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The End of Presidential Debates
William S. Bike -- Historical Commentator William S. Bike -- Historical Commentator
Chicago, IL
Monday, April 11, 2022

The Kennedy-Nixon debates changed the course of the 1960 Presidential election. (Public domain photo.)
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The Republican National Committee's recent decision to prohibit the GOP's presidential nominee from participating in debates sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debates is not only a break from tradition, but means the end of presidential debates between Democratic and Republican candidates, said political expert William S. Bike in a recent article on Medium.com.

"Most likely thanks to the Republicans' decision, Presidential debates are as dead as the front-porch campaign or the back-of-the-train whistle-stop stump speech," said Bike, who is the author of a how-to book on all aspects of political campaigning, Winning Political Campaigns.

See the article at https://billbike.medium.com/gop-decision-likely-means-end-of-presidential-debates-97b2261c6f54

In the article, Bike looks at the history of Presidential debates, and analyzes how they have changed the course of history several times.

Containing "everything a candidate, campaign worker, or activist needs to know to conduct a political race," Winning Political Campaigns is written in an easy-to-read, easy-to-use alphabetical format. The book "provides essential tools, practical pointers, and valuable advice about running campaigns successfully," writes Fran Ulmer, former Lieutenant Governor of Alaska, in her foreword to the book. It is particularly useful for low-profile, grassroots, or local campaigns.

Winning Political Campaigns was written by William S. Bike, an award-winning journalist and public relations professional. Bike is senior vice president of ANB Communications, a Chicago-based writing and public relations firm that has consulted for several political campaigns and public policy organizations. Bike also is an international award-winning political editor of a community newspaper and activist in community grassroots politics.

Covering everything from advertising to building alliances, proper business practices, campaign literature, candidate behavior, media, voter contact, debating, fundraising, strategy, and more, Winning Political Campaigns is extremely thorough and detailed, yet easy to use. Real-life examples are drawn not only from the political world, but also from the worlds of sport, higher education, history, and more.

Particularly useful are appendices including a sample itinerary for a political event, an event planning checklist, media terms, a sample news release and direct mail piece, and more.

Winning Political Campaigns is available as a Kindle book for only $9.99 on Amazon at https://tinyurl.com/ykp23z4c

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