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The Herman Trend Alert March 11, 2020 Changing Priorities: Part 2
Joyce L. Gioia, CMC, CSP --  The Herman Group Joyce L. Gioia, CMC, CSP -- The Herman Group
Austin , TX
Wednesday, March 18, 2020


The Herman Trend Alert

March 11, 2020

Changing Priorities: Part 2

Last week we covered Part 1 of the new Accenture Interactive Fjord Trends report from their practice division dedicated to design and innovation. Each year, that division taps its global network of 1,200 creatives in 33 studios to crowdsource trends for the coming year. This year's report tells an interesting story about what is coming next.

Intro for Part 2

In this Fjord Trends 2020, the organization explored a total of seven trends; this Herman Trend Alert is Part 2 of this coverage and highlights three of those trends.

Evolving AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has evolved. It has shifted from just improving efficiency through smart automation to adding value and supporting human ingenuity. The key now will be to create systems that effectively blend people's skills with AI. When we do that, we will be able enhance the human experience by devising disruptive business strategies and empowering people to cope with increasing workplace complexity. This version of transhumanism will optimize the relationship between people and machines in three major areas: "enhancing the human experience, empowering people in complex systems, and envisioning new products and services."

A Digital Double Will Help Maintain Your Privacy

Ready to control your own personal data to your advantage? Digital twins like 3D and data models are tools from manufacturing and industry that will help you do that. And now, those tools can get personal by helping you to create virtual manifestations of yourself---a digital double. First, these digital doubles will offer personalized entertainment opportunities. Later, they will become a virtual home for all your data---and, at least in theory, you will be able to control it. At that point, a digital double will become the gatekeeper to your personal life; organizations will need to respond appropriately. You will be able to exercise this control mostly in financial services, healthcare, and your workplace.

Life-Centered Design

Our values of creating user-centered products are shifting to a more life-centered design. For years, being user-centered and human-centered has often separated people from ecosystems. Now, designers will think of people as parts of an ecosystem, rather than the center of everything. To accomplish this redesign, the creators will need a systems mindset to create for two sets of values: personal and collective.

The Overview of these Trends in Part 2

These three trends point to harnessing technologies to benefit people and organizations. We hope that these methodologies will be marshalled to work on the climate, the society, and the world.

To read the full Accenture Interactive Fjord Trends Report, visit here.

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