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The ONLINE Education Revolution
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Thursday, November 23, 2017


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The ONLINE Education Revolution

Are the late Peter Drucker's ominous predictions about traditional higher education true – that colleges and universities as we know them will disappear in a generation? Fred DiUlus, the father of online schools ratings and rankings and the author of the BEST and WORST ONLINE SCHOOLS as well as the WAY of the ENTREPRENEUR series certainly thinks so.

In the past 16 years online education according to DiUlus has already overtaken the classroom as the most preferred education method among college students worldwide. It is, he says, a veritable revolution. Millennial and upcoming generation Z preferences are a growing phenomenon where a staggering seven out of ten approve of it. Of the 70% who approve and see online learning as good as a traditional classroom, at least a third  believe it is better as well.  

With the entrance into e-education of the two largest nations in the world, India and China, online education is growing at an incredible rate. Globally the industry is surging and expected to grow from the $365 Billion dollar behemoth that it is now, to become a trillion dollar monster Goliath before the decade is out.

DiUlus often speaks of the fact that not since the introduction of the blackboard in the Middle Ages has an education innovation of such magnitude forced such a revolutionary turnover in higher education. In its path, cyber based studies has also given rise to a new expectation - FREE education for the asking.

For the past 15 years, Dr. DiUlus has led the development of new online accredited schools through the Global Academy (Online) allowing him the advantage of viewing the exponential growth of the industry first hand. His rating metrics to determine the best online schools include the underlying dedication of the school itself to online education that many schools claim to provide but do not adequately and the alleged skill of their faculty at teaching students online when many of the faculty are adjuncts who have rarely taught, if at all, in a real classroom. It is, he states flatly "a different paradigm – one that he says gets to the heart of how good a school's programs perform in the eyes of the students.

DiUlus has no reservation in pointing out that the new premier school of the 21st Century is no doubt just getting started.

Perhaps one of the five colleges his firm is underwriting will be the one.


Dr. Fred DiUlus is an Albert Nelson Marquis WHO’S WHO Lifetime Achievement Award recipient for his pioneering work as a noted authority in higher education and developmental entrepreneurship. See his daily tweets on the latest developments in online education on Twitter @BestWorstOnline.



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