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Top 11 news releases & What Color to Paint Bathroom??
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Top 11 news releases & What Color to Paint Bathroom??

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1) What Color to Paint Bathroom??

Choosing a color for your bathroom can be difficult. It is also the most intimate room of the home. It's where you get ready for the day. It's where busy moms hide for a minute of privacy. It's where you relax in a warm bath at the end of the day and wash away your worries.

I love doing bathrooms because it's often where people are a little more adventurous and we get to be more creative and find those special personal touches. As The Color Whisperer, I love to work with color but in the bathroom, I am more likely to do a neutral. Neutral doesn't just mean white or beige or grey, it also includes a myriad of other colors like blues, greens, and earth colors.

The bathroom has one thing to be mindful of that you want to make sure you consider when choosing a color. The bathroom is usually where you put on makeup and it's important that the colors of the wall don't reflect a color that will lead to poor application. I am all for using color in the tile, shower curtains, etc, but the paint color should reflect you.

We all have an undertone in our skin, it may be pink, olive, blue, gold, or purple. That's the color you want to base your bathroom color around. That way when you put on makeup, it will work with you.

If your undertones are pink, you will want to use colors that have a pink undertone. Of course you can do pink, but beige, cream, and white are also good. Even complementary colors of pastel blues and greens could be good. Keep it light and fun for a bright start to your day.

Name: Jeanette Chasworth

Dateline: Monrovia, CA United States

Direct Phone: 626 485 6354



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2) On 63rd Anni. of Hurricane Audrey June 27th, A New Novel Depicts Storm's Fury: Early Thursday: A War, A Hurricane, A Miracle!

Cameron, Louisiana -- A rich and sweeping fictional memoir, told through the voice of 12-year-old Walt LaCour, as he struggles to find himself and learn his true identity amid the backdrop of a terrifying and deadly Hurricane Audrey on the Cajun bayou in post-World War II Louisiana. June 27th marks the 63rd anniversary of one of the most devastating tropical storms to hit the coastal United States. Early Thursday: A War, A Hurricane, A Miracle! tells the story of a boy's mostly idyllic life interrupted by the wrath of Mother Nature. Author Linda S. Cunningham was 9 years old during Hurricane Audrey and her father was the director of civil defense for the local parish. Based on her recollections, she delivers a powerful and moving portrait of the days and events leading up to and following the cataclysmic storm.

Twelve-year-old Walt LaCour has a happy, adventurous existence in the Cajun-French area of Cameron, Louisiana, where the way of life is filled with a joie de vivre. Growing up in the small town, young Walt is surrounded by a colorful and eccentric collection of family and friends. Included in this group is Walt Sr., an abusive and alcoholic father whose drunken rages lead to constant tension. The days before the storm are filled with vivid childhood adventures, community dances and the discovery of Walt's mother's diary that leads him to question who his real father is.

Once the storm hits, the focus of the book shifts to survival amid the chaos and destruction. Walt is able to avoid drowning and is rescued as he views the carnage of dead bodies all around him. As the writer of the memories, much later in his life, he is haunted by his hesitation to save his father's life during the worst of the storm. Nearly 500 souls lost their lives from the hurricane. Those terrible memories would stay with Walt his whole life.

Walt's narrow escape and subsequent search for love and meaning are essential parts of this epic novel. That includes an effort to save a friend's Stradivarius violin from being stolen. Life-affirming and provocative, this novel is a window into the soul of one man's quest for identity and resolution. It's a gripping and unforgettable story that will stay with you long after you've finished the book.

Name: Scott Lorenz

Group: Westwind Communications

Dateline: Plymouth, MI United States

Direct Phone: 734-667-2098 scottlorenz@westwindcos.com


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3) Critical Covid Cases on the Rise in IsraeL!!! From: David Rubin -- Author of Trump and the Jews.

Netanyahu prepares for the next lockdown.

Guest: David Rubin via Phone, Skype, or Zoom

Intro: Israel is seeing a sharp increase of serious Covid cases and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is looking to close down the economy again, but is that the best plan of action? Here to discuss this with us today is David Rubin, former mayor of Shiloh, Israel and author of "Trump and the Jews"

Question: As with many countries, Israel opened up its economy and is now experiencing a rise in virus cases. What is the problem with shutting down again to stop the spread?

Answer: The previous lockdown did manage to flatten the curve and get the numbers down, at the cost of millions of shekels in damage to the economy, serious mental health traumas and crises, and potential threats to our national security.

He then quickly - too quickly, it seems, although many of the people saying that now were the ones who castigated him for not ending the lockdown fast enough - opened the economy and the country came back to life, but we soon saw a steep increase in cases. Now it all seems so obvious to the prime minister. Just close down the restaurants, close down the schools, the gyms, the pools and the shuls and the rates will go down.

However, the statistics disagree. According to a recent study reported by the Knesset Research and Information Center, by far the most common location of infection, 65%, has been the home, while only single digits have been infected in restaurants, in pools, in gyms, or in synagogues. When there is a lockdown, families are forced into their homes where they infect others.

A prime example of this has been the ultra-Orthodox community, which has been especially hard-hit by the pandemic, and is known for its large families, often living in dense housing blocks. Is it any wonder that closing down neighborhoods, thereby forcing people to stay near home and at home is just making the problem worse?

Quarantines at home are clearly not the solution.

Name: Jerry McGlothlin

Group: Special Guests

Dateline: Hickory, NC United States

Direct Phone: 919-437-0001




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4) New, Expanded Edition Hardcover Showcases What Became of Michael Vick's Dogfighting Compound

Who Chains You!!!!!

Expanded Edition Hardcover Version of Author Tamira Thayne's "It Went to the Dogs: How Michael Vick's Dogfighting Compound Became a Haven for Rescue Pups" August 5, 2020 • Amissville VA

When chained-dog activist Tamira Thayne and her nonprofit purchased Michael Vick's dogfighting compound and set about transforming it to a rescue facility, she had no idea what she was walking into.

The decision would lead not only to a home for her nonprofit's rescue dogs, but also to the most turbulent four years of her life: she faced down allegations of racism, community harassment, poisoning, and, ultimately, false charges aimed at driving her and Dogs Deserve Better from the county.

The four black sheds where Michael Vick's dogs trained and ultimately lost their lives still stand today, serving as a stark and brutal reminder of the world of dogfighting.

Name: Tamira Ci Thayne

Title: Publisher

Group: Who Chains You Publishing

Dateline: Amissville, VA United States

Direct Phone: 757-474-5474



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5) The Future of Employees, Work, and Leadership with Global Thought Leader John Sanei

One of the top global thought leaders on our future John Sanei offers a dire warning: "Applying normal rules in a complex world is the worst thing we can do"

To help make sense of how all of us should be preparing for what John calls FutureNEXT (also the title of his upcoming book), he is kicking off Success Performance Solutions' August Webinar series on August 4 at 1:00 PM EDT. Registration is free but pre-registration is required. Virtual seating is limited. You can register at https://crowdcast.io/futurenext

Sanei is not surprised to see so many people struggling, even grieving over the death of "normal" With its passing, our world abruptly transformed from complicated to complex. "Our efficient rules and systems that we used to use failed fast and furious in the early stages of the pandemic Our ability to forecast and plan were abruptly disabled. Even the experts don't know what will be coming," warns this 3X best selling author and Singularity University faculty member.

Sanei recently addressed the challenge of people moving from complicated to complex in a video he posted on LinkedIN. He followed that with a powerful inquiry asking "can we teach passion?" Sanei will also offers his insights and forecasts for the future employee, future of work, future leadership, and more.

Sanei's presentation is the first of 4 weekly webinars in August hosted by Success Performance Solutions and moderated by Chief Googlization Officer Ira S Wolfe. Click here for more information and registration.

Future topics included Cracking the Curiosity Code, Diversity, Inclusion, and Inequity, and Future of Employment. Learn more.

About Our Speaker!

John Sanei (Sah-nay) comes alive at the intersection of human psychology and futurism and uses his truly unique perspective to discover elegant ways for his global audience to build the clarity and courage needed to approach the future with confidence.

Not only is John Africa's first Singularity University faculty member and a lecturer at Duke Corporate Education, but he is also an Associate Partner at The Copenhagen Institute of Future Studies - the only person on the planet to hold these three positions. His rare ability to combine his fascination with emerging technology and its impact on society with a clear understanding of the way memories and stories influence our reality has seen him share the stage with several world-renowned thought leaders, including Yuval Harari, Nassim Taleb and Robin Sharma, amongst many others.

John has three best-sellers, with the 4th book (FutureNEXT) to be released soon.

About Success Performance Solutions

Success Performance Solutions helps companies of any size in any industry recruit faster and hire smarter. Since 1996, SPS has established itself as a leader in pre-hire and leadership assessment, respected by both clients and peers. It also provides recruitment marketing consulting services and offers an extensive library of online microlearning videos for coaching and training.

About Ira S Wolfe

Ira S Wolfe is a "Millennial trapped in a Baby Boomer body" and the world's first Chief Googlization Officer. He is president of Poised for the Future Company, founder of Success Performance Solutions, a TEDx Speaker, host of Geeks Geezers Googlization podcast, and frequent presenter at SHRM and business conferences. Ira was also recently honored as one of the Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on Future of Work by Thinkers360. His most recent book is Recruiting in the Age of Googlization, now in its 2nd edition, is recognized as one of the best HR and Recruiting books of all-time by Book Authority. He is also the founder of the Googlization Nation community and frequent contributor to HR and business blog.

Name: Ira S Wolfe

Title: Chief Googlization Officer

Group: Success Performance Solutions

Dateline: Wind Gap, PA United States

Direct Phone: 484-373-4300

Main Phone: 800-803-4303

Cell Phone: 717-333-8286



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Name: Annie Jennings

Dateline: Princeton, NJ United States

Direct Phone: (908) 281-6201



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9) What's Really Happening in Sweden? From: Joyce L. Gioia, CMC, CSP -- The Herman Group.

What's Really Happening in Sweden?

First of all, unless you were over 70 or had underlying conditions, the Swedish experiment was not a failure. I received a number of responses from readers; this Herman Trend Alert sets the record straight.

A Spike in Infections

Between mid-March and mid-April, Sweden had a spike in infections. During that time, many people became infected and died. There is an ongoing discussion about whether they could have managed those first weeks better, but no consensus. However, since mid-April their numbers of infected and dead from COVID-19 have decreased substantially. During the entire time, the Swedish healthcare system has managed to have enough human and material resources to handle the situation, even though during some critical weeks, it has been at its limit.

Infection and Death is Now Way Down

The Swedes believe that for some months now, they have had the infection under "acceptable control" On a recent day, only 250 new people were reported infected, none of them seriously. During a recent 24-hour period, 7 people died; that number is representative of the deaths/day figures for the last couple of weeks. Moreover, on July 22nd, they had 333 cases and only 3 deaths.

Restrictions but No Mask Mandate

They do take COVID-19 very seriously and the government has placed many restrictions regarding physical distancing and gatherings. Interestingly, outside of healthcare settings, they do not force people to wear a mask outside; apparently, the same rules apply in other Nordic countries. Please finish reading this entire alert before you rip off your mask!

Who Died in Sweden

In Sweden, 90 percent of people who have died were 70 and older. And of those folks, 70 percent lived in homes for the elderly or had home-care. Moreover, 56 percent of the people who died lived in the areas in and around their two largest cities: Stockholm and Gothenburg. Most of the others had one or several underlying conditions. Also, quite a large percentage of the people who died were immigrants from Africa and the Middle East. All told, 0,1 percent (2380 people) of the people living in the Stockholm area have died, in the Gothenburg area approx 0,05 percent (822 people) and in Region Skåne approx 0,02 percent (261 people).

Hindsight will Help Us Understand

Once we are on the other side of the spikes happening in too many countries, including the US, it will be interesting to analyze facts, strategies, and actions. Right now, far too many statements and actions in different countries are political and not science-based.

Swedes on Vacation---as Usual

In the Northern Hemisphere, it is summer. Those who can are in happy retreat in summerhouses or enjoying their vacations elsewhere free from stress and concern. They report they are "doing just fine" Sadly, some are worried about how things will evolve after their summer vacations when they move into the autumn with its cooler weather.

What the Swedish Results Mean for Other Countries (Including the US)

Though many of us in the US have been misled about what is really happening in Sweden, it is important to note some important reasons why the Swedish approach may not work as well elsewhere. Though the country has a greater population than the other Scandinavian countries, Sweden's population is distributed with a low density overall. Plus, it has a higher share of single-person households than many other countries outside of the region. But the most important factors are health-related. By comparison to Western European countries and others with spiking case numbers, Sweden has a high life expectancy and low levels of chronic diseases. In fact, its rates of diabetes and obesity, underlying conditions that we know make the virus more lethal, Sweden's rate of diabetes is 25 percent lower than the US rate, and obesity which is up to 40 percent in the US is only 13 percent in Sweden.

I am Learning So Much!

This pandemic has helped me to see many things, including the fact that our views are the result of our media exposure and personal experiences. Though I have tried very hard to stay factual and scientific, I now know that I have not always been successful. Thank you for bearing with me. Recently one of my daughters really opened my eyes about schools staying closed. Next week, I intend to address both sides of that issue.

Special thanks to Bill Wiggenhorn, his friend Ralph Hägg, and my friend Anders Gustavsson for helping me to understand and write about what is really happening in Sweden.


Read this Herman Trend Alert on the web: http://www.hermangroup.com/alert/archive 7-29-2020.html

********* Name: Joyce L. Gioia, CMC, CSP

Title: Certified Speaking Professional and Management Consultant

Group: The Herman Group

Dateline: Austin, TX United States

Direct Phone: 336-210-3548

Main Phone: 800-227-3566



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10) Blacks and Jews as Minority Peoples Who Were Once Enslaved

From: Dr. Michael Brown Dr. Michael Brown

Although relations between American Blacks and Jews have been strained in recent years, during the Civil Rights era, Jewish leaders marched side by side with men like Dr. King. There was a sense of commonality, of shared heritage, of being two peoples who had been oppressed, two peoples who both knew slavery. Now, in the aftermath of the DeSean Jackson Hitler tweets, the theme of shared suffering has emerged again.

Distinguishing Jews from Whites?

As expressed by the outspoken sports commentator Stephen A. Smith, himself Black, "even though you might have a lighter hue, a lighter pigmentation, the Jewish community, not the white community, the Jewish community is the one that had to endure the Holocaust. We talk about 6 million Jews that were murdered by that devil, Adolf Hitler, that wasn't white people that were murdered, those were Jewish folks" Not White people but Jewish folks? Weren't the Jews slaughtered in the Holocaust primarily Ashkenazi Jews, hence Caucasian? What did Smith mean?

His point appeared to be that they weren't killed because of whiteness, since the German and other killers were White as well. They were killed because they were Jews, and even here in America, they remain a minority among the larger White community.

He continued, "So, from a categorical perspective, it's two differents. It's two different groups. When we're talking about racial oppression, racial inequality and beyond, we're talking about what's happening in this nation"

Name: Jerry McGlothlin

Dateline: Charlotte, NC United States

Direct Phone: 919-437-0001



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11) Podcast: Introduction to the First Step Act

From: Bruce Cameron -- Federal Prison Consultant

Nruce and Jose discuss the signing of the First Step Act into law on December 21, 2018. They outline how the Act and it's requirements and how it will be implemented through the Department of Justice and the Bureau of Prisons.

While some of the provisions took effect immediately – Sentencing and Compassionate Release – there are several parts of the Bill that will be phased in over the next three years.

Learn the basic process of how someone can be considered for early release under the First Step Act.

Questions that Bruce and Jose discuss:

• Who will receive the most benefit from the First Step Act?

• How will inmates benefit from the change to the Good Conduct Time?

• What are Earned Time Credits? What are "Productive Activities"?

How will this effect RRC, Home Confinement, and Supervised Release?

• How does an inmate redeem Earned Time Credits?

• How will initial designations and transfers be effected by the FSA?

If you or a loved one is going through this and you need a prison consultant to help you expedite things, please don't hesitate to contact us

Name: Bruce Cameron LPC-S LSOTP CPC Title: Director Dateline: Dallas, TX United States Direct Phone: 214-431-2032 federalprisonauthoritybop@gmail.com

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