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The Cookie King
Michael J. Herman  -- Mr. Motivation -- The World's Biggest Motivational Force Michael J. Herman -- Mr. Motivation -- The World's Biggest Motivational Force
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Dateline: Granada Hills, CA
Thursday, December 29, 2022



By Michael J. Herman © 2018 Michael J. Herman All Rights Reserved

    The King loved to eat cookies. He ate cookies all day. He ate cookies of every type. Chocolate chip cookies, walnut cookies, pistachio cookies, fruit cookies, and even nut cookies. But he was never satisfied. Each cookie he tasted, no matter how delicious, left him wanting more.

    "I must have the perfect cookie," decreed the King! "The one that brings me the perfect cookie will be rewarded beyond their wildest imaginations!"


    So the kingdom set forth to discover the most perfect cookie. Some of the king's royal subjects baked recipes handed down through the ages. Some went into the countryside to small villages and hobbles in search of their wealth.

    One by one, the king's public delivered cookie after cookie. One by one, the King refused to swallow the treats, judging them only on how they felt on his palate.

    For weeks, the procession of Cookie Connoisseurs marched up to the King presenting their creations, and were sometimes even quickly escorted out in chains by the Royal Guard when the king's complexion would change to pale.

    The King became suspect of his search and called on his Royal Fortuneteller. "Tell me, will I ever find what I seek? Will the perfect cookie ever come to me?"

    "Your Highness," said the forecaster, " ... only the perfect palate can have the perfect cookie. When you are pure, your cookie will come to you."

    This was not what the King had wished to hear. So with one gesture, he had the fortuneteller removed and thrown into the dungeon. But it's all right. The fortuneteller knew that would happen. And so went the search process.

    Until one day, when the king was about exhausted from tasting, and his kingdom was almost empty of bakers, into the King's quarters entered his youngest son.

    Though a mere boy, he possessed the wisdom of a wise man.

    "Papa" said the young boy. "You are very special and your tastes are quite extensive. You have consumed some of the finest delicacies in all the land. Just any cookie will not do for you. But my stomach cannot take these cookies you seek. You can stop now, for I have found you the perfect one."

    The boy presented the dish upon which was the cookie.

    "But my son, you are unable to eat such a delight. Your food allergies prevent you from even testing such culinary concoctions. How can you know this is the perfect cookie?"

    "Just as I know you are the perfect monarch, I know this is the perfect cookie. I believe it to be so. In my heart, I have found only purity. I offer it to you. And since I believe it, I know father that it will satisfy what you crave."

    The king looked at the exhibit. It was indeed a beautiful example of cookie mastery. It looked delicious, and it smelled wonderful. And it demonstrated the boy's faith in the king.

    The King lifted the cookie to his lips. He opened wide, and he took a hearty taste. Then, he devoured the cookie and the King declared there to be a winner in the cookie contest. The winner was anyone who dared to believe with their heart. For only a pure heart could deliver the perfect cookie.

    Just because you can't taste something, or have it for yourself, doesn't mean it isn't the right choice for someone else. Find the sweetness within your own heart.

Michael J. Herman is a Professional Writer and a connoisseur of cookies. Follow him on Twitter and connect with him on LinkedIn.

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