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The 2016 Presidential Brouhaha: Marketers Crave the Spotlight
Denny Hatch -- Direct Mail Expert Denny Hatch -- Direct Mail Expert
Philadelphia, PA
Tuesday, March 1, 2016



I have been involved in politics for over 50 years—as a voter, campaigner and writer.


I have never seen anything like the shenanigans being practiced by today's political operatives—the marketers of the candidates—and their handmaidens in the media.




In 1969 I joined John V. Lindsay's re-election campaign for mayor of New York and was assigned to ride in the campaign car of Lindsay's controller candidate, Fioravante (Fred) Perrotta.


For 2-1/2 months during the Republican Primary, I spent evenings and weekends driving all over the 305 square miles of the city of New York. My job: Finding pay telephones and men's rooms for Freddie while he speechified and pressed the flesh.


The one thing I learned about the marketing of aspirants for political office:


The candidates are the stars of show. Our job was to stay in the deep shadows and do everything possible to help them achieve center stage and shine.


Back then, there were:


No 24/7-cable news. No cellphones. No computers.

No Twitter. No Interviews with campaign directors.

No media blah-blah-blah-blah-blah-blah-blah-blah.


Fast-forward 47 years. A sampling from the 2016 media:


• Picture caption from The New York Times front page Feb 23, 2016:

Behind Ted Cruz's

Campaign Manager,

Scorched Earth and

Election Victories

Jeff Roe, Ted Cruz's campaign manager, answered reporters' questions after the Republican presidential debate in Charleston, S.C., this month. —Matt Flegenheimer


• [John] Podesta, who is actually the chairman of the Clinton campaign, was put forward by the campaign to face off against Bernie Sander's senior adviser Tad Devine during a spin room interview with Chris Matthews. Brent Scher, The Washington Free Beacon


After Rubio underperforms tonight, they'll roll out 5 lobbyist endorsements tomorrow & call it momentum. John Weaver Tweet

Kasich Senior Strategist (author of 30,900 Tweets)


"South Carolina is going to be important because it's going to be the commander-in-chief primary there," [Maxwell] Kochel [Bush's Chief Strategist] told Business Insider. "You've got 25% of the state [that] is military or veteran. We have the support of Lindsey Graham and we have a strong organization. I think this race is going to narrow."

 —Maxwell Tani, Business Insider


The above are examples of how campaign officials no longer operate in secrecy. Instead they fall all over themselves and the media to achieve personal recognition and kudos.


The media want scoops, exclusives, gossip and—above all—ratings. With hours and hours of airtime to fill and unlimited print space on the Internet, these so-called journalists are desperate to make news rather than report it.


They are also wrecking the political process.


A direct marketing analogy


Imagine having a client whose business is selling a gold bracelet and charms on a continuity basis. What is the optimum selling price for the bracelet and each charm?


Obviously you test.


Imagine going out the marketplace and announcing you are testing gold charms at $9.99, $19.99 and $29.99. Plus another test of free vs. paid shipping and handling.


The concept is preposterous!


Same thing with politics


By revealing the insider discussions and campaign strategy to print and broadcast journalists, these gonzo marketers are gleefully bragging to the world how clever they are manipulating the candidates.


And worse, instead of concentrating on message, candidates are seen to be manipulating the electorate.


Trust and believability are down the toilet.


The Tale of the Tweet and Why

Donald Trump Is Kicking Rump


Back in 1973 Twitter did not exist. Today everybody tweets.


Current campaign tweets by the numbers (as of 02-22-16)


Tweeter                               Number of Tweets

Hillary Clinton                               4,328

6 Clinton Staffers                            8,058


Bernie Sanders                             6,087

Tad Devine, Senior Advisor               625


Jeb Bush                                       3,990

7 Bush Staffers                             61,834


Dr. Ben Carson                             2,852

2 Carson Staffers                         15,193


Ted Cruz                                        14,300

9 Cruz Staffers                               71,324


John Kasich                                   7,180

2 Kasich Staffers                           45,400


Marco Rubio                                  5,022

10 Rubio Staffers                          32,834


Donald Trump                               30,900

 National Spokesperson

   Katrina Pierson                           36,400

2 Additional Trump Staffers                385


Why is Trump way out in front?


Quite simply the candidate and his highly professional Campaign Spokesperson are controlling the messages. No insecure weenies hungering for recognition are muddying the waters. The Trump campaign is simple, unscripted, deeply personal and powerful. With the candidate himself very much in charge.


Sure the outspoken Trump could drop an inadvertent IED and blow himself to hell.


But he will not be sunk like a skunk by a punk Communications Director named Rick Tyler over a vicious misleading video attacking Marco Rubio. Tyler was axed the following day, leaving the Ted Cruz campaign a shambles.


Takeaway to Consider:


• "A's hire A's. B's hire C's."

  —Donald Rumsfeld, Rumsfeld's Rules


Don't let B's and C's speak or write in your behalf and wreck your show.


P.S. What Triggered This Release


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A sampling:


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—George Near, Abilene (Texas) Reporter News


The idea of organized crime getting a hand-picked

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Readers may find themselves going back for a second,

sober thought on some passages and chapters, so true does

the Hatch argument ring. The entire proposition, and his

handling of it, make a highly entertaining, topical package.

—Robert A. McLean, The Boston Globe


Go The Fingered Cityhttp://tinyurl.com/jseko3y—and then click on the cover where it says, "Look Inside." Up will pop a couple of chapters so you can judge it for yourself.


I think you'll really like it.


Thanks so much for your time.



Denny Hatch

200 West Washington Square, #3007

Philadelphia, PA 19106

215/644-5426 (rings on my desk)




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