related to the biomechanics of weightlifting conclude that there is a clear difference between absolute strength and body’s maximum force. Where former is the force our muscles can apply under normal conditions while latter is one generated through conscious will power.

Involve yourself in role playing and practice imagining threatening situations and how you will react to them. This will improve your performance and motivation to workout.

2. Listen to terrible music

Even though everyone suggests you make a playlist of the songs you love the most, you should do the opposite. Listen to music that you cannot stand because “noxious” music acts as a booster for your workouts. (Source: USSR)

3. Have a workout buddy

Chances are, you already have one, but he’s useless, which is why you are reading these tips to find motivation. You should partner with a passionate body builder instead of convincing your friends to go with you, who will just hang around, play games on their phone and come back.

Use a website to find a gym buddy. And even if that doesn’t work, go to the strong guys in the gym and clearly ask them if they will let you have the opportunity to train by their side.

4. Let negative feels drive you

Works on the same principle as fear!
Find reasons or people that fire up your aggression and channel that to build some muscle. Look around to find annoying people in the gym or think of your ex, your boss or anyone who has wronged you.

5. Hang a huge mirror on your front wall

Place it in a way that you see it first thing in the morning. Make sure its good size so that it shows your complete body and lets you rethink about where you are headed with your life and fitness goals. Write “This is your competition” on top of the mirror for better motivation.

Hopefully these unconventional tips will help. See you at the gym!



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