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This Just In: Publishers Weekly Says...
Charles J. Simon -- Artificial Intelligence Expert Charles J. Simon -- Artificial Intelligence Expert
Annapolis , MD
Tuesday, April 02, 2019

This Just In: Publishers Weekly Says...

Will Computers Revolt?: Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence

Charles J. Simon. Future AI, $19.95 trade paper (250p) ISBN 978-1-7326872-1-9
Simon makes a welcome contribution to the literature on artificial intelligence that benefits from his technical expertise, acquired writing software for neurological test equipment. This background, and Simon's penchant for philosophical inquiry, allows this relatively short book to be remarkably thorough in considering various implications of AI. At the beginning, Simon asks readers to consider a thought experiment—if all one's neurons were replaced with identical but artificial neurons, would one be the same person? Simon goes on to consider the hypothetical science of intelligent thinking machines from multiple angles and possible outcomes. Chief among his numerous conclusions is his certainty that "intelligent thinking machines are not only possible but inevitable." At the midway point, he takes a lengthy but useful digression into basic neuroscience and evolutionary biology, in order to show how little separates the human brain from a computer. Simon ends by predicting four possible scenarios for a world with intelligent thinking machines; these range from an apocalyptic societal meltdown to the negotiation of robot rights. The appealing blend of philosophy and hard science from a thoughtful writer with a knack for bringing the esoteric down to earth will be a treat for readers with questions about AI's possibilities and potential. (BookLife)

Charles J. Simon, Founder, FutureAI http://futureai.guru/Founder.aspx  

The Brain Simulator II videos, How Your Brain Works series and the book Will Computers Revolt? were developed and written by nationally recognized computer software/hardware expert and AI pioneer, Charles Simon. He is noted for two generations of CAD, the creation of two Artificial Intelligence Systems, neuroscience, along with software for EEGs.  Also, Mr. Simon has co-founded several pioneering technology companies in Silicon Valley.  Previous publications include a successful book on Computer Aided Design, book contributions, numerous technical articles with write-ups in Newsweek and other well-known media. Mr. Simon is a member of IEEE, TripleNine, Intertel, Mensa, AAAI, AAAS and holds a BSEE and MSCS.  

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Name: Charles Simon
Group: Future AI
Dateline: Washington, DC United States
Direct Phone: 425-765-8162
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