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Time to upgrade your technology? -- SpeakerTools.com from Bill Johnson
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Washington, DC
Saturday, January 26, 2013


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Feature for Speakers
Check list for your New Year

Time to upgrade your technology?
Keep up with leading edge tools
Click below or paste to your browser for
Fripp/Weldon interviews. Good info for speakers
our gift for you
Choose one or two channel wireless system
Lavalier or hand held mike beginning
at only $199. Big bonus offer plus
Brian Tracy book.
"Something for Nothing"

 Our most extraordinary introduction in 3 years!
Portable powerful sound for large or small venues
Full mix and blend with multiple inputs for ePod
or various wireless or cord wire mikes
 Folds into one carrying unit.
Qualifies for our largest bonus package!
$419 retail yours for $299

Unveiling best choice full feature RF remotes including
business card and long range.  Top of  the line
Green laser with built in buzzer or vibrator as
time cue for speakers and trainers. $49 to $89.
Bonus Gift with remote
Brian Tracy "Something for Nothing"
    Third year BEST SELLER..
discrete over ear mike
now $90 discount to $219.
Qualifies for major bonus below.

Absolute best HD video. A leap ahead in quality and
features. Two versions with full bonus
discounted $199 and $299.
Call or email for full descriptions.
Our first showing of professional microphone
A MUST for tele-seminars and CD production $99

Encore of our fourth year best selling
3.2 pound projector.  Now 3000
lumen.  Formerly $1750
now $899.  Best bonus package see below.
Jumbo 5" face perfect to "hide" from audience.
Your "stay on time" tool.    $12

The duo of best kept secrets for mobile speakers
and other business people. Pocket size hard drive that
holds most portable or desk top memory.
Keep it handy to USB into any computer
home or on the go when you need access. 500G or
1 TB capacity. Safe back up of your files in shirt
pocket/or purse.Keep it in car or brief case in
case your computeris victim of fire or theft.

Studio Quality hand digital recorder.
WAV + MP3 options 2G
internal memory plus up to 32G card slot.  
Tripod ready. A must for descreet
interview 2 side microphones.
Timer LED read out face
$159..Sale $99.

Call ** or email for product details Bill@BillJohnson.com
Visit www.SpeakerTools.com for more information

*** Over 40 years serving speakers we learned
it is important for a conversation
to assure your satisfaction and
understanding with some
technology products
         Special NEW Skils
improvement and affordable
coaching for SPEAKERS
             at all levels!!

    Miss Fripp with Joel Weldon
   & Bill Johnson share lessons

      from Cavett & Bill Gove

   TWO media disc lessons bring you up to
    speed creating your own CD  products
    and YouTube productions. Created by
         World Champion Toastmaster
                  Darren LaCroix

You Learn MORE speaking skills
  and tips from Bill Johnson CSP.

As president of a recording company
   for 12 years. Bill recorded and
  produced more Audio and Video
tape programs for more professional
  speakers than any other person.
 For forty years he has observed the
   worst and best speakers! This
  includes all 40 presidents of the
National Speakers Association.He
   served as the first EVP of NSA
 1975-83 and was named "Legend of
     the Speaking Profession" at
   Washington D.C. area dinner 2003.
    Bill has presented over 900 paid
      speeches and seminars in
   36 states and 7 foreign countries.
During the past 20 years he
conducted speaking seminars for
Boeing, Motorola, General Dynamics
McDonnell Douglas,Orbital Sciences,
LDS Youth, Meeting Professionals
& Association Executives.
FIRST Time Offer via SKYPE, Web,
or Phone an affordable opportunity
to learn from his over 40 years with
   the speaking profession. Call or
email for more information about
   this January/February offer of
  one hour Q&A and/or coaching
   from Bill for $199.  This offer
  includes 3 CD & DVDs of Bill's
 unedited speakind skills seminars.
 Get ready to take lots of notes as
  Bill gurantees new ideas for you.
  Two people $299.
  You will be able to get personal
tips/coaching as Bill observes your
If you do not have video we
   have free solution for
     that issue !!
    Call or email for full description.
Bonus offer for registrants!
Receive the MP3 package below
   featuring Patricia Fripp and
 four Toastmaster International
Champions. Darren LaCroix,
Mark Brown, Craig Valentine and
Ed  Tate/ $99

Lady & the Champs CONFERENCE -

   LIVE from Las Vegas in 2012

Did you miss THE Speaking Event of
the Year? Here's the next best thing…
 order the MP3 recordings of all 4
 keynotes and 13 breakout sessions
You can download them to your
       iPod IMMEDIATELY!
   MP3 Downloads ~ $197
            (sale $99)

 ALERT:  2013 LADY AND Champs 
    Las Vegas February 16-17!!
    Call or write for information.
Testimony that L&C is the BEST
   TWO days to Learn the MOST.
  602 870 3333 (8A- 5P MST)
Thanks to all and best 2013
     Our gift to you a new video

        with Patricia Fripp and 
        "Speaker Hall of Fame"
          honoree Joel Weldon.

        (See link top of this page)

Learn more from a couple of NSA Founders
   and SPEECH heroes. Each were original
  CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame inductees and
     TOASTMASTER Golden Gavel honor.
    Six CD set $49 or free bonus with $200
Speaker Tools order  through February 2013.
       New Micro wireless system.....
 Shirt pocket size. Perfect for digital
 quality camcorders. $299 with bonus
  MP3 or SPEAK Album pack of your
  choice $100+ value. Please call or
  email me amconvenient time to take
your order and/or describe the products. 

      For 28 years customers have
  preferred direct phone call to know
     features and various options
   in plain English :-)..  With smaller
    products you may prefer to tell
  my totally secure voice mail your
 CC info with code with your address. 
   You will receive phone or email
  confirming. In most cases we can
     email you detailed specs.


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