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Top 11 Releases: Trump’s Covid – Mislabeling Plagues CBD Biz -- Pandemic Driven Stock Market
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Sunday, October 4, 2020


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Top 11 Releases: Trump's Covid – Mislabeling Plagues CBD Biz -- Pandemic Driven Stock Market

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1) Sputnik International talks to Mark Dankof about Trump's COVID-19 and the Implications in 2020

From: Mark Dankof's America

Sputnik International: "With today's announcement of President and Mrs. Trump contracting the COVID-19 virus, we're wondering to what extent this will influence his re-election campaign and to what extent this will lead to further chaos in Trump's reelection bid. What about the mainstream media narrative around this? Mark Dankof: "The diagnosis of Trump with COVID-19 has given CNN and other MSM outlets a good case of histrionics being heightened to assist the Biden candidacy by ignoring the latter's dementia and political vulnerabilities.

Name: Mark Dankof

Title: Investigative Journalist

Group: Mark Dankof's America

Dateline: Windcrest, TX United States

Direct Phone: 210-807-2268



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2) Lack of Oversight of CBD Products Plague Industry, Mislabeling Rampant: Leading Producer, Kazmira LLC, Seeks Tighter Regulations

From: Mr. Pulak Sharma & Dr. Priyanka Sharma -- Kazmira -- Premier Science -- Premier CBD Products

In a short time the CBD industry has grown massively, with small and large producers and retailers springing up in an effort to grab a piece of the action. While the medicinal benefits of Cannabinoid products have become widely known, the government regulation of creams, oil drops, edibles and bath bombs is severely lacking. One of the biggest issues currently plaguing this nascent industry is deceptive product labeling, which takes on a dangerous side when claims of miracle cures are touted by retailers and manufacturers.

Name: Pulak Sharma

Title: CEO

Group: Kazmira LLC

Dateline: Watkins, CO United States

Direct Phone: 720-531-1634



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3) Pandemic-Driven Demand Is Providing Fuel for Investors

From: Greg Womack -- Certified Financial Planner

For four weeks, the U.S. stock market has sparked and sputtered like a campfire in light rain. Today, pandemic-driven demand is providing fuel for the investors. The need for certain types of products and services has accelerated and innovation is creating new opportunities. Consider: Technology. Consumer products and services. Healthcare, drug development/delivery, and medical equipment.

Name: Greg Womack, CFP

Title: President

Group: Womack Investment Advisers

Dateline: Edmond, OK United States

Direct Phone: 405-340-1717



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4) Before I Die Virtual Festival Schedule Now Online

From: Gail Rubin, The Doyenne of Death, Funeral Expert

The schedule for the 4th annual Before I Die New Mexico Virtual Festival, four days of death-positive conversations and experiences, is now available. Live online theater and movies, book panel discussions, Death Cafes, funeral industry experts, and a Halloween VIP Experience are on tap. Events will take place over Zoom October 30 to November 2, 2020, at www.BeforeIDieNM.com


Name: Gail Rubin

Group: A Good Goodbye

Dateline: Albuquerque, NM United States

Direct Phone: 505-265-7215



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5) Hand-Held Radar Detects Jet?

From: Jim Jenkins - Applied Technology Institute

An ATI Staff Member who has not taken any ATI Radar Courses yet found a story in her Inbox about a highway officer in Texas who was operating a hand-held radar to catch speeders. As you can read in the following copy of the letter, the officer purportedly locked onto a USMC F/A-18 Hornet Jet. The story purports that the Jet detected energy from the hand held radar, and automatic tactical systems on the Jet nearly fired on the radar/officer, but the pilot overrode those automatic systems preventing a catastrophic mishap.

Name: Jim Jenkins

Title: President

Group: Applied Technology Institute

Dateline: Annapolis, MD United States

Direct Phone: 410-956-8805



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6) Who Needs Hormone Replacement Therapy? The Answer May Surprise You.

From: Mache Seibel, MD -- Physician, Speaker, Author, Editor HotYearsMag.com

Who needs hormone therapy? As a menopause expert, that's a question I get all the time. It's why I wrote my best selling books The Estrogen Window and its updated paperback The Estrogen Fix.

So when USNew called to interview me for an article I was delighted. It's information that every woman needs to know so that she can become a partner in her health care.

Since the late 1990s, estrogen has gone from the #1 prescribe menopause treatment and the #1 medicine of all prescriptions in the United States to a medication that millions of women stopped taking or are afraid to take. Why? it's all due to a faulty study called the Women's Health Initiative or WHI that incorrectly reported that estrogen caused an increased risk of breast cancer and heart disease. Doctor's also got confused about the safety of estrogen and many still won't prescribe it.

Name: Mache Seibel, MD

Title: Founder

Group: Hot Years Magazine

Dateline: Newton, MA United States

Direct Phone: 617-916-1880



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7) America's Multicolored Brown Shirts

From: Albert Goldson -- Indo-Brazilian Associates LLC

During the first debate Trump's decision not to condemn white supremist groups made the Proud Boys the new poster boys, representative of extremist groups. Hate groups are hate groups whether from the left, the right, or simply anarchists whose agenda is exclusively chaos & mayhem.

The Proud Boys' estimated membership lack the numbers to cause serious problems, however their "brand" serves as the catalyst, the inspiration for other better financed, better organized, better armed hate groups. This is their moment in the limelight as they emerge from the darkness with the implicit (albeit silent) endorsement from the highest levels as they leverage technology to disseminate their message globally.

These de facto militias are America's internal dogs of war on democracy as a loose confederacy for the purposes of maintaining or reverting to the imagined past to match their perception of what America should be.

Name: Albert Goldson

Title: Executive Director

Dateline: Brooklyn, NY United States

Direct Phone: 917-710-7209



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8) Presidential Debate 'Debacle' Demonstrates Why Government Should Not Be In Healthcare

From: Dr. Alejandro Badia, Orthopedic Surgeon, Author & Healthcare Reform Advocate

Miami, Florida – "Last night's Presidential debate was anything but 'Presidential' as both the Democratic and Republican leaders FAILED to address how they will fix our shattered health care system." says Dr. Alejandro Badia. (Bah-DEE-aah)

"Healthcare represents 17.7% of our GDP; how can that be ignored?" says Badia, "There was a cursory mention of reducing prescription drug prices… but in reality neither candidate demonstrated intimate knowledge of the issues faced 'in the trenches' by the people who actually do the work of caring for patients."

Dr. Alejandro Badia is no stranger to the flaws and frustrations of the U.S. healthcare system. A leading hand surgeon with a medical degree from NYU, multiple accolades, and decades of experience, Dr. Badia has spent more than a quarter-century in the trenches of U.S. healthcare. His new book Healthcare from the Trenches is an open discussion of the failure of the U.S. healthcare system from the perspectives of its "providers" and patients—perspectives today's healthcare debate sorely lacks.

Name: Scott Lorenz

Group: Westwind Communications

Dateline: Plymouth, MI United States

Direct Phone: 734-667-2098



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9) The Normal 2.0 Consumer

From: Joyce L. Gioia, CMC, CSP – Futurist

he Normal 2.0 Consumer

Ever since I read and wrote about Martin Lindstrom's research on the frightening photos used by cigarette companies actually promoting the sales of cancer sticks, I have been a fan of his insights. Lindstrom capitalizes on neuroscience to help his clients to brand and advertise effectively. This Herman Trend Alert focuses on insights Lindstrom provided recently.

A Brief Marketing Lesson

Ever since folks began looking at the business of marketing, they realized that major life events trigger purchases. Marketing people call those special times Points of Market Entry (POME). Lindstrom defines a POME as "a universal point where a customer segment becomes receptive to a whole new category of products and services." Until COVID-19, we had seven standard POMEs: the arrival of a baby, the first day in school for a child, his/her departure to college, the first post-school employment, moving out of the family home, getting married (otherwise known as New Household Formation), and retirement.

A Seismic Shift in the Marketing Universe

Not surprisingly, due to the profound effects COVID-19 has had on our psyches, we have seen the appearance of a new POME. Triggered by our isolation and lack of human in-person contact, people who never had them before are choosing to adopt pets. People are not only adopting dogs, but buying leashes, pet bowls, pet beds, pet toys, pet accessories, and even invisible fencing at a rate never seen before.

Name: Joyce L. Gioia, CMC, CSP

Title: Certified Speaking Professional and Management Consultant

Group: The Herman Group

Dateline: Austin, TX United States

Direct Phone: 336-210-3548

Main Phone: 800-227-3566



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10) One VA Program Causes Eviction of Elderly, Disabled Veteran, Another Steps in to Help

From: PAIRS Foundation

MIAMI (Sep 28, 2020) — An elderly, disabled Vietnam era veteran in Broward County was evicted from his home of seven years when he lost his housing voucher from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs HUD-VASH program in May, despite state and federal eviction moratoriums. Fortunately, another VA-funded program was able to step in to get the 72-year-old veteran temporary emergency housing and access to legal help.

After experiencing chronic homelessness, Army Veteran James LoBello was awarded a HUD-VASH housing voucher in 2012. For the past 2-½ years, LoBello has been recovering on his couch from complex surgeries, only recently gaining the strength to step out of his wheelchair.

As South Florida became a coronavirus epicenter, LoBello was facing a rent increase and higher costs buying necessities during the shutdown. His credit cards were maxed out and he had barely any money left for food, medicine and other basic needs.

Worried about his finances, he called VA's National Crisis Line.

Name: Seth Eisenberg

Title: CEO

Group: PAIRS Foundation

Dateline: Hollywood, FL United States

Direct Phone: 888-724-7748

Cell Phone: 954-554-3306



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11) Why a Prison Consultant Should Be on Your Legal Defense Team

From: Larry Levine - Ex Inmate - Prison Consultant & Criminal Justice Expert

The Wall Street Prison Consultants team plays an important role in coaching defendants who are surrendering into the Federal Bureau of Prisons with information and answers to questions defense lawyers generally lack!

They provide guidance on Federal prison survival, prison designation assistance, and helps defendants gain entry in the RDAP Early Release Program and assisting inmates Second Chance Act, the First Step Act, and extra halfway house reentry center placement.

ame: Larry Levine

Title: Director

Group: Wall Street Prison Consultants

Dateline: Moorpark, CA United States

Direct Phone: 213-219-9033

Main Phone: (855) 577-4766



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